Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thought for the day.....

The following thought was presented this morning by a good Vet friend from Rhode Island.  

"In view of the current position of the occupants of the White House.....  shouldn't that illegal, Mr Gonzales,  that climbed the fence last night and entered the White House uninvited.........  be  allowed to stay, enjoy the comforts and benefits of living there without having to pay rent, get a job, or pay taxes?"

While we are at it, might we be so bold as to ask how an illegal alien can be identified as a "42-year-old Texas man"........... by AP News----  one cannot be an illegal alien,,,,, and a Texas man.    Why wasn't he identified as an illegal 42 year old Mexican man?    Inquiring minds want to know!

Wiser and cooler heads in Scotland Prevail,,,,,,

,,,,,, and now they are celebrating the resignation of the FORMER First Minister of Scotland and calling him ....

Smoked Salmond???
With this bit of nationalistic foolishness behind them, mebbe they can get on with the real troubles of the 21st Century...(btw, this photo came from a friend in Scotland)  Like open borders, the EU Cabal, and the Ryder Cup next week?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Want to know who will be voting this November?

Here is an interesting poll result that will scare hell (or voting) out of you!


For the rest of this dismal survey, click here,  then roll, duck and cover!!!!

Slow news day -- but things of interest....

--Veep Bite-me doubled up and made a couple of Gaffes this week -- told a women's group he missed Robert Packwood "a good Republican' ...... you remember the kiss-stealer? Spoke to another group and referred to 'shylocks'..... an anti-Semitic pejorative...

--- The good news -- the good citizens of Scotland went to the polls in record numbers (85% of those eligible)  and voting overwhelmingly to remain as part of the United Kingdom -- Bless their hearts... I know they have a language all their own, if you think that they speak English, just you go have a chat with a Scottish country shepherd one day.... good luck!    Wife & I enjoyed three great years there in the early Sixties ..... of course we were young enough to live without warmth or sunshine for great periods of time....   

--- And same old same old -- Once again the Ruling Class, in this instance a small time school administrator, managed to exert herself into punishing a young lad for doing the right thing!  Seems like a 13 year old had the temerity to share his school lunch with another young feller who had only a cheese sandwich  Oh, the sin of it all!  Here's a link to the whole story... listen to the short video, then look at the detention report filled out by the school elite-tress. While reading the note, think to yourself, as many years ago as it was, din't we learn to NEVER end a sentence in a preposition?  Maybe she ought to go on detention to re-learn her grammar lessons!!

Have a grand weekend!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

News you DIDN'T HEAR on the evening news or above he fold!

Eric King's mug shot supplied by KCPD
Eric King - alleged  (leftest) bomb thrower.....
This young man in the picture on the left  (yes, both he and his picture are on the Left) has been arrested for allegedly being the culprit that threw a hammer through the window of Congressman Emanuel Cleaver's Kansas City office window -- and followed it with two Molotov cocktails on Sept 11th  (as in 9/11 ?). Just last week!

Now then, you may wonder why this outrage wasn't headlined everywhere and publicly and loudly decried by the Congressional Black Caucus - the DOJ - Jesse Jackson - Al Sharpton and of course, Mad Nancy, former Speaker of the House.

I'll give you a hint.... Mr King, a college grad, is a LEFT-WING ANTI-CAPITALIST bomb thrower -- as evidenced by materials confiscated when he was arrested........ thus, ergo, and hence --- shhhh!   Nothing to see here folks = no harm done -- move along! Even the good Congressman doesn't fault the young fella. Besides the cocktails didn't burn the building down anyway....  er something.

Now then -- ask yourself this question: What level of decibels do you think the shouts of the MSM, the liberal news networks and the main stream media if this young feller had been a card carrying Tea Party Member?  Or even having been seen listening to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, or friending Sean Hannity on Facebook?   The mind boggles......       

Are these people two faced --- or what?

Wrinkle free Nacy speaks out...................finally!!!

Y'all recall that earlier this week, Crazy Nancy was quoted as saying that a GOP win for control of the Senate this November would "End civilization as we know it!"  

Some questioned what she meant -- Stilton Jarlsberg provides the answer......

