Saturday, August 1, 2015

Posted for those who sling mud at Trump for telling the truth! (that other politicians won't)

Jesus Deniz-Mendoza
This is the man (18 year-old) arrested for allegedly killing a middle-aged couple and shooting their 20 year-old daughter when they stopped to help him by the side of the road. 

No, let me be more specific, they passed him stranded by the side of the road and came back to offer aide. In return, he robbed and shot both of the parents in the back and killed them. He shot their daughter twice in the back as she was running away, but she survived. 

Why am I starting off Saturday morning with such a brutal event, you ask? Because although Jesus may have pulled the trigger - Senators McCain & Kennedy loaded the gun with their insane, uncaring Immigration Reform Act of 2007. Senator Turban Durbin of Illinois kicked in some of the cost of the ammo with his Dreamers Act (this evil doer was admitted two years ago when he was sixteen).

Did I mention that Jesus Mendoza was out on bond after a recent burglary arrest in Wyoming? Why wasn't he deported? Here is ICE's official response:

This individual does not have any criminal convictions, and, as a permanent resident, is not currently removable. Thus, an ICE detainer cannot be placed on the individual at this time. However, ICE is closely monitoring this case and coordinating with local authorities. If he is convicted for a criminal offense that allows him to be removed from the country, after the completion of sentence, ICE intends to take him into custody and pursue his removal from the United States.

Like somebody said: "Swell, now ..... after he's been convicted of a double murder and attempted murder, and robbery and car theft, and served his life term in jail,  then ICE will consider deporting him."  Let's hear it for ICE! This will all occur around the year 2055. I'll miss the headlines.

I note with interest that every headline I found on this news story includes the phrase "Legal immigrant"!!  Think about that partners.... headline space is short- why use so much of it with 'legal immigrant'?  You don't reckon it's an attempt to make sure that us troubled citizens don't think ill of Obamanation and his current 'let 'em all' in policy with regards to illegal immigrants, do you?  Nah, the MSM wouldn't be that crass. 

And maybe to make sure they don't reinforce Donald Trump's comments?, Nah....

On the other hand -- you may not even hear of this multiple murder at all....after all, it was just a Brown on White crime--- it's not like some White dude shot and killed a black or a brown couple--- that's a hate crime, don'tcha know!!

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Rest in Peace, Mom & Dad

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why is nobody shouting?? Why are no newscasters talking?

The workers in Seattle fought, picketed, paraded, and screamed for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage.  They just couldn't make it on the lower previous level. They were starving.... raise the minimum wage to $15 and they would be Okay!

So, in their total vacuum of wisdom, the city Fathers & Nannies, raised the minimum wage for all workers in Seattle to $15.00.  Small bid'nesses shut down or left in droves. Those that remained jacked up their prices for all customers, regardless of income. 

The world is a happy place now....right?   Wrong!!!

The workers soon discovered that the new higher wage moved them up in the income brackets and they lost their eligibility for food stamps, welfare, housing subsidies, et al..    "STOP STOP!" They cried, "Cut my hours back by one-third so I am only making as much as I was before",  they cried. 

So the obvious lesson for other city councils and politicians to follow --- these folks don't want to make more money - they want to work fewer hours for the same money they are making now.  Meanwhile, many teens and unskilled workers lost their jobs altogether.  Do you reckon anyone is listening?

Nope, neither do I!!!!    

Click here for more on this story.....

Things to think about this weekend in that hammock with a cold beer!

Several questions have arisen this week that give me pause for thought:

The Planned Butcherhood Parenthood brouhaha!! When all the smoke blows away, whether you favor killing fetuses and babies or not - the question remains: Where in the Constitution of these United States does it state that Planned Parenthood is entitled to $540,000,000 of our hard earned tax dollars... for any purpose?

The continuing Climate Change hissy fits!!  The Dims, once again this week, used valuable legislative time and CSPAN camera time in their short three day work week, to pose the question; "What's the GOP Climate Plan"?  This stupid question assumes that: A. Climate Change is happening, and; B. These changes are bad and caused by mankind. 

My instant answer to both of these topics is simple - 

1. There is nothing in the Constitution (nor in Federal Law) that guarantees Planned Butcher Parenthood ANY PERMANENT ANNUAL PAYMENT OF OUR TAX DOLLARS.

2. There is no 'settled science' establishing either the fact of climate change (except as it has changed over the millenniums ) or that man has any role in the planet's climate or that it is within man's control to change any planet climate of the long run!

But these are just my humble opinions -- what do you think?

A final thought on both of these topics... at my age, I think of things in view of the prospects of my Grandkids...   and in this instance I am hit twice. If the fetus part merchants at Planned Parenthood had their way - I wouldn't have any Grandkids to worry about.  And secondly, if all my grandkids are aborted - I don't reckon I need worry about climate change for the next generation, do I?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is this the America our forefathers dreamed of for us?

Illinois Democrat Jan Schakowsky sharing her concern with this rampant PP butchery !!!!

VA Psychiatrist advisor tells gun supporting Vet to "off' himself!

Hard to believe but true.... another VA example of FUBAR!!!

An image posted online Monday night apparently shows a Department of Veterans Affairs psychiatrist telling a veteran to commit suicide.

The image was uploaded to Imgur and shows an anonymous veteran indicating support for gun rights on a Facebook comment thread. In response, Gregg Gorton, whose Facebook profile shows that he works at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center as a staff psychiatrist, said that the user should commit suicide.

“[O]ff yourself, please,” Gorton said in response to the veteran.
Another Facebook user jumped into the conversation shortly after Gorton’s comment, saying, “is that what you say to pro gun Veterans at the VA?”
A VA spokesman confirmed with The Daily Caller News Foundation that Gorton is employed as a psychiatrist at the department and immediately chastised the comment.

“This type of behavior is completely unacceptable and we apologize to all our Veterans and their families,” a VA spokesman told The DCNF. “VA is committed to treating our Veterans and the health conditions they face with the utmost respect and compassion.”

“The post was totally inappropriate and does not convey our commitment to Veterans.  We are taking steps immediately to address the situation.”

Thanks and a Tip O' the Stetson to for this item and it's link above. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hypocricy's lastest name and face ---- Hellary Clinton!

 I am certain that all of you read the headlines the other day wherein Hellary has all of a sudden become a Climate Change fan ... and expert.  A little in- depth reading will reveal that she had this come to Jesus meeting with nature when one of the USA's billionaires ... Mr Green Stock holder and self proclaimed environmentalist, Tom Steyer promised oodles of moolah for the candidates with the greenest agenda --   as in 'Block the Keystone Pipeline - and help a billionaire - please!'

Anyway - never one to miss out on the green stuff (as in dollar bills), Hellary immediately became a cheerleader for the planet... She gave a stirring stump speech in Des Moines Iowa surrounded by bicycles and all, screeching for a reduction in carbon-cutting measures and then................  and then,

She climbed up the stairs to yer $5,850 per hour Rent-a-Jet (that burns 347 gallons of fuel per hour) and flew off in luxurious comfort for the rural political pastures of New England.

Folks, I wouldn't even try to describe the comforts offered in the FRENCH MADE gas guzzler..... but fortunately, the British Daily Mail newspaper does a marvelous job of showing us how this lady of the people, this caring, sharing distant cousin to the Sisters of the Poor and Caring..... travels...    I guess her phony baloney trip across the country in the SUV to meet the little people grew tiresome after on trip.....

Just in case you missed the link to this sultan's palace on wings in that last paragraph, here it is again - click here for the link!

P.S. My friends, don't you wish you had dug into your little piggy bank to send Ms Hellary money to help her struggling campaign? You might have paid for five minutes of her Executive Flightways ride.... if you sent $500 of your hard earned savings!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Don't mess with Texas - Part XXIII

A Katy, Texas landowner was threatened and called a liar by a wannabe mosque builder... the landowner and pig farmer fights back .... ya' gotta love it!!

... and just in case this 'Don't mess with Texans doesn't impress you -- check out this report!!

How are the folks doing in your state -- holding their own -- or bowing to Mecca?

Hmm I wonder why the LA Times dropped this cartoon series?

Boombox001 Boombox002 Boombox005 Boombox011 Boombox014

Bernie Sanders....... just another Socialist in Dem Clothing....

I decided to give Hellary and the community organizer with 18 more months in the Oval Orifice a break this morning.   Well, actually I didn't -- Bernie Sanders did!

Do as I say, not as I do!!!
It seems that this wild eyed, self-acclaimed, socialist who would be our POTUS has introduced legislation mandating a $15 per hour minimum wage across the Nation. No telling how many millions of teens, unskilled workers, and single moms that would put out of work..   But that's not the point of this post - 

The point of this post is that by his own office's admission, Bernie Sanders pays his own intern employees ----$12 per hour!!!!    Proving only that you can relabel a limousine liberal as a socialist --- but a you can't remove him from his Limo!!
“GOOD JOBS NATION!” the red, white and blue, flag-motif sign in front of Sanders’s lectern reads in the photo beneath the headline. “REBUILD THE AMERICAN DREAM.”
The internship FAQ also notes that no stipend for housing will be provided for anyone working as an intern for Sanders. “Interns are responsible for their own housing near their employing office.”
Also, Sanders specifically prohibits high school students from his $12-per-hour internship jobs. College graduates “and those currently pursuing a degree” are primarily encouraged to apply.
In a press release touting a $15 federal minimum wage, Sanders said such a wage “would directly benefit 62 million workers who currently make less than $15 an hour, including over half of African-American workers and close to 60 percent of Latino workers.”
He failed to mention his own interns among the 62 million workers he suggests are underpaid.
Sanders is not the only progressive in the United States to fail to provide the higher wages that he preaches.
In the fall of 2014, a socialist party out of Seattle, Wash. that demands a $20-per-hour federal minimum wage advertised a job — on both and Craigslist — for an experienced web developer paying just $13 per hour.(RELATED: Seattle Socialist Party Wants $20 Per Hour Minimum Wage, Offers $13 Per Hour For Website Manager)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Regarding the disgusting comments by the Planned Parenthood Execs..

These of course, are the folks that make a living killing babies, and apparently selling the body parts.. with tax payer dollars...   Here is the best quote of the week on the topic:

"Apparently, the whole is less than the sum of the parts. Ugh!"

Sorry about this picture - but it is not shopped..... or chopped!

BullS**t story of the week...

There has been so much absolute 100% pure BullS**t spread around Washington this week, that it is nigh impossible to identify one pile as being higher, deeper and smellier that the others....

If I have to pick a winner though, it would be Ms Heinze-Kerry's boy-toy/walker. that hero of Vietnam....    Johnny Ski-doo Kerry - and his testimony before the Senate committee this week.... 

I heard him sit there and lie through his teeth, looking down and doodling and refusing to look his former fellow Senators in they eye - as he dropped such absolute fabrications as "Iran got all their centrifuges under the last Bush administration"...... Check out this graph:

I don't know which is worse -- his lying to the American public or his belief that the Senators and the American public is stupid enough to believe him..
BTW, note that the chart is prepared by the IAEA "International Atomic Energy Agency"   (not some anti=Kerry Group).

I'll skip the rest of his BullS**t.... this is deep enough.....

The joys of growing old............

To good not to share... on this Saturday morning......

I think I saw him walking thru the Mall the other day!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Humor (I'm back!!!)

There are a hundred great cartoons for this Thursday morning, but unfortunately 99 involve the sick comments from Planned Parenthood - crunchy kid's parts et al.
So I decided to leave those sick cartoons with those sickos receiving your tax dollars and just share this one that made me chuckle out loud!!
Hold that thought!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

San Antonio Mayor shows the way........!

San Antonio, Texas. for years has been mayored by liberal Democrats.. the job holds no authority (a highly paid city manager runs the joint) and is paid about $4,000 per year! One dollar for each ribbon cut I guess..

