Sunday, November 23, 2014

University accomplishes miracle!!

By their own modest admission, a North Carolina university changed one word and claim that they have:

".....a move made official this fall and implemented in everything from its website to orientation workshops.
The change at the small, private liberal arts college in North Carolina was done to promote inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and ensure the campus did not promote sexist stereotypes or create a hostile and unsafe environment for female students, campus officials said in interviews with The College Fix."

Now I ask you,,, is this not a miracle or what?   
The school? Elton University, North Carolina

The Change that caused this miracle...  "the term FRESHMEN has been changed to First Year"!!!!

Who knew that all those problems could be solved so simply.  I am humbled by their brilliance....................................!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Congressman Hank Johnson to the rescue??/

Perhaps we could get Congressman Hank Johnson (D) GA, to send a memo to Obamanation that unless he stops inviting illegals into the country and granting them amnesty -- they may all gather in our Southern States and the USA might just tip up, capsize and slip into the Gulf of Mexico..... at least as deep as Georgia!!

We have come a long way... Baby!!!

Nah, I'm not talking about women's right to smoke -- I'm talking about the state of the art of war!

Most of my teen and twenties years were spent living in the times of the Cold War between us (USA) and them (USSR with the constant fear of a nuclear war to end all wars. The greatest defense for both sides was a greater offense capability.   

It was labeled Mutually Assured Mass Destruction.  You vaporize us - we vaporize you, nobody wins. 

That distinct horror seems to be well behind us, however now we are being told of a 21st Century mode of war: Cyber attacks on our electronic infrastructure!

Yep, apparently China and other (usual suspects) nations work and test their abilities to shut down our electricity and power grids on a daily basis. Four star Admiral Rogers, the Director of the National Security Agency and commander of the US Cyber Command briefed congressional committees this week.

From what I gather, because the USA's power grid is so expansive - completely protecting it deemed impossible. It boggles my mind to think what would happen in this normally civilized country if we lost our electricity, water supplies, and all things related. Picture the Watts riots in every city, town and village in the nation.

Law & order would be drawn thin and severed. Anarchy would replace democracy as every father, mother, and their cousins fended for life itself. 

There appears to be only one defense to such an attack.  The ability to counterattack and shut down the enemy's electronic infrastructure.  

Yep, to protect our nation, we have to maintain the capability of destroying the nation that would attack us.  Sound familiar??  

Sounds like Mutually Assured Mass Destruction by any other name. 

For more on this story, click here. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

First: Here is the answer!!!

Now then, what was the question?

What caused the tsunami of voter awakening and turned the tide of the November elections into a Red Tide???

It was a group effort by these latter day Dims!!

When is rape and murder not newsworthy??

Obviously, when it is Black on White.  Not White on Black!  

CBS reports that Monday night in a Kansas /City public park, a black male attacked, raped and then set on fire, a white female. 

The woman was saved by some neighbors and the fire department called. "Where there wasn’t blood, there was a burn.” the witness said. The woman is currently in critical condition with burns over 55% of her body!

I have only found this piece of news in one small spot by a local station. Not on any of the networks or cable news channels..

So, back to my original question - if this had been a white male attack on a black female -- might we have heard more from the so called news reporters??

And here is the final throwaway question: "How many of those out out of town protesters currently gathered in neighboring Ferguson, Missouri do you reckon will flood over to Kansas City to protest this horrendous crime and demand justice?"

Thursday, November 20, 2014

America voted last week,,,,

..... and when they voted, they had to choose to vote once again for Pajama Boy, Circa 2012, or perhaps a new outlook for America whose poster boy would be Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty..

Reckon that the results last week show us that Gruber's Stupid voters got smart all of a sudden!!   

Whaddayou think?

The "Shell Game" continues as Obamanation's most useful tool!

This evening, after the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Office has entertained the Dim's leaders in the Congress (not the Republicans of course) for dinner.....on our tab of course.    He will take to the airways some of the airways, and share his current dictate!

Keep your eye on the pea!!
The whole country is agog, is it constitutional? Is it even legal? How will congress fight it? Can Congress fight it? All eyes on the White House...

However, while all eyes are focused on the shell that might have the immigration pea under it.... our eyes are taken off the shells that are labeled:

-Fast & Furious Scandal
-Benghazi Scandal
-I.R.S. Scandal
-Attacking Libya w/out Congressional notification
-Justice refusing to pursue Black Panther voting intimidation in Philly
-Hacking reporters computers and investigating Rosen
-Billions of Tax dollars thrown down the Green toilets of Solyndra et al
-AG Holder's perjury to Congressional Committees
-And of course, the current Herr Gruber-gate

This is admittedly an abbreviated list -- but that's a whole lot of pee peas hidden under those other shells.  Anybody watching?

