Friday, February 27, 2015

It's wayyyyy to early to decide .....

... but the more I see and hear of Gob'nor Scott Walker - the more impressed I am.  Never have believed in jumping on Bandwagons -- too durned hard to get off if you find the driver can't steer...  but shucks, Walker is inhaling all the oxygen in the room just now. 

I have long admired Texas's own Rick Perry. He looks like a president, he served in the military, and he's had 14 successful years running the biggest state in the country! Besides, he ain't got an accent like them Yankees do!
I hear the music but I ain't ready to board yet!

But, it's too early for a decision just yet -- and I do like the cut of Scott Walker's political jib.  He ain't in that Blue State's Gob'nors chair because his daddy left it to him, or because it was his turn.... no sir........ the moneyed interests from around the nation, the unions from across the rust belt - all tried to keep his butt out of that chair ..... and failed ... 3 times!!

I regret that he never served in one of the military branches - I think that ought to be a requisite for public office.... but heck he was elected to public office at the age most youngsters are enlisting.  The fact that he earned the high level of Eagle Scout sits well, however!

Now in the last couple of weeks, he has grabbed my attention in another fashion -- emulating Ole Newt Gingrich - he has refused to play gotcha with the liberl main stream press. And on at least two occasions, told them where to stuff their dumbass questions ..... hint - it's where they keep their heads during their down hours as well. 

Folks loved Newt for his refusal to suffer such fools... unfortunately his pile of baggage was so high we couldn't see the full action. With young Mr Walker - if he keeps it up - he's gonna be hard to beat.  But I'm waiting patiently for a declarative statement from him on amnesty, ISIS, corporate taxes, bringing home global company's coffers, and the like ....

I'll worry about the social conservatism much longer - what two guys do to each other in the privacy of their bedroom isn't my concern - what those two guys do to contribute to the economy, health and well being of this great Nation is!!!!!

Like I said, I'm not ready to climb up on that wagon yet... but I'm listening to the Band!!!

How big is $1,997,000,000 (Billion) Dollars?

... in your weekly paycheck?   $3 Billion bucks is the tip of the iceberg of $150,000,000,000 (Billion) more tax dollars that will flow from your pockets into the Obamacare approved cronies in the health insurance industry over the next few years. Without Congressional Authority or US Law.

In 2014, HHS gave $3 Billion of our tax dollars to these companies - without permission from, authorization by, or even debate by Congress. If you finished 2nd Grade - you learned that all........ALL  federal expenditures must start and be approved by Congress -- not by HHS, not by the current occupant of the Oval Office,  or some unelected GS-16 accounting geek working for these folks and paid by us,,,, U.S.!  

When is Congress going to pull up their big boy pants and start retrieving some of the authority they used to have -- like in the days of Tip O'Neil, LBJ, and Everett Dirkson?   Yeah they were Dims, but they were American Dims!! And strong ....

Follow this link, and if you think I'm over reacting - tell me!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The caca flowing out of the Oval Office is turning into a flood......

There is so much pure bull sh*t flowing out the entry door to the Oval Office the last couple of days that it is flooding the hallways and headed out toward Pennsylvania Avenue.  Looks like that volcanic lava over in Hawaii, one of the purported homes of the current occupant of that same Oval Office...

To much to keep up with and report here, Partners -- if you are surfing the Web, (while you can) you are already reading most of it -
\- Obamanation sez he's gonna pile on his amnesty lawbreaking career and verbally dares Congress to try to stop him! Dares them - Shades of Adolph and Joseph!!
- The FCC went ahead with three Dem votes to two and have started the gob'mint take over of the Internet..   Shades of Iran & China!!
- Twenty-four hours before Congress is set to act one way or the other on DHS budget - TSA suddenly discovers a 'Catastrophic Aviation Threat' that they admit they can't even handle..  Shades of 12th hour surprises! 
- Unable to overrule the 2nd Amendment, His Bo'ness bans the most popular bullet made and sold in America -- by Presidential Fiat!!

I'm running out of ink --- stay tuned, or better yet - Start practicing that "Duck, Roll and Cover" safety program you learned in 6th grade!     
Is this the day in history our great grandchildren will learn that the Congress and SCOTUS allowed a King to crown hisself? February 26th, 2015?

Where do you see the meter placed?

Today I am reminded of those famous words of Jack Nicholson in 'A Few Good Men"!

"You want answers? I got answers? But you can't handle the truth!"

Question #1: What would happen if Mitch McConnell and John Boehner were given a cajones implantation last night and today refused to include amnesty money in the Department of Homeland Security budget bill they send to the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Office. 

Answer: Absolutely nothing - 

- BHO would run for the nearest friendly mike at MSNBC and mouth meaningless phrases that nobody listens to any more. Might even mention Hope & Change or something:
- 580,000 TSA employees would still show up at your local airports and grab your little girls in their 'no touch' zones.
- The Secret Service would still chase the fence jumping knife wielders across the White House lawn and through the Green Room. 
- DHS Secretary, Jeh (who can't spell his own name correctly) Johnson would arrogantly prance around all the Sunday talk shows this weekend for an encore performance to his bullshit of last week. 
- And Moochelle Antoinette would still have federal agents on hand to fetch and carry for her and the girls on their next vaycay on Air Force Two..

In other words --- life would go on.  We probably wouldn't lose one airplane to a tube of toothpaste, or to one 80 year old granny in a wheelchair....  and the turbaned Muslim travelers would be free to come and go, just as they are at present. 

Oh yeah, 10,000 new illegal aliens would continue to climb the fences and join the 20 million that are already here in what used to be known as the United States of America but has now been granted a new national anthem..... "This Land is your Land!" 

Nope - nothing would change - except we might, for at least a day, be proud of the GOP majority House and Senate we sent to Washington this year to try to save this country!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Regarding the Texas justice post just two posts below - did I mention that the Judge delivered the "Life Sentence, no Parole"  in a Texas instance..... not after a couple of years of hand wringing , lawyer whining, psychiatrist mumbling,  Momma sobbing,  months or years:  
 Nope - I thought not!!   

He's off to see the wizard... the wonderful wizard of Oz!!!  And Bubba!

Best cartoon that came over the transom window last night.....

More truth than poetry! (as me mother used to say)

(Thanks and a tip o' the stetson to my vet pal Al up in the PRof MD)

Best Drudge Headline of the week ---

Whe the head of the UN climate panel stepped down amid harrassment charges! Drudge headlined it this morning :

IN HEAT: UN climate chief steps down over sex harassment charges...

Proud of Texas justice and Texas Juries

Once again I am plumb proud of of Texas justice and of it's juries ...  no dragged
With thanks for your service!!
out weeks of soul searching and psycho = babble at the trial of Eddie Routh this week in Stephenville Tx ