Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Baaaaaaahd to swear at sheep in Australia...

The international insaniacs from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are raising hell in Australia 'cause some workers a swearing at sheep, and some are swearing in front of sheep.  

I'm not sure how offended and red faced the sheep get -- but I suspect they just have one word to say about the whole brouhaha~!
Baaaaaaaaahhhhhh~~   humbug!

You'll be glad to note that because of PETA's expressed concerns about bad language in front of sheep, the (apparently idle and bored) Australian Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is looking into this problem! 
So we can rest easy and worry about climate change, global warming, California droughts,  Islamic Terrorism and ISIS.....  have a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Joke Behind The Joke.............

By now all you sharp eyed folks who stop by this blog for a visit every now and then, has heard a thousand words and seen a hundred pictures of Obamanation, the class clown - as he addressed the Coast Guard Academy Grads at their graduation ceremonies yesterday!   Here's just one more picture and then I'll share the Joke behind the Joke:

I wonder how many folks who advised this empty suit, and how many folks who heard that he admonished these Coast Guard Grads that they would be in dereliction of their duties if they didn't place global warming climate change as the number one enemy of this country!   

Yessir, I'll bet he really made them proud be be Coast Guard Midshipmen/women... for  every darned one of 'em is guaranteed to have a boat under 'em when the oceans begin to rise.  The Infantry might get their feet wet, the Airmen might land in puddles --- but the members of this graduating class are guaranteed dry feet no matter how many cows phart in Australia, or even how long congress stays in session and creates clouds of carbon-dioxide!!

Well -- I thought it was funny... or at least ironic..... or at worst -- one more example of how little brain effort go into this man's schedule and thinking!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Question of the Year.....

If Bubba Clinton doubled and tripled his speaking fees while Hellary was Secretary of State, what do you reckon he would charge if she were President? After all, the man has bills to pay......

Relax Mom's the world is still safe...

All of you Moms and Dads that were worried that your sons might be killed or maimed while at Boy Scout summer camp this year can rest easy.  In keeping with the national group hug of political correctness, dumbing down and eliminating dodge ball and awarding participation medals instead of winners medals -- (drum roll here please)

The Boy Scouts of America have officially banned water pistol fights an water ballon barrages.   There now --- don't you feel better?  

Here is their story!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I had a dream last night --- {Note the date on the paper}

Hey, I can dream can't I??
(Thanx and a Tip O' the Stetson to my Vet Pal Joe, from Houston TX)

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I feel like that feller that slept for forty years..... when I went to school, the motto of this great land was .."E Pluribus Unum" (out of many ... one) but it seems like somewhere along the way, folks have changed that with their chants for diversity...

I first noticed it when Mayor Dinkums of NYC used to admire the beauty of a gorgeous mosaic...... instead of an American Melting Pot.  When every American had to be hyphenated to point out his/her ancestors heritage. Not theirs..... their ancestors..   If one is born in Peoria or Boston or Dallas to American citizen parents.... how can one be an African-American, or a Asian-American or even an Irish-American....... when actually Native Born American is more fitting. Regardless of how high your cheekbones are - ask Fauxahontas Warren, US Senator.

So, we find that every major police force in the USA has to lower/change it's entrance qualifying exams to assure diversity by adding black folks.

The US Military services must lower their physical standards tests to assure a fair number of the female gender in their ranks. 

Colleges and Universities, supported with tax payer dollars are forced to grant special scholarships to minority groups to ensure diversity on campus. And then to make sure that they are happy, these same colleges must provide Safe-Spaces where never is heard a discouraging word... or a two sided debate for that matter. 

Am I happy that I can find a good Italian Restaurante which has preserved that style of cooking.... you betcha!  And Chinese, and Vietnamese, Greek and Japanese.  But I would hate to see a benchmark set forth proclaiming exactly how many of each there shall be in each community. 

Immigrants, refugees, and others used to come to this country, work hard, learn the language and the laws and join the Pluribus in the melting pot. Now they arrive with their hands out and a mouthful of gimmee's and absolutely no interest in becoming a part of the Pluribus.  And each group has their devious self appointed leaders encourage such attitudes....  