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, political, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, pelosi, gop, senate, midterm, elections, 2014

Always glad to be of service in helping to clear these questions up... thanks Stilton!

Oh Sheeeeeesh! Deja Vu == all over again!!

I just read the headline story that Obamanation (the half talented Chicago community organizer currently residing in the Oval Office) has decided that as the self-professed 'smartest man in the room' and commander in chief, he will personally Okay any strikes on ISIS in Syria before the military can act


Seems like I recall another POTUS with an ego as large as his ears that made that same decision during the Vietnam war...... and decided that he had more war making knowledge and skills than his generals. Every strike 12,000 miles away had to be Okayed by hisself!. 

I don't recall that working out to well, or ending up that great!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day One: "We are the ones we were waiting for, the seas will stop rising........."

Day 2065 --- 'We are looking at his legacy!!!
(Thanx and a Tip O' the Stetson to my vet pal Paul of RI)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Coming to a publlc school house near you???

Army surplus Mine Resistant and Ambush Proof vehicle (MRAP)
Yessiree!! Schools have changed since my day --- or at least School Administrators mind set has!  The Los Angeles Unified School District just bought this monster military killing machine for it's school police force,  Along with three 40mm M79 Grenade Launchers!!!

Well having this sit in the play yard will sure keep young boys and girls from biting their pop tarts into the shape of handguns!   Whee Doggies....

This would be funny - if it weren't really happening....  BTW- Taxpayers paid $733,000 for this vehicle (yep three quarters of a million tax bucks)  and the Army gave it to the School District!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Winner of our "Jane Fonda Award", this week is.....

This weeks winner of the "Jane Fonda Award" is actor WIL WHEATON, who Tweeted to both his fans (?):

“Republicans are spending a lot of effort trying to scare Americans about ISIS. Probably just a coincidence that there’s an election soon.”

I have no clue who Wil Wheaton is or what show or movies he is on/in.  And really don't care!  But any American, seeing America facing the terrorist and military of the 21st Century, that states such an insanity .... deserves the award going away.   (which by the way wouldn't be a bad idea ---- maybe he could go visit ISIS and the 'beheader Jihad Johnnie' up close and personal and tell him that he loves him) 

Here's a link to the article with video;

Headline of the Week (almost)

Drudge Report came within one word of flashing the best headline of the week today --- so I think I'll correct it for my blog.


In a brief visit to that fair and balanced show, "Real Time with Bill Maher" she opined in the same conversation that "Democrats are not fearmongers" and then added that 'civilization is doomed if the GOP wins the senate'....

I'm not sure if she's off her meds, or if the Botox shots are pulling her scalp to tight, or if she is just mad that the GOP House wouldn't blindly agree to let all those illegal immigrants into the country to provide cheap labor for her millionaire husband....

I guess what she really needs is for Charlie Gibson to come out of retirement and suck up to her once again.  I won't trouble torture you good folks with the whole twelve minute segment -- here is the 'magic moment'!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is there a widespread anti-Christian movement in the liberal Main Stream Media these days?

Olga Rascheitti-Lucia Pulici-Bernadette Boggia -----Rest In Peace!!!!
The reason I pose that question is simply this.  I had occasion to Google in search of information about the three Catholic Nuns who were beaten, raped and decapitated earlier this week in Burundi.  I hadn't heard 'the rest of the story' and/or much follow up.

Imagine my surprise when I Googled "Burundi, Nuns, murdered" and noted that the major news outlets were conspicuously absent in their hits.  On the first page, were links to The Independent (UK), FOX News (USA), The Daily Mail (UK), Washington Times (USA), Reuters (Int), Briebart (USA) and of course, a bunch of Blogs....  

Absent from any link to this story were CBS,ABC,NBC, MSNBC, CNN .... I'm not even hinting that they didn't report this horrible event -- I'm just wondering out loud if they did..... why are there no links to their news reports? Do I see a pattern here in the news reporting of liberal filtered outlets and full news outlets?

How often do three elderly Nuns in a convent, even in a 3rd world country, whose lives are dedicated to protecting women and children, get beaten, raped, and murdered by decapitation? I note there was no shortage of reports this week of the Blade Runner's trial in Italy..... or of the football player smacking his wife in the elevator....    