So, some say that Obamanation is 'poisoning the well'.  Frankly I'd say he is urinating in the well of the Senate, defecating on the desk of the Speaker of the House, and pulling down his trousers and mooning the Supreme Court and the American people but that's just my opinion.    -- 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tick Tock Tick Tock -- the rioters in Ferguson are watching the clock!

I could have labeled this:  Heads the rioters win, Tails the citizens of Ferguson lose. 

For I am firmly convinced that no matter which way the Grand Jury's verdict comes out -- the rioters, amateur, professional, free-lance, paid, ISIS supporters, literate, illiterate, looters, crazies --------- will still riot!

Obviously, if Officer Wilson is no billed, they'll riot and loot -- after all didn't the Attorney General hisself, compare poor little 6'5" Michael Brown to Emmett Till of Mississippi Jim Crow days fame?

And on the other hand, if Officer Wilson is indicted -- obviously that proves that all White Cops are murders and mistreat minorities!  Certainly calls for rioting and looting. 

Paraphrasing the words of Rahmbo Emmanuel - never let a good excuse to riot and destroy and loot go to waste!!!

Gotta get those Christmas shopping lists out -- time to fill the bag!

After the riots of NYC, LA, Detroit...... these folks still haven't learned what even the dumbest mutt on the block knows --- you don't foul your own nest!!
Six months from now there won't be a 7/11, grocery store, or electronics store within five miles of Ferguson.... and that will be the new complaint!!

Definitely, the best caption of the day!!

(With thanx and a Tip O' the Stetson to my retired vet pal Al, up in the newly emancipated (maybe) Peoples Republic of Maryland)

Anthem, Arizona - Veteran's Memorial !!

Partners, at my age I am rarely impressed with anything anymore. But a Vet friend, Joe, in Houston sent me a link to this simple, but fantastic Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona. 

I was blown away! And you will be too, if you'll click on the link and look at all the pictures and read the description... in a word, this simple but awesome Memorial aligns with the sun at 11:11 on November 11th each year (Armistice Day, WWI) which we celebrate as Veterans Day -  and let's the sun streak through lighting up the American Seal -- but take a minute and follow the link to the site - it's worth the two minutes it takes.... I promise!

I find most memorials to be either too big, too ornate, too much a signature of the designer, or just too too too!   But this one is exceptional!! Click here for link!

(Thanks and a tip o'the Stetson to my pal Joe in Houston, for sharing the link)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Are we going to have to edit our National Anthem???

As y'all know, the last line of the first stanza reads:
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

A new world survey just out, shows that with our Community Organizer in the Oval Office, we have dropped to the 21st place in the world with regards to Personal Freedom. Germany, UK, Costa Rica, even Uruguayans more free than we!!

 And even worse, we have plummeted to 31st how safe we feel about taking a walk at night or expressing our opinions out loud and in front of strangers.   

I kid you not!!   Click here for a link to the article in the Washington Examiner.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Obama want's to take over the Internet? Thanks but no thanks!

Someone asked me the other day why I was dead set against Obama and the Feds taking over control of the Internet.  I replied:

"I don't have any plans or directions - but trust me, I"ll fix it!"
1. I've watched Obama and the Feds create the disastrous Obamacare.Gov!
2. I've watched Obama and the Feds create the disastrous flood of immigrants across the Border.
3. I've watched Obama and the Feds give guns to our enemies in Fast & Furious.
4. I've watched Obama and the IRS totally misused for political purposes.
5. I've watched Obama and DOD demonstrate that they couldn't even paint a red line.
.............and then I ran out of paper, so I just added:

I watched as Obama appointed Tom Wheeler, former Lobbyist FOR the cable & wireless industry, as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).   

And I quit talking......  and started wondering out loud, why exactly does Obama want to do this --- and please, save me from that looking out for the little people pap...... that's worn out past thin to gone!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Believe it or Not!!

American Voter - Circa: 2014
An American adult is actually wearing this tee-shirt on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri in front of God and neighbors. 

Forgetting the grammatical errors as Tee shirt requirements -- this feller actually believes (or pretends to) that the Ferguson Police Department's local neighborhood police officers offer more threat of violence, beheadings, and beatings than would a Squad of ISIS terrorists policing the same streets..

You know what is really scary/??  This yahoo looks like he's old enough to vote too!!

The Daily Caller hits a home run, home run, home run ......repeat!