For an unrelated point - let me share one horrific scene I observed yesterday on several Internet Sites....  Department of Homeland Security buses jammed with Somalian illegal immigrants driving away from the Mexican border to redistribution points across the USA.  As I recall, there are some pretty hard case haters of American/Christians in that country ---- who are now being given limo service into the country/city-side to disappear. 

One DHS bus driver's only comment (with a chagrined look) was "All they have to do is mouth the magic words, 'I need asylum.' and that's it.  It's on the bus and off we go - no questions asked. "

If you doubt me friends Google "DHS, BUS, IMMIGRANTS"  or any related words and see what rolls down your screen...  

Land of the Free? Mebbe not so much anymore!

Image result for irs cartoons

While we are all aware that laws were written to prevent the easy transfer and\ laundering of drug money. All deposits and transfers over $10K must be reported.  A law that few of us are aware of is a second law passed in 2000, which allows the IRS to seize money when they believe (but don't know) that somebody is committing structuring violations.    that is -- making a series of deposits below the trigger level of ten thousand dollars just to avoid notice.

Thus it was that the IRS swooped in last year and seized $107,702 belonging to a guy in North Carolina who operates a small restaurant and convenience store. 

Apparently, it never occurred to one of those IRS (never had a job or met a payroll) agents that in 2014, you can't run a small cash/retail operation without making regular cash deposits... regardless of their amount.

It's been almost a year now and the IRS admits it's mistake - but the money has not yet been returned, and the IRS has indicated that it will neither pay the owner's legal fees, nor pass on the interest that the money has earned this year to the owner. That 2000 Federal law does provide for both to happen.

Here is a link to the story -- Damned shame -- this is not the America I was brought up in --- it is apparently, the Amerika of my grandkid's generation.

Friday, May 15, 2015

As a pensioner on a fixed income......

I have discovered a way to save money!

We've disconnected our home alarm system and quit our candy-ass Neighborhood Watch.

Bought two Iranian flags on eBay and raised them in the front yard ... one at each corner, plus a black flag of ISIS in the center.

Now, the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching the house 24/7.

I've never felt safer and we're saving $49.95 a month.

Congress to POTUA --- Show us the written word ---

This is news you probably won't hear much about on your Lame Stream Media outlets .... but yesterday --- the US House of Representatives passed "Iran Nuclear Agreement Act" by an unprecedented, bi-partisan,te. veto proof 400 to 25 vote.  The Senate passed this same bill 98 to 1 last week!

This bill gives the Congress review authority of the completed Obama-Iran agreement before they agree to lift ANY sanctions..

BULLY FOR THEM!!!  (cry the descendants of Teddie Roosevelt)

Somehow I believe that when Obamanation called for more bi-partisan spirit in the two houses of Congress -- I don't think this is what he had in mind!

Time for some serious civil disobedience in this slowly choking country?

Every now and then I come across an article, column or essay that dares me to change or edit a word ... and when I read it - I know I shouldn't ... so I am sharing this great item from "" - complete and unabridged:

Lets All Disobey Stupid Laws
Many freedoms we take for granted exist because of lawbreakers
John Stossel  May 13 2015