You'd recognize the name of a couple of San Antonio's former mayors, Henry Cisneros (who went on to be HUD secretary until it was discovered that he was using campaign money to hush a former bed partner..... and of course, most recently, Juan Castro, son of Rosie Castro, local Saul Alinsky protege, who is now appointed what else? Secretary of HUD. 

He was replaced by a very sharp young Black Lady who just won election for a full term by swamping a well known long term state senator -- "mulier versus mulier"

Now then, after all the dumbass Battle Flag controversies, naturally a city council person decides to pick up the flag (so to speak) to look for a little name recognition in San Antonio..  the new Mayor was having none of it!
The hysteria over the Confederate flag has reached a fever pitch, with many Democrats insisting all Southern cities take down their flags in protest.
However, one Democrat mayor of a major city is taking a stand against the politically-correct wave sweeping across the country. And not only that, she’s also an African-American.
San Antonio, Texas Mayor Ivy Taylor issued a blistering response to a city councilman who demanded that the city create a task force to inventory Confederate flags and monuments in the city.
“It often takes an unspeakable tragedy to perpetuate changes in policy and customs of society,” San Antonio Councilman Alan E. Warrick II wrote in a memo last Wednesday.
”We are currently seeing this unfold in communities and states across the nation.”
“I do not believe the vast majority of residents who support Confederate flags or monuments have hate in their hearts,” Warwick wrote. However, “The fact that some of these symbols are utilized by hate groups to harass and intimidate should be enough to give us pause.”
Taylor, however, had none of it.
“Slavery and the Civil War are part of the American legacy. For more than 200 years we’ve been trying to fully realize the revolutionary premise of democracy: all men are created equal,” Mayor Taylor said in a response she issued.
“Selectively erasing pieces of our past may make it more comfortable for us today but it also makes it easier for many to ignore the historic struggles of Blacks and other minorities in this country, a struggle for equality that continues today.”
“It is offensive to use the rebel battle flag as a symbol of a city or state but it is also offensive to pretend that Texas was never a slave state or that racism has played no role in our history for the past 150 years.” (H/T BizPac Review)
While we may disagree with some of Mayor Taylor’s sentiments, she does have something right here: the flag is a part of our nation’s history, and it would be inconceivable to erase it from history out of reasons of political incorrectness.
We support this brave African-American mayor and hope that others across America follow her lead.
(thanks to

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nobody mentions the elephant sitting in the corner of the room....

...seems like all the politicians and criminologist majors are wringing their collective hands because of the increase in homicides this year. Milwaukee, Baltimore, St Louis, New Orleans and of course, murder city USA, Chicagoland, are experiencing murder increases from 19% to a 100% over last years..

"Who oh why" ... they cry.  And not one of the police chiefs, mayors, gob'nors or the White House will even whisper the words, the Police departments have been kneecapped!  Caution is more important than law enforcement.  If I had fifteen years on the beat and had to make the instant choice today - shoot, or let the bad guys get away, guess what I'd do...   

Blue Flue? I don't think so, less aggressive policing  - I think so!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Alice in Wonderland once again... or is it the White House briefing room?

I dunno how many of you traveled thru the looking glass with Alice this week when Josh Ernest was asked by reporters about critics who blame the Obamanation policies for the San Francisco random murder of the young lady by the illegal alien:

 Earnest insisted that it was actually Republicans who are fault for voting against the Gang Of Eight bill last year, pointing out that it contained funding to increase border security.
“The fact is that the president has done everything within his power to make sure that we are focusing our law enforcement resources on criminals and those who pose a threat to public safety and it’s because of the political efforts of Republicans that we have not been able to make the kind of investment that we’d like to make in securing our border and keeping our community safe,” Earnest said." [Briebart News]

That convoluted response would make George Orwell sit up in his grave and take notice. Up is down, right is wrong, and Obama's & Frisco's sanctuary city policies were not the fault of the Dems - it was the fault of the congress that didn't pass the Gang of Eight's watered down proposal last year.  GMAFB!!!  (if that acronym means nothing to you, you are a nice person)

Obamanation bashes hisself!

I've been trying to lay off bashing that community organizer currently occupying the Oval Orifice - figuring that he's doing it well enough by himself. Here is a perfect example: Standing in front of his generals, and actually saying, "Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas."

I'm sure glad Truman, Eisenhower and MacArther din't try to outwait Hitler and TOJO and whup 'em with better ideas! I haven't figured out whether our POTUS is dumb as a bag of rocks, a front man for Islam, or living in some alternate world with which I am not familiar!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Must be making the gun grabber's toes curl - gotta love it!!!

A chain of franchised restaurants in Arkansas and Louisiana, Chicken Express,  announced  that any customer that displayed a current and valid Concealed Handgun License on the 4th of July would eat free!

Liberals started to scream....

So... Concealed Handgun License instructors made a second offer - anybody who eats at Chicken Express on July 4th, and shows their receipt, will get a 25% discount on CHL training. 
Liberals started to froth at the mouth ....  and sales went up!

Even the very liberal Walter Mondale once said: "Gun bans don't disarm criminals, gun bans attract them!"

Friday, July 3, 2015

There is Independence and then there is ....... 'in dependence"!

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Barry's correct, unfortunately. Thanks to his anti-employment, "spread the wealth" policies we now have the lowest workforce participation rate since 1977, and over 93 million people who aren't in the work force(and, of course, don't even exist as far as unemployment calculations are concerned). And who knows, maybe a lot of them really do believe that the 4th is "in dependence" day. That's certainly what their voteswould indicate.

But those worries are for another time. For now, let's forget our troubles, fly the flag, quaff a cold beer, and celebrate this glorious holiday with family, friends, and many flags!

Many thanks to Stilton Jarlsberg for this and other great contributions to the eye wakening of America.

Schizophrenia is a Greek word, how appropriate!

Over the last few years, I have often chuckled at our American political polls. For example ..this very day, a check at will show that President Obama has a 46.1% approval rating -- but at the same time 60.5% of those same people polled think the country is on the wrong track. Huh?

And so it goes as well in Greece this weekend where they are having a national referendum on the very future of the country. More than 80% of the Greeks want to stay in the Euro bloc. But the same polls show that 43% will vote NO Sunday (against the austerity measures necessary to stay in the Euro community) and only 42.5% poll YES......  If the vote turns out that way, they will be out of the Euro community, back on the Drachma, and facing bankruptcy from the gob'mint down to the local banks and tavernas.

Here is a link to a Bloomberg Business report just released yesterday -- it's lengthy but if you are short of time just scroll down to the charts and graphs. They are clear, concise and spell disaster..........

And perhaps an early peek at what Puerto Rico, Illinois, Chicago, and California are facing in the near future and what this nation may be facing in the not-to-distant future......

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Now don't get me wrong, Partners, I may be retired military, but I'm not old enough to have fought the battle of Iwo Jima - where 6,000 good Americans died - but I sure know disgusting when I see it!  And this gay power picture goes to the head of the class!
Words fail me for a caption that is printable!

Monday, June 29, 2015

How can Hellary still even be in the mix?

Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "Pro" in Quid Pro Quo is!!

A whole new field of litigation -- Drone warfare!

In Modesto California, a feller was visiting his parents and while there, decided to give his very sophisticated, multi-propellered drone a flight around the property. A neighbor thought it might be a CIA drone so he shot it down with a shotgun... and then the fun began......

Here is a bit of the story as told by Arstechnica... I am amazed by the politeness in the e-mail exchange....

While we’ve heard of consumer drones getting in the way of commercial airliners and obstructing firefighting operations, we haven’t heard of many drones being shot out of the sky by a neighbor. But according to one drone pilot, that's exactly what occurred in Modesto, California on November 28, 2014.
That day, Eric Joe skipped Black Friday lines and instead went home to visit his parents. During the afternoon, Joe flew what he described to Ars as a homemade hexacopter drone. His aerial device hovered low and moved slow, logging just three and a half minutes of flight time in total.
Then, bang. A loud boom rang out over the neighboring walnut trees. Growing up on a farm, Joe instantly recognized the sound as a 12-gauge shotgun. The unknown shooter hit his apparent target in a single attempt, and Joe soon watched his drone fall from the sky.
"When I went out to go find it, I saw him come out shotgun-in-hand," Joe told Ars by phone on Thursday. The man found himself face-to-face with his parents’ neighbor, Brett McBay.
"I asked: ‘Did you shoot that thing?’ He said, ‘Yeah, did we get it?’"
Joe claimed that McBay said: "I thought it was a CIA surveillance device." No matter the reason, the drone pilot wanted to resolve this encounter quickly and civilly ("I didn't want to get argumentative with a guy with a shotgun," Joe said). He went back inside and inspected the aircraft. It wouldn't be flying again. Later that evening, the two men exchanged e-mails.
Joe started the conversation:
For the rest of the story, click here.
Meanwhile, lawyers across the country and in the law schools must be cramming for this innovative new field of civil lawsuits... politicians must be lining up to write new legislation, and civil service workers in various agencies must be burning the midnight oil to create new regulations.....  

Friday, June 26, 2015

Just in case you didn't know..........

I'm sure that the politically edjumacated readers of this blog have seen the video of the Community Leader currently occupying the Oval Orifice as he put down the heckler at his little White House social..  But just in case you weren't aware:

1. The guests were invited representatives of the LGBTQ (lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender/queer) community. 
2. The heckler was Jennicet Gutierrez, an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who had been invited and escorted into the party by White House security staff.
3. When Obamanation chastised her for heckling in HIS house, while eating HIS hor d'oeuvres, and drinking HIS drinks.. he was speaking of OUR HOUSE, and taxpayer paid hors d'oeuvres and beverages paid for by we the tax payers. A mere slip of the tongue on his part. of course. 

Senorita Gutierrez just happened to have an Op-ed piece all prepared for the next mornings issue of the Washington Blade, which is apparently the NY Times of the lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender/queer community in this nation.  I won't link you to it because it says nothing new... free all the illegal trannies currently being held by Immigration or something.

I've about run out of words to say on this subject, but if you skipped or missed it, you might want to read my entry just a couple of items down regarding 'Tyranny of the Minorities".

BTW = How does a person who is in this country ILLEGALLY get a personal invitation to a cocktail party at the White House without being apprehended for being in this country illegally?  Does the law mean nothing anymore in this country?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If you can't stand on your record...... attack with sound bites....

With all the noise coming from the Libtards Democrats this week regarding the Battle Flag of Virginia -- I think they really are totally ignorant of  American history ---  I won't argue or belabor the point -- you can find out for yourself, but here are a few indisputable facts:

1. The Republican Party fought slavery and was the party that brought it to and end through the Civil war.
2.  For a hundred years, the Dims fought to keep the Blacks from voting and kept the Jim Crow laws active in the South to keep the Blacks 'in their place'.
3.. The GOP was the Party that finally got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed.
4. When the Dixiecrats racists broke away from the Dim party and then returned to the main stream parties after 1964 -- this is how the segregationist Dixiecrats rejoined....

Dixiecrats who remained Democrats after 1964

Orville Faubus

Benjamin Travis Laney

John Stennis

James Eastland

Allen Ellender

Russell Long

John Sparkman

John McClellan

Richard Russell

Herman Talmadge

George Wallace

Lester Maddox

John Rarick

Robert Byrd

Al Gore, Sr.

Bull Connor  (our favorite liberal sheriff)

Dixiecrats who became Republicans after 1964:

Strom Thurmond

Miles Godwin

That pretty well sums it up, doesn't it? And as an afterthought, the Dims have controlled Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and more cities for years -- they sure have a record for elevating the status of the Black citizens of those cities, don't they!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I just read that 14 brands of bottled water have been recalled due to possible E.coli bacteria at the spring source.  

Can't you just see tomorrow's headlines? 


A story told in two parts.....

Usually, when a journalist or investigative reporter uncovers a chink in the federal (or any) government's operation, the department scurries to correct the mission.  But not in this case....

Last August,  James O'Keefe, investigator, producer of PROJECT VERITAS (remember the ACORN prostitute scandals they  uncovered?) released a video showing just how porous our Southern Border is.  He even video-taped himself wading across the border wearing an Osama Bin Laden disguise -- untouched, undetected, and unseen by the Border Patrol even though it was in full daylight.