This cold. gray, Sunday morning instead of my usual pithy rants (no I don't lisp) or raves --- I am going to strongly suggest that you go to this great (but lengthy) piece in the Daily Caller. It summarizes the 'Alphabet of Racism', as has been poured upon our heads over the last few years by the Dems, Libs, MSM, and totally vacuous TV pundits of MSNBC, et al..     

Who knew that PB&J sammiches were racist? 

Oh, did I say it's a fun read too -- you'll remember most of the items - so it's also a good refresher course on how we are being hornswoggled out of our 21st Century Minds!

Both links lead to the same article -- the first with pics and colors...  the second link is just the black and white (dare I say that?) basic article intended for printing!   Fill up your coffee mug, click a link and enjoy!  Or bemoan- your choice!

First link - Original Daily caller article with bells whistles and ads.

Second link - same Daily caller article sans the puffery above! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Press #1 for English...........

Apparently the federal courts in this great land need need a Press #1 for English button on their benches. 

Why else would the Obamacare case, King v. Burwell ever get to the Supremes? The ACA clearly states that federal premium subsidies are available for insurance purchased through "an exchange established by the state."

Not very ambiguous, is it?

But his BO'ness and Herr Gruber, saviors of us stupid voters, tell the courts that the Congress intended those subsidies to also apply to federal gob'mint exchanges.    In a thousand page law (years in the making), I reckon if that was the intent of the Congress, they had room to say so ---- and did not!!

So, I ask again - what is there to interpret? It's not written in Mandarin, nor Farci, nor Spanish.  

God Bless our Generous President!!

I read in the headlines just this morning that Barack Hussein Obama has pledged $ to the United Nations so they can build dikes around Crete... er something...  Ah yes -- to "help poorer vulnerable countries prepare for changing climate and cleaner energy."    How noble is that!

Oh, what's that you say -- Obamanation ain't kicking in a buck of his own money? That's U.S. Taxpayer's money?  Shucks, who'da guessed!

And the United Nations (you know, that group of international fat cats and tin pot dictator's brothers-in-laws that romp around NY City in the limos) must surely have a carefully prepared list of specific requests from the poorer vulnerable countries and the projects they propose.  You can bet on the answer!

So, looking at the math, Obama wants to take $3 BILLION of our tax dollars -send it in a blank check to the UN Bureaucrats and hope that they will help the poor nations prepare for global warming - which is strictly a figment of Al Gorebot's imagination....

I reckon if we are already borrowing a Trillion dollars a year from the Chinese, borrowing another $3 Billion to give to the UN slush funds is kinda, well, there is a word or two that describes it - but I try to avoid those kinds of words in here!

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 15 Nov 2014 at 01:46:22 PM GMT is:
$ 1 7 , 9 4 5 , 4 2 1 , 4 6 1 , 4 2 2 . 1 2

You can update this by simply clicking here.... but sit down first!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas ad gone viral..........

This commercial, by Sainsbury Chocolate has had 4 million hits in a couple of days on Youtube...   based on an actual event during WWI!!   Enjoy!

About that war on women that the Dem's are always accusing the rascally Republicans of......

Representative Tammy Duckworth, (D) Illinois, a disabled Army vet who lost both legs in a helicopter crash in Iraq... is eight months+ pregnant. Her doctor advises her not to travel until the birthing in December - which means she can't make to DC to join in the Democrat Caucus when they elect their caucus leaders for the new 114th Congress commencing on January 3rd. 

So, in writing, she asked for dispensation in the way of letting her send in her vote by proxy --after all, this wasn't on Congressional Legislation, just Caucus bid'ness ------   Pelosi and the Dem leadership said, Nope, No-way, Not Gonna Happen!

You probably won't read this in the Gray Lady or the Washington Post - and you certainly won't hear it on NBC or CBS....  but you heard it here!  

Wonder if the GOP Caucus took such a firm position on a similar circumstance on a female, disabled vet in their caucus -- if you'd hear about it??

Maybe - 24/7 'eh? Chris Matthews would be foaming at the mouth, Rachael Maddow would cancel a hot date with a chick she just met to share it on her program.... and the MSM anchors would sigh and wring their hands as they told the story over and over and over.......  so whose war on women is it, really?

Honesty may be 'the best policy'....

..... but not if your fellow Dims can't handle the truth!!!

Haven't seen this covered much in the MSM -- you reckon if he was a Republican consultant (@ $400K) we'd be hearing more about this whole fiasco?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A strange Thursday... I ain't even gonna mention Grubby Gruber

So let me pass on that and question this replacement clone for our attorney general, Holder the Race Hustler.....

Her name is Loretta lynch.. her career is anti-white, she thinks that voter ID laws are an affront to Blacks..... and what is really scary is:

She is expected to win unanimous approval for the position of Attorney General , because no one but no one in the GOP wants to be described in the MSM as being part of a "Lynch mob." And trust us, they would be.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What a way to celebrate a birthday....

Whether you know it or not -- the day before Veterans Day, Monday, 10 November - was the 239th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps!!

On Monday, Texas Marine Vet Dan Reynolds heard a burglar breaking in through his bedroom window - this would be the second break in burglary for Reynolds in a matter of weeks.

Since his Glock was stolen in the first burglary, he grabbed his new 12 gauge shotgun and entered the bedroom just as the hooded burglar climbed in through the window. No words or threats were exchanged... the Marine simply shot the burglar in the chest and he fell back out of the window...  a trail of blood led to the middle of the street where police opine the no-goodnik jumped in a car and was driven away!!

SEMPER FI!!   Oh, and Many Happy Returns!!

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

In case you missed it.....

Last Sunday, CBS's Face the Nation celebrated their 60th anniversary with interviews with the Community Organizer currently occupying the White House,  President George W Bush.... and a couple of  clips with past presidents..

This is the clip they picked out of all of President Ronald Reagan's eight years in the White House.... I'm sure they thought it was clever and made him look bad.....   I loved it and it brought back memories of when politicians were men - who stood up for themselves and didn't wring their hands, and claim that the words were taken out of context....  loved it!

To my fellow STUPID Americans......

American Voter in the eyes
of Obamacare Architect
Hey, I din't call you that, Obamanation's architect of Obamacare did!  Twice! I'm sure you heard the other shoe fall this morning --- Jonathan Gruber who was caught on tape calling the American voters stupid and loudly disclaimed it - saying was just a slip of the tongue...... has now been outed in another tape in another setting making the same statement regarding the stupidity of the American people. 

The voters looked a lot brighter last Tuesday -- however, Herr Gruber's un-transparent bill designed to head fake the American public is still here to haunt us.  Just in case you think you've heard the worst... wait till you see the new insurance rates.......  those covered by the ACA will see double digit increases in their premiums --- and those that aren't will see.........(drum roll) TRIPLING OF THEIR PENALTIES FOR NOT SIGNING UP!!

Stay tuned America, if you are smart enough...... If not, Hellary is sure to follow the cookie crumbs!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The ooey = gooey = Gum Chewing POTUS

By now you have all heard and read how our Community Organizer in the Oval Office has apparently offended the finer senses of the good people of China by his limo-hopping, sauntering, gum snapping 'cool'....  In case you missed it click on this link before reading further:

I'm cool, I rule, No fool....

Now, I'm here to stop all the evil rumors about this leader of the free world -- he was not playing the fool, or playing the Chinese with cool -- in fact, what he was doing was trying to prove to all of his golf foursome buddies, and bowling alley optics watchers ----- that he really, really can - walk and chew gum at the same time!!

You heard it hear first!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Loser of the year???

Mr Right - Center - Left
We are coming up on the end of the year .. the time when all the newspapers and pundits start sharing their lists of the 'Best', the 'Worst', the 'Top Ten', etc. 

Just in case somebody decides to create a 'Biggest Loser of the Year', award, I'd like to get my nomination in early. There are some nominees that are just too easy, Obamanation, Eric Holder, Debbie Whazzershitz.. etc.

But my nomination for Biggest Loser for 2014 is......(drum roll) Charlie Christ of God's Waiting Room --- Florida!

Stop and think about it - he Gave up a Governor's seat to run for the US Senate - and got whupped in the Republican primary by Mark Rubio.  He switched to Independent and got whupped by Mark Rubio in the November election. 

Wandering thru the wilderness of unemployed political hacks, with nothing but his perpetually orange visage staring out - he decided that his inner self was a Democrat = so he threw his hat in the race against the GOP Gob'ner Rick Scott who succeeded him in office.  Scott has been a four year low poll performer, so it should have been a no brainer. Right?   Wrong!

Rick Scott (R) whupped him and won re-election.  So once again, that five letter word, LOSER, ooops, I mean Crist - managed to eke out a defeat. 

Maybe he and Arlen Specter could form a Loser's Club. Whoops, I'm sorry, Mr Democrat/Republican/Democrat Specter passed on to a better life two years ago.  

Looks like good ole' Charlie Crist will have to form his own club!  Wendy Davis, are you available to be the club secretary?

Just Monday Morning Musing --- Condi Rice?