Charles Murray, already controversial for writing books on how welfare hurts the poor, on ethnic differences in IQ and on (less controversial, but my favorite) happiness and good government, has written a new book that argues that it's time for civil disobedience. Government has become so oppressive, constantly restricting us with new regulations, that our only hope is for some of us to refuse to cooperate.
Murray's suggestion—laid out in By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission—will make some people nervous. He argues that citizens and companies should start openly defying all but the most useful regulations, essentially ones that forbid assault, theft and fraud.
He writes, "America is no longer the land of the free. We are still free in the sense that Norwegians, Germans and Italians are free. But that's not what Americans used to mean by freedom." 
He quotes Thomas Jefferson's observation that a good government is one "which shall restrain men from injuring one another (and) shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits." 
But our government today tries to do much more. 
While we try to invent new things, government constantly seeks new ways to control us. The number of federal crimes on the books is now 50 percent larger than back in 1980—a time when many people mistakenly thought the U.S. would cut the size of government. 
Murray says, correctly, that no ordinary human being—not even a team of lawyers—can ever be sure how to obey the 810 pages of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 1,024 pages of the Affordable Care Act or 2,300 pages of Dodd-Frank. 
What if we all stopped trying? The government can't put everyone in jail. Maybe by disobeying enough stupid laws, we can persuade judges that only rules that prevent clear, real harm to individuals should be enforced: "no harm, no foul." 
Law is not always the best indication of what is good behavior. Riots in places such as Ferguson and Baltimore remind us that even cops sometimes behave badly. 
No one wants to see law break down so completely that people get hurt, but historian Thaddeus Russell reminds us that many freedoms we take for granted exist not because the government graciously granted liberties to us but because of lawbreakers. 
Bootleggers, "robber barons" who did things like transporting ferry passengers in defiance of state-granted monopolies and tea-dumping American revolutionaries ignored laws they opposed. Sometimes these scofflaws loved liberty more than our revered Founders did. George Washington led troops against whiskey makers to enforce taxes. 
More recently, Uber decided it would ignore some cab regulations. It's good that they did because Uber usually offers better and safer service. Today, Uber is probably too popular for government to stamp out. 
Edward Snowden knew the legal consequences he'd face for revealing NSA spying on American citizens but did it anyway. I'm not yet sure if he did the right thing, but conservatives and leftists alike should admit that sometimes laws ought to be bent or broken. 
Instead, each political party defends civil disobedience unless the people doing it are people that faction doesn't like. The right loves ranchers who resist federal land managers but doesn't like people who flout immigrations laws. The left likes pot smokers but whines about corporations ignoring ridiculously complicated environmental regulations. 
Maybe most of these laws should be ignored by most of us. 
Politicians themselves don't always play by the rules. My last column was about how the Clintons get away with breaking rules. But I made a mistake that I must correct: I said the Clinton Foundation donated only 9 percent of its money to charity. Sorry, that was wrong. The Clintons and their flunkies were worse than that. 
In 2013, the Foundation collected $144 million but spent only $8.8 million on charity. That's only 6 percent
When Bill and Hillary say they want to "help people," they're talking about themselves. I don't want to be forced to obey such people.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Harriet Tubman, America's sweetheart?

A funny think happened on the way to the Internet today --- I saw an article commenting that some organization that I have never heard of/from/about, called "Women on 20s Campaign" has had a contest or something - and their voters decided that they want to replace Andrew Jackson on the Twenty Dollar Bill with.....    Harriet Tubman.  

Now then, I've got nothing against Harriet, bless her heart, she was a heroine of the underground railroad saving slaves back in the 19th Century.  Her memory should be honored -- and I'm sure that the NAACP, BLACK PANTHERS, and WOMEN ON 20'S, Emily's List, could honor her. 

To get her full background, I Googled her by name and lo and behold....... unraveling before my amazed eyes were a half dozen headlines:
"American wants Harriet Tubman on $20 bill" (USA Today)
"Harriet Tubman Wins Unofficial Contest to be on $20 Bill"  (NPR)
{{{regarding that first headline, I don't recall receiving a ballot, do you? If not, how can USA Today conclude that "America wants ......?"

Fortunately there were a few other related headlines arguing such insanity. Last I heard, the pictures on the various denominations of paper money in this country are all former Presidents of the United States!  As in POTUS's...!  

May have been asleep that day in American History, but don't recall Ms Tubman ever serving in the Oval Office. I'll have to check that out. 

I am certain that as soon as a woman becomes POTUS, when she leaves office.. and dies.... a great movement will spring forth to remember her by placing her face on an American paper money bill of some denomination.  As thus it should be....

No doubt this crowd will start stomping their feet, holding their breath and blaming those rascally Republicans for not carrying the Tubman Banner -- after all, their accusations of the GOP war on wimmen has failed, fizzled and frustrated them... so with this topic they probably hope to be able to think up some chants that the GOP hates not only wimmens, but Black wimmens in particular....

Good luck with that y'all.... we'll send Condi Rice to the debate!

BTW, I note that Bill Clinton has already been reserved a place of honor on a piece of American Currency. 

Moochelle Antoinette's school lunches add protien

Y'all will be happy to hear that our Child Nutritionist and Chief Whiner in the White House has stepped up  improved added protein juicy bugs to the school lunches of our kids in elementary schools across the fruited plains.