I dunno folks --- I just don't know!  If this had been three ISIS members who were made to wear underpants over their heads..... every news outlet in the world would have reported it and ABC,NBC & CBS would have led with it!!

Just my opinion!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Several bumper stickers to choose from this week!

Two actually, one in 2008 and a double error in 2012!!

American Kamikaze pilots on 9/11??

Here is a heroic story too great not to share. Bottom line, Pre 9/11 there were no armed fighter planes standing by at Andrews AFB. (a situation which has been corrected by Monday morning quarterbacks)
{I know that's Frisco and not DC - so don't write!!!!}

It seems however, that two F-16's (armed with dummy ammo for training) were on the flight line and ready for take off....  so Colonel Marc Sasseville and Lt Heather (Lucky) Penny jumped into the cockpits and took off to intercept the flight said to be coming in from the West.  They were prepared to fly into the Boeing 757 to bring it down -- the Colonel into the cockpit and the Lt into the tail. 

As it turned out -- the passengers on that Flight 93 accomplished the task over a Pennsylvania field. 

Who knew?? I din't!  It's a story worth telling - here is the link to the article from which I am unashamedly reporting... it's a great read about American Everudau Heroes!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In Memoriam......

Painted by a friend of my cuzzin's daughter --- they used her painting as a fund raiser and gifted the original to a NY City Fire Battalion....

Here's a link to the back story.......

(Thanx and a Tip O' the Stetson to Cuzzin Corky)

Thirteen years after 9/11 and we have a President who still doesn't get it!!

I'm not going to bore you with my comments --   Instead I am going to post two quotes; The first one is exactly what our president said last evening on national television - and the second is what the Qu`an teaches.   You decide;

President Obama Last night:

"And one of those groups is ISIL -- which calls itself the 'Islamic State.'  Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not 'Islamic.' No religion condones the killing of innocents. And the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim."

And now we go to the Qur'an:

The Qur’an teaches that Muslims must fight and kill unbelievers “wherever you overtake them” until “religion is Allah’s,” i.e. Islamic law rules all societies (2:190-193). They must fight unbelievers “until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah” (8:39). Muslims are to fight unbelievers and “prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows” (8:60).

Allah tells Muhammad to “fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination” (9:73). The followers of Muhammad should imitate him in this: “O you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the disbelievers and let them find in you harshness” (9:123). For “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves” (48:29).

Click here for my source of these quotes on the Qur`an

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A metaphor for the eyes........

I see this picture and I think of ISIS as a fish!!!

Gotta love the grandeur of the American Eagle!!!

Active duty Army Colonel turned away from school entrance because????

Yeppers, this 24 year Army officer, veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere - was barred from entry to his daughter's high school to meet with a counselor.  The reason given- because his was wearing the uniform of his country..   and was told to go home and change! The uniform might offend some student.........?

Honestly folks, my jib is soo tight after reading this, I can't be responsible for what my fingers would type on the keyboard --- so I'll just link you to the full story in The Blaze!!!!

God Help us, every one!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I am certain that Eric Holder is already on his plane to Flatbush!!

This story ends with the Understatement of the Year -- from Precious' lawyer:

Precious Parker Fights White People Moving into Building at Gunpoint
Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 9, 2014 @ 9:29 am In The Point | 3 Comments
Precious Parker, 30, and Sabrina James, 23, knocked on the door of an apartment building on Ocean Ave. near Newkirk Ave. in Flatbush at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday and held a 34-year-old man, a 37-year-old man, and a 25-year-old woman at gunpoint demanding they move out or be killed, police said.

No prize for subtlety here!!
The source added the trio may have been targeted because of their race, as one of the women said she didn’t like “that white people were moving into the area,” the police source said.

The women then stole $800, an iPhone and personal information from the tenants, police said.

Precious Parker, 30, allegedly forced the three roommates who lived in the Flatbush apartment to the floor at gunpoint on Sept. 4, and after robbing them said, “If you call the police ormanagement company, I’ll pick five people of​f​ each of your phones and kill them and if you’re not out of here in 24 hours, five guys will come back and kill you all,” according to court papers.

“There was a dispute over who was supposed to be renting that apartment,” Parker DEFENSE ATTORNEY Danielle Korotzer said at the Brooklyn criminal court arraignment.
“My client did not believe the complainants should be in the apartment.”

History DOES tend to repeat itself!!!

If I were to ask you, "Who is the first American President to bring war tothe Muslims?"  How would you answer?  President Bush #41? President Bush #43?

Okay, this is a trick question because few folks recall that President Thomas Jefferson was the first to wage war on the Muslims...  In 1801, he sent a fleet of frigates with Marines aboard to stop the pirating, kidnapping, plundering and murders of the crews of American ships sailing the Mediterranean. It was and still is written in the (Q`uran) Koran - that Allah smiles on Islamists who capture, ransom or behead infidels.

A couple of recently beheaded journalists come to mind don't they? No ransom paid!

This was when the term 'Leathernecks' was forever tied to the Marines.  Apparently because they wore stiff leather collars to protect their necks from swinging scimitars.  And I know you've all heard first line of the Marine Hymn:  "From the Halls of Montezuma - to the Shores of Tripoli"....

Yep, this was the war that defeated Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and Morocco and made the oceans safe once again. In 1788, Jefferson wrote to John Adams --: "From what I learn from the temper of my countrymen and tenaciousness of their money, it will be more easy to raise ships and to fight these pirates into reason, than money to bribe them."

I hope y'all will keep this in mind the next time you hear some liberal isolationist say we have not business in this ISIS war.  Appeasement loses - only force wins!

Here is a short 8 minute video that explains the Koran's teaching even to my level!

I also hope many Americans will surf some these topics for themselves to fully understand and be able to explain the necessity of the Christian world's actions... This not just a Holy war -- it's a war on thuggery, murders, rapists, and kidnappers.....  acting by the Book!

A Google search of "Barbary Coast, Mediterranean" is a good place to start.  but don't just use the words Barbary Coast, or you'll get more info on California than you want or need!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Speaking of evil doers -- and I do speak of them (ISIS) in the next post down........

.... check out this Branch Office of Evil Doers in Memphis Tennessee yesterday (Sunday) outside a Kroger Store....  where a group of a hundred or so Blacks gathered to play "Point 'em out -- Knock 'em out"  on white customers coming out of the store!!!

Now then, keep in mind = this is not a racially motivated or hate crime!!  No NO - our Attorney General of the United States has demonstrated that only White on Black attacks are crimes.  Not Black on Black or Black on White....

Picture this in your head --- This exact same scene only with 50 White kids stomping on an innocent Black fella coming out of that store...............    Memphis would be burnt to the ground by this morning....   and Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton probably would have had their planes collide at Memphis Airport in their hurry to arrive!!

Someday - law & order will return to this country -- let's hope it's sooner!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Will we never learn from history????

03DARCY-OBAMA.jpgBack Back in 2011 (three years ago for those without a calendar) then adviser to President Obama said regarding al Qaeda, et al (ISIS) :

“I’m not talking about al Qaeda’s grandiose vision of global domination through a violent Islamic caliphate. That vision is absurd, and we are not going to organize our counter terrorism policies against a feckless delusion that is never going to happen. We are not going to elevate these thugs and their murderous aspirations into something larger than they are.”

If you think that it is scary to have a senior security adviser to the POTUS  stating these words...... here is even more reason to be plumb askeeered!   He is now  Director of the Counter Intelligence Agency (CIA)   !!!!!!

I seem to recall the same thing being said about those 'thugs and bullies' that followed Adolph Hitler in his attempt to start the 1000 year Reich!!        

Like I said,,,,,, will we never learn?  Last I heard -- that "junior varsity' the BO-man referred to now numbers in the tens of thousands and occupies much of the Middle East!

Note - copy and paste any part of that quoted comment above and paste it in your search engine --- you'll find a dozen links......

Raise the Voting Age!!!!

Folks, I did a whole lotta surf'n this morning to find something to share that is both newsworthy and fresh!   A pox on the White House and it's self-servers.   An evil eye at the SEIU and even the perfumed princes of the Pentagon (named by the late great Hackworth).  

Then I came across a brilliant piece by Josh Gelernter in the NRO...    Josh makes an absolutely air tight case on why the voting age should be returned to 21 years old...... and and then he explains exactly how such a seemingly impossible task could actually be done!  

He speaks so clearly, I do not believe that he is speaking with tongue in cheek - like he would have us believe.

Here is his Article,, take a minute, it's worth your time!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Not a pretty picture -- Not a bit of action!!!

I'm sure most of you that stop by here are old enough to remember when the US Gob'mint denaturalized any American citizen who renounced the US Constitution and joined a foreign military force bent on America's destruction..

It happened to more than a few former American Nazis and Communists.

Why then, are no denaturalization steps being taken at this point in time against Americans who enlist in the ISIS cause and swear allegiance to the movement to destroy America?   Even worse, it appears that ISIS muslims are still being allowed to immigrate INTO this country!

According to this timely and well written article by Daniel Greenfield, 

Her sin? She was the daughter of a Christian
Although Obamanation's administration has denaturalized several evil doers since taking office.....  not one, I repeat, NOT ONE of them was a muslim or an ISIS member. 

When an American Army Major (Hasan) not only speaks against the USA but even has the acronym SOA (Sons of Allah) on his personal card -- his intent is pretty clear.

Even following the grinding wheel of due process -- these folks should be headed off shore - not on shore!!  

And I'd even let them keep their heads on the way out the door!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Are fast food jobs (McJobs) just starter jobs anymore??

Time was when fast food jobs --- yes, soda jerks in my day - were starter jobs for young folks looking for their first serious work experience.

Then along came tax increases, regulations, and forcing American manufacturers to move abroad with those jobs to be able to stay in bid'ness.   Then in 2008, along came Obama, and the loss of millions of well paying American jobs because of green industry failures,  affordable health care -- and even loss of the forty hour work week. 

Moms and Dads can't support a family on $7.25 per hour - that's for sure -- and neither can their 20 year old kids afford to move out of the house on that wage and limited to 30 hours per week. 

But if there is no UP, what does one do? Even a recent grad with a Masters degree in languages can only offer these language skills to that job:

  • ¿Quieres papas fritas con eso? (Spanish)
  • vous voulez des frites avec ça ? (French)
  • तुम उस के साथ आलू चाहते हैं? (Hindi)
Meanwhile, on Labor Day, our community organizer and chief instigator in this nation gave a stump speech regarding "Taking our Country Back"  (note - he din't say from whom) Biden gave a similar rallying speech....

Now today's headlines are that ORGANIZERS have orchestrated strikes, sit ins and civil disobedience in 150 cities across the fruited plains.   To what end? If their product or service was worth $15 per hour they would already be getting it ---- and are in some places actually.  

So who is to benefit from this new discomfort across the voting population?  Mom & Pop fast food franchise? I think not!   The workers? I think not!  The buying public who are just as short of spare change in this economy as the workers? I think not!

Nope, the way I see it is simple. The unions are hemorrhaging members, the only large groups they have are gob'mint workers that you and I pay. The Dims are hemorrhaging sympathetic voters....

So why not  foment unrest and start public demonstrations and even rioting in the streets..   What's to lose..... it ain't like a Kennedy, a Pelosi, or a Biden is going to go to Mickey D's.....   

Interesting to see how this plays out -- but I believe that it's gonna be ugly and the same 'common folks' will get hurt that always do when unions and gob'mint join hands to pit one class of Americans against another...   Like they did with race bating in Florida, Missouri and elsewhere -- that kinda failed......

Surely, America can do better than this!!!

A real "man bites dog" story released today...

In it's issue today, the blog, headlined it's story with:

Nathan Tom, First Openly Straight 
Male Figure Skater, Signs With
Olympic  Practice Squad

The story goes on to relate that Tom is a former US Army Tank Commander and Lumberjack. He and his wife have two sons and are expecting twins in December!!