Here is a brief clip of that video;

Now, almost a year later -- what do you suppose U.S. Customs & Border Patrol agents have done to correct these problems....?  If you answered any of the common sense, expected, reasonable answers....  you flunked the quiz!

Embedded image permalinkWhat U.S. Customs did do was ...... mark a big X on O'Keefe's passport to guarantee that he will be detained every time he returns to the USA from abroad... at any airport -- not just the Southern Border.

 Yessirreebob! That'll teach those infernal investigative reporters to keep their noses out of the Fed's bid'ness. Here's more to O'Keefe's story.. stay tuned. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

What the heck is going on in our country?

Think about it a minute -- the Congress has abdicated it's responsibility and turned legislative and regulatory responsibility to the Executive branch. Both the Congress and the Executive branches have turned over their collective legislative and executive responsibilities to the Judicial branch.... 

What? You don't believe me? Even as I type, the entire nation waits, with hat in hand, for the Supremes to announce whether or not the Fifty sovereign states must let guys marry guys and gals marry gals. Turning 240 years of American law on it's head..  Even worse - it isn't even the Nine justices -- after all we know that four will go each way depending on their personal liberal/conservative beliefs ... not on the Constitution. that leaves one justice - one person in a black gown - who will make this momentous decision for the 325 million of us. 

Still have doubts? This same court is about to announce whether the words in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean what they say. Nothing to be interpreted.... but still, these nine justices will be the arbiters of the simple English language. And, based on Chief Justice Robert's tortured twist into a tax law last time - there is no telling what will come forth ...

And it's not limited to the Supreme Court. A Guatemalan citizen and her daughter entered the USA illegally. When apprehended she was placed in a center while her taxpayer paid attorneys worked on her case. There she resided for a year. 

Federal Judge Theodore McKee

After a year, ICE deported the illegal alien, flying her back to Guatemala at our taxpayer's expense. but STOP! The Clinton appointed liberal chief judge (pictured) of the 3rd District Federal Appeals Court takes umbrage with this action because nobody said 'May I' or something.. and ORDERS ICE TO GO TO GUATEMALA, FIND THE ILLEGAL ALIEN AND BRING HER BACK TO THE USA UNTIL HE DECIDES WHAT HER FATE WILL BE!

Please don't misunderstand.. I'm not arguing the merits of any of these cases.. I am merely questioning 'WHO THE HELL IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY?"

If States want to pass laws legalizing gay marriage - that's their bid'ness.
If Congress wants to amend the ACA to correct the subsidy problem, that's their bid'ness. 
And if Congress wants to pass a law that says that any domestically abused housewife or husband IN THE WORLD can claim refuge in the USA - that too, is their business. 

Pretty soon we are going to be like some of those European and Muslim countries where the judges make the rules as well as enforce them. Is that what we want?

{p.s.: If you want to read a super weak resume for a federal judge, just Google Judge Theodore McKee!}


I either need 'Scotty to beam me up' out of this lost planet, or I need 'Alice to lead me back to the real side of the looking glass'!

New president of the US Conference of Mayors
There are many cities in this nation. Many of these cities are well run, busy, safe cities to live in and led by qualified hard working mayors.  And then there is Baltimore - running amok, running riot, burning, looting, racially tense, mismanaged, poorly budgeted, and in a death spiral --- Baltimore and it's hapless (and that's being kind) mayor -  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

You remember her - she stood her police department down to let 'the folks riot and loot' to release their tensions or something... Well, guess what, Partners... today she was elected and sworn in as PRESIDENT OF THE US CONFERENCE OF MAYORS!!!!

Yep, that national organization that was created to share ideas and plans to make every city a better place decided that of all the mayors in the USA, Ms Rawlings-Blake should be their chosen leader. I'm surprised they didn't choose her predecessor, Sheila Blake, who resigned as mayor after being convicted of embezzlement...... opening the chair for Rawlings-Blake to step into without election.  Strange town with strange laws - Baltimore!