Here is a picture of some sorry ass broccoli, handled by the carefully gloved fingers of school cafeteria kitchen assistants (no way I'd call them cooks). The question you gotta ask yerself, "If I was handling that broccoli by hand and placing it on trays for the 

little tykes to consume -- would I (should I) see those ginormous juicy bugs crawling around in there?"

No wonder Moochelle feels ostracized at times....   hope she has no bugs in her Lobster Bisque and Waygu Beef Sammiches in the White House Residence..... or in the school lunch room in that fancy private school where her daughters dine daily!

Is this a sign that the Sharptons and Jacksons are winning the war?

On Mother's Day last Sunday in Kentucky, a young 25 year-old-man stole a pickup truck and in the process of trying to escape - rammed three different police vehicles and and caused one of them to burst into flames. 

The police on the scene were forced to shoot the doer, who was wounded but not killed.  In a press conference shortly thereafter - the Nelson County Sheriff said of the Bardstown shooting: "I'm just glad that he is white. "We do not want trouble."

I'm just glad that he is white!!!!!!   Think about that -- how many city and county law enforcement agencies are now in the defensive position of worrying about national outcry and riots in the street if they should perform their duties correctly and shoot, arrest, or other wise subdue an violent criminal of the wrong color.....  

 Scary thought -- not just for us whom the law enforcement officers have sworn to protect and to serve --- but for the LEO's themselves operating under these restrained rules of engagement.. 

 Kinda like our troops over in Sandland - held back by this administration in the face of heated battle! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Let me be perfectly clear!"........

I am not a big time Jeb Bush fan! {Although I admit right now that I would vote for him before any currently registered Dimmocrat/Socialist/Liberal politician in the nation}

My caveat is offered before I make this next statement -- I am delighted that the former Gob'nor of Florida has decided not to go door-to-door in Iowa looking for the Straw Men in their Straw Poll. Iowa's early primary on February 1st is bad enough - but this straw poll is strictly a fund raiser for the Iowa GOP and gets front page ink way out of proportion to it's significance. Although, worthless as it is - it has made or broken candidates dreams in the past,
21st Century Voting --- Iowa Style

It should be noted that only 3 of the 6 that won the straw poll went on to win the Republican nomination.....   Seems like a coin flip would do....

Instead of stringing these primaries out over the first six months of the year -- why doesn't the Party pick on National Primary Date and have every state that wants a primary - to conduct it on that date..   After all, it's a national election in November, why not a national primary in June?'

Just askin........

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When will they finally get it........"

Every four years the Dims make promises, and then for four years they forget all about these stalwart constituents...   Ask the citizens of Baltimore, NYC, Chicago or other Dim led cities and states....    

Shucks they don't even remember which party was in power back during the marches on Selma... or the Party of the Southern Gob'nors that ran 'em all off up North!!

Supposing you hosted an Arab Summit meeting --- and.....


That's almost what's happening at Camp David this week --- Mr Apology Tour, aka, POTUS, aka, Community Organizer Currently Occupying the Oval Orifice .... invited the six heads of the of the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council; Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, tiny Kuwait and Qatar.

Apparently only those last two will be represented by their heads of state. The others RSVP'd their 'Regrets' immediately!

The other big four, have other plans, watching the paint dry in their Pool Cabanas, watching the shower drip in their saunas... well - you get the message!  They all see this summit for what it is -- Obamanation's photo op to prove that the Arab world thinks his Iranian give-away is a good plan.  

They choose not to be played as fools. More credit to them.

Oh well, maybe Moochelle Antoinette can gather up the left over dates and nuts and send them to a local school so the kids will get a healthy filling lunch for a change!  That is-- if she isn't ducking and hiding from Whitey as she claimed she does at her commencement speech at Tuskegee last Saturday!

"Crooked as a dog's hind leg?"

 I remember that expression describing the attributes of a devious, dishonest, bid'nessman or politician, since I was axle high to the ice wagon truck!

But having observed some of the recent occupants of the Oval Orifice, I'm inclined that we have insulted the canine species. Seems to me that those hind legs on that honest faced beagle are a whole lot less crooked than the couple in the other picture. 

"I did not have sex with that woman!"
"The Benghazi attack was caused by a video!"

And of course, the big headline today --

"State Department approved $50 million in Bill Clinton speeches during Hillary’s tenure"

Lord knows, if I got into the lies of the current occupant - I'd make that Beagle look like the giraffe of straight legs compared to the current POTUS.