Way to go, Nathan -- who said straight folks couldn't break thru that barrier!!! 

Click here for the rest of the story!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dems" "It's time to take America back!"

That was apparently the Labor Day theme (or White House Talking paper notes) for all their Labor Day bloviating yesterday!

Obamanation shouted it in Wisconsin, Biden shouted it in Detroit (as pointed out below, the poster city for Democrat Party leadership failure)....

 But none of them explained; Take America back from whom, or what?

They've controlled the White House for Six and a half years, the Senate - for the same period, and the House of Representatives for two of those same six and a half years.....

Take America back from whom, or what?

I'm thinking that they are really talking about taking America back to it's past -- back to the days of FDR, WPA, union thuggery and control of a majority of jobs in this country.  No 'right to work' laws, the days when NRA stood for the National Recovery Act (declared unconsitutional) instead of the National Rifle Association.  No 24/7 newscasters,  bloggers and pajama wearing writers to spread the real news.  Just three lap dog networks with thirty minutes a night to present a sanitized version of what the DNC sez is the news...

Do you suppose that's what they mean by ;  "We need to take America back!"

I do........

Monday, September 1, 2014

Big Labor Day Union Rally in Detroit today!

Will the real Joe Bite-Me step forward?
The honored and long winded speaker was Joe (I'm from Scranton) Biden.   Color me humorless, but I see a union parade and rally in Detroit - the city they destroyed - as kind of an oxymoron in actions if not words...   

Kinda like like a doctor giving a speech at former patient's funeral after unsuccessful surgery!  Or  Crazy Horse and Sitting Bulls descendants having a wake for General George Custer......

Here's the story......

Some thoughts on Labor Day

Many folks are not aware that Labor Day was created by Unions back in the late 1800's to celebrate the unions and those that labor.  And now --- here we are 130 years later.  A three day weekend celebrated by gob'mint employees, banks, and a few union workers.  A day of intense labor for mattress, automobile and Wally World retail workers. 

I have an old veteran friend who came immediately to mind when I first spotted this editorial cartoon. A second generation American of Polish descent  (I don't use or like hyphenated = Americans), he got his honorable discharge, married his high school sweetheart and settled down in Detroit to live the American dream, 

Then the unions, for no other reason than because they could, began to squeeze and squeeze the auto manufacturers in that great city - until they squoze 'em right out of town!  The factories shut down, the housing values plummeted, the liberal Dim elected city officials kept spending money and raising taxes on the smaller base. Federal regulators piled on as well. 

My friend lost his job, then also did his wife, he couldn't sell his most valued possession - his house - because there were no buyers. They had all left town if they could --  or were equally depressed if they couldn't. 

Detroit is now a rusted broken down shell of what it used to be.  

Do I blame it all on unions --- of course not --- but they and those big spending city officials get the brunt of the blame in my mind..   It wasn't a natural disaster: a hurricane or earthquake that decimated the city like this ....................   and my friends life!

So forgive me if I fly my flag at Half Mast out in front of my house today!! 

Let me leave you with a parting thought --- When WWII broke out - we turned into a tank, jeep, airplane, M1 manufacturing giant overnight! We built the Pentagon, the worlds largest office building, in less than 18 months - and under budget...

What happens when WWIII occurs.... and with the troubled world today - it will! Have no doubt!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why on Sunday morning?

Why is it I had to start my Sunday Morning by opening the Free site, and see this headline staring me in the face?

Feds Still Studying Why Lesbians Are Obese
Update: Total government funding now $2.87 million

Now then, I am old enough to understand that there are lots of loose lesbians running sitting around. I have seen many of them marrying on TV .... and I thoroughly understand how many of them are overweight.....    

But for the life of me, I cannot understand why the Federal government is taking our hard earned tax dollars out of our pockets (remember - the Gob'mint has no money except what it takes out of our wallets) and spends $2,870,000 of those tax dollars to find out why them folks is fat! 

Last time I checked, it was what you put on your fork that made you fat! Big mystery? Rumor has it that Chocolate Butter Fudge Ice Cream by the pint will do it too!

It certainly can't be self-hate--  I've seen their parades -- they're gay and they're proud!!