These boots were made for walkin'
Is it my imagination or have we seen more of Condoleezza in the last month then we have seen in the last four years?

The normally taciturn Stanford professor, and former Secretary of State seems to have appeared back on the public political stage with her usual force. First she did the interview caustically accusing the Dims of overplaying the race card during their recent debacle (called a mid-term election) at the polls.

Then she made a couple of public appearances and now in an interview with Fox News she opines quite fervently that: “What we’re seeing is that when the United States steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens,”

\“Americans also don’t like the world that they get when the United States is not deeply engaged and deeply involved,” Rice continued. And she concluded with; “And so I think the American people are ready, I think the world is ready, for stronger American leadership.” (more from Politico article here)

So, going back to my original question- Why is she back? Why now? Just two years till the next presidential election. 

Unlike the rest of the GOP line-up starting to form - I don't think she has her eye on the prize -- the Oval Office.  But I do think that she has tired of sitting out on the left coast behind her professor's desk and after watching Hellary and Kerry-Heinze screw things up - she'd like to get back onto the stage.

She would make a brilliant choice for Veep for any of the Gob'nors seeking the top job -- she knows her way around Washington, she knows the players around the world -- and she (emphasis intended) has an impeccable political and personal reputation.  

Hmm! I don't know about y'all, but I'd be hard pressed to think of another candidate that I would rather have as the chief advisor (and a heartbeat away) from the next President, no matter which flyover state he is currently governing. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Has America become a mirror image of Mexico....?

As I understand it, in many cities and states of Mexico, the local gob'mints live in fear and under the threat of local cartels and criminal gangs.  But not so in the US of A!!!!

However as I opened the Drudge Report this morning, I see this helicopter picture and these sub-title headlines about Ferguson, Missouri -- where apparently the Feds, Staties, and local police are trembling in fear of riots and looting if a grand jury brings in a wrong finding! And Heaven Forbid - exonerates a police officer and finds he had just cause to protect himself.

When did this happen? When did this country become subservient to race baiters, riot mongers, gangs and looters? 

All in all, I find it hard to understand -- TSA has Americans so cowed they allow themselves to be groped and stripped at airports -- SWAT teams have become so common now that SWATTING has become a verb game name across the country.

I reckon it's time for some deep thinking at all levels of citizenry and government. What kind of Nation to we want to be?

And yes, I believe it all starts with the community organizer in the Oval Office!!  And could be ended by the same office. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Cheer up.... things could get worse!" someone said.....

So we cheered up, and sure as hell -- things got worse"
Ms Flournoy and General Petraeus
That old line came to mind this morning when I read that political hack and dim-witted DOD Secretary Hagel might get thrown under the bus this year -- relieving his Dear Leader from any fault for the way things are in our defense systems around the world.
A recent survey reflects that Hagel lacks the confidence of 75% of the folks in uniform and other employees in the defense department. But fear not -- his BO'ness found the most qualified person in this 300 million person land to replace him.
That would be Ms Michele Flournoy.... who will bring her Social Studies degree and years of gob'mint political appointee flack work to bear.. That is Ms Flournoy in the picture - sitting next to one of the more brilliant minds in the military arena, who was caught with his pants down and thus - erased all his smarts, experience, and value to this land...... An experience in his personal life not unlike General Eisenhower's - who continued to contribute to our nation, as you recall.
Rest easy troops, one of Hellary's contributors and Obama's re-election campaign workers is on the way to solve that petty ISIS problem.... as well as others of course!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Exclusive photo --- from the NAACLP!!

Just had an old Vet friend share an exclusive photo he came across of the water fountain in the Headquarters Bldg of the NAACLP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored Liberal People)...  

Shucks, I thought those folks (NAACLP)  wanted to do away all those old Jim Crow memories. Who knew that they would treat the new conservative Black Congressmen & women and the new Black Senator like they were back in the Forties???

(Thanx & a tip o' the Stetson to my Vet pal Paulie from R.I.)

Flashback - one year and two weeks ago.....

Fifty-four weeks ago, Obamanation stood up and and his TOTUS said:

For a one minute lesson in arrogant stupidity, click here!!

So the Republicans heard him -- and the next election (Tuesday) they followed his advice and whupped butt!

Of course our Dear Leader's problem that not only can he not speak without his TOTUS, although he has ears the size of early warning radars .... he apparently can't hear!

So Wednesday - at his presser - he opined that he heard the 2/3rds of the voters that sat on their hands (because the Dems had nothing and nobody new to offer)  --- but not the 1/3 of the voters that totally overthrew his Dim leadership in the Congress.....