The Beagle Rocks and Wins by a Landslide!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

How typical,........ "It's all about ME!!"

1st Lady (is that a title) Michelle Antoinette Obamanation gave the commencement address at formerly (?) Black University Tuskegee in Alabama this last Saturday. 

Did she use the occasion to lift their goals? To encourage their trip into the real world after four years of liberal mush? To goad them into working hard and making positive changes in their lives, and in their nation's?

Here is the answer sheet...... NO - NO - NO and NO!!!

Instead, in typical liberal fashion - her speech was all about her. Poor little Black gal..... received every break this country can offer -- plus a few extra by marrying correctly - lives the life that others can only dream of, and yet...

People pick on her all the time -- they doubt her motivations, they doubt her loyalties, and they sure doubt her tax dollar vacation spending skills....

Poor Michelle.....   Oh well, stick to the Wagyu beef and let the peasants eat cake if they have no bread.... er uh, money!

How's this for a motivational commencement speech?
"At the school's commencement address, the first lady listed scenarios in which African-Americans feel they encounter systemic discrimination, such as nagging worries that you're going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason."

I reckon she and her Community Organizer are feeling the pinch of only having two years left to bring this country to it's knees by total racial chaos and strife...... c'nest-ce pas?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A word about that trouble maker - Pam Geller....

Before her fifteen minutes are over -- or until she is murdered by some fake Jihadist wannabe and makes the headlines again -- I have a question. Maybe not for you -- but certainly for O'Reilly, Rivera and others who knock her and her style......

 If Black folks hadn't gotten in the Dim's occupying force's face by 'occupying' lunch counters in the South -- would they still be eating at the back door?

If Rosa Parks hadn't refused to move, would Blacks still be at the back of the bus?

If King and crowd hadn't marched on Selma - would the Civil Rights Bill ever have been written - much less, passed?

For that matter, if the patriots in Boston hadn't had their little Tea Party, would we now be kneeling to Queen Elizabeth?

A million (thousand?) examples of how confrontation has changed history... not anecdotal examples- but empirical evidence that it is often the only cure to governmental and societal diseases -- and yet some say --

Pam Geller was (is) wrong for being confrontational with Islamic Terrorists... and protecting the 1st Amendment rights we all enjoy.  

What surprises me is that some conservatives are saying it. I am not surprised that the Dims are saying it, they lost control of their personal fiefdoms and Jim Crow South because of King... they are obviously not fans of confrontational politics....   

Two Mississippi cops shot last night.... Here is a hint folks...............

Don't hold your breath waiting for the protests, marches and rioting over the shooting death of the two police officers in Mississippi last night.. Ain't gonna happen!

As I understand it, an experienced (White) cop and a rookie (Black) cop make a routine traffic stop and were both shot dead by the occupants of the car - two (Black) felons and a brother.  Not many details out just yet...

mississippi liquori tate benjamin keen

 I'm sure Racebaiters Sharpton and Jackson will be on the first planes to Hattiesburg MS to protest the shooting of the Black rookie cop!   Just kidding folks.  They'll probably call him an 'Oreo' and praise the shooters!  And the community organizer currently occupying the Oval Orifice along with his wife Moochelle Antoinette (if she's back from her $58K skiing weekend) will probably call out for more restraint from the police -- to end such killings.

Or as the Mayor of Baltimore would say --- 'Let them shooters have some room to destroy - they was probably upset that the cops stopped 'em,'

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!

This day started out as 'Mothers' Day' some 101 years ago... a day set aside for mothers to mourn their fallen soldiers..... it morphed into 'Mother's Day' a few years later when Hallmark spotted a great source of income--- as did florists, restaurateurs, candy makers and their ilk.

Anyway you look at it - it's a special day for some very special people..

Saturday, May 9, 2015

TWTWTW!!! *This was the week that was"

Remember that TV show from years ago with host, David Frost..    well, let me present this weeks report-

Lindsey Graham(nesty) in pandering for the Hispanic vote announced profoundly:"As president, I would veto any bill without path to citizenship"   --- Earth to LG -- You ain't gonna be president - and BTW, we already have laws on the books affording a path to citizenship for immigrants.

British PM Cameron's Tory party kicks butt in British General Election. Now 'owns' Parliament. 
--- Bad news for Cameron - now he can't blame his liberal ways on his delicate partnership with Labour.

Feds to invade  conduct practice military training games in Texas.
--- Everybody with a microphone castigates new Gob'nor Abbott for following the revered Ronald W Reagan's admonitions , "Trust - but verify" by calling up the Texas Guard as watchdog-reporters. 

Black Attorney General Loretta Lynch calls for DOJ investigation of Black Mayor, Black State's Attorney, and Black Police Chief in Baltimore to determine if Black citizen;s rights are being abused.
--- "Say what? Sister"

First tropical storm, Ana, headed for DC!
--- Speaker Bohner calls back House members from Spring vacation to provide counter wind source to lessen Ana's impact. 

Obamanation demands 'fast track' approval for his Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Doesn't allow Congress members to read it before voting.
--- Hey, it worked for Pelosi railroading the ACA through, why won't it work a second time. Got to stay inside those two day work week rules.

Three more Republicans announce their candidacy for the GOP nomination for POTUS. More to follow.
--- Does the old expression 'Safety in Numbers' apply to circular firing squads?

And finally:

The Bill & Hellary Liars Club Award Winners of 2014 had a busy week striving to earn the Cup again in 2015.
--- He only speaks for $500K honorariums to 'pay the bills', and she has never been approached for a favor by a multi-million dollar donor to the Clinton Cash Cow euphemistically called the Clinton Global Initiative. 

One bonus item: 
In a week with big time headlines from across the world....... NYC cop shot, to ISIS attack in Texas to IRAN's threats.... the Saturday morning headline is:
--- Tom Brady to be suspended for 'inflategate'.......    go figure!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

We pause - as we wait for the other shoeSSSSSS to drop.....

I had every intent today to address the racist States Attorney in Baltimore and her compounding of legal mistake upon legal mistake...  But them durn shoes just keep on dropping --- two more today .... so I'll hold off until tomorrow morning and see if the Payless Store entire inventory of prosecutorial errors is done dumped!

Speaking lof Payless Shoes -- there is no truth to the rumor that during the Baltimore rioting/looting/burning spree last week, although every pair of sneakers in the local Payless shop were stolen, not one pair of workboots were touched!

Meanwhile - I'll just leave you today with this thought about the Clinton Global Initiative and it's good charity work around the world -- as reflected in it's own ugly records......
This is worse that Obamanation's Hope & Change rhetoric!!
Or FDR's Theme song from the 30's,
"Brother, can you spare a dime!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Feds ignore the 10th Amendment yet again!!! Duh....

Once again, the power bullies of Washington DC have decided to flex their muscles!  All of a sudden they have discovered that there are large neon signs surrounding Times Square in New York City!!

OH NO! The Highway Beautification act doesn't allow large signs near the highways! Take them down or we will with hold $900 Million federal highway dollars!
New Years Eve
on Times Square
Tax dollars paid by the good folks of New York by the way, not created in Washington!

New York City with out Times Square would be like London with out Piccadilly Circus!  Or Las Vegas with out the strip!!      

The question might also be asked -- when did 7th Avenue, passing through Times Square become a HIGHWAY?

For more -- click here.     Oh the pain!

I am reminded of the old expression about folks chasing mice when there are elephants running amok!  Them DC bureaucRATS really ought to put their efforts where they are needed!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Texas gal proves Forest Gump correct when he said.......

"Stupid is as stupid does!"

A young lady from The Colony, Texas, euphemistically described as a single mother, has been searching for a job so she could move out of her Mom's house I reckon.  She finally found one -- in a Day Care center. 

She immediately went on Facebook and announced:  "I start my new job today but I absolutely hate working at a day care. I just really hate being around a lot of kids."

Needless to say - this world wide cloud driven broadcast was immediately reflected back to her new employer -- who came to the only conclusion that one arrive at in this instance.  'Don't bother showing up for work at this day care center.'

I forgive the young lady the attitude - I could even overlook her lack of enthusiasm for her line of work - but I sure can't overlook the sheer stupidity of someone who would broadcast her distaste for a new job and her hate for little kids - and not expect it to find it's way back to the new employer. 

Are youngsters really that stupid? They think that they can post something on the Internet and it will remain confidential?  We're in big trouble here folks..... 

I wonder if she'll find a job a MickeyD's and then go on Facebook and tell all that she's a Vegan and will spit on every hamburger before she wraps it?  And expect that to remain a secret on Face Book.

Give me a break......... 

Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm gonna rant like a Grandfather --- so stand back in case I spittle!!!

Your kid's school lunch entree - 
Burnt Burrito w/toasted saran wrap!
I don't know if this picture will do justice to this abomination that Obamanation's wife insists your kids eat in school.  It is a seriously burnt burrito, wrapped in melted plastic wrap and served for school lunch in West Virginia. So I guess it contains just the right amount of calories, proteins, and plastic chemical infusions to please the palates,,  
This is just picture number 10,943 that I've seen around the net of such insanity!! In the jargon of my children....WTF?  Moochelle Antoinette has never been elected to public office, she has not been hired as America's School Chef, she has no culinary training except ordering take-out in Chicago--- before she got that big POTUS credit card and moved up to Waygu beef and it's side dishes...

So what the hell is going on? Who put her in charge of the food the Nation's kids are offered forced to eat every day? Heck, just Friday I read of a mother who sent a bag lunch with her kid to school and received a screaming letter back because she had the temerity to include  a couple of Oreo cookies!   

The kid would have been better off with the Listeria monocylogenes laced packaged apple slices given to kids up in Indiana last week I reckon. 

Who the hell is in charge in this country anymore? I am told that the excuse given for the melted plastic wrapped, burnt burritos was because the W Virginia kitchen help (I ain't gonna call 'em cooks) never fixed burritos before and screwed them up - and then didn't substitute something edible because they had to stick to the menu.

And these phony baloney (pun intended) folks in the East Wing think that the serving of mac & cheese, and a hot dog that we grew up on -- were unhealthy!


Here is what a balanced school lunch is supposed to look like:

Here is what a Moochelle demanded lunch looks like:(dead fish & all) 

And here is my final word before I wipe the enraged spittle off my chin--- I wondered what the Obama girls get for lunch at the very expensive Sidwell Friends School in DC...... (I can't move all the pictures here - so I'll just link you in case you are curious.    You scroll down....

Big general election in Great Britain this week --

It will answer many questions....
 = Labour or Tories or anarchy
 = Remain with Euro's or split
 = Ally against Islamic Terrorism or crumble
 = Strong central gob'mint or not
 = Will UKIP build it's base
 = Scotland independence in the offing or not

Stay tuned........

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Some photos need no explanation......

Without Government -- who would name streets and roads...

(Thanx and a Tip O' the Stetson to a Vet Pal in liberal headquarters, Rhode Island!)

A Few Random Sunday Morning thoughts.....

*** Baltimore's States Attorney Marilyn Mosby just might have turned her 15 Minutes of Fame into 7½ minutes!  So eager to flap her wings in the nation's TV screens, she may have flapped her lips sufficient to be the six accused cop's best Amicus Curiae...............

*** As the gay/lesbian groups around the country demand more and more air time and ink -- one has to wonder why somebody in the 97% straight population hasn't started up a 'Straight Pride" movement. I wondered, Googled, and found that some have.  But apparently not with volume and success of the 3% gay population.

*** Why do I find it discomforting that long time horse trainer Bob Baffert has both the #1 horse and #3 horse in the Kentucky Derby - and that's okay. But Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life for betting on other teams? 

*** Why would the PGA revamp the format for the World Golf Championship (WGC)  Cadillac to maintain a TV audience but end up with a format that sends the number two (and hottest) player in the world home on Friday after winning 2 of 3 matches.. along with Justin Rose and other big name winners?

*** Why couldn't Gillette or Pabst Blue Ribbon bring us the fight of the century last nite instead of making it a $100 PPV event.....??

*** Why is Bernie Sanders (Socialist VT) getting so much press coverage announcing as candidate for Dim nomination for POTUS? MSM nudging Hellary to the left?

*** Why is Obamanation so silent in the face of such events as ISIS's slaughter of over 300 Christian Hostages in Iraq over the weekend? 

*** With the GOP majority in the Senate, why is Mitch McConnell letting the Dims (& Dingy Harry) continue to run the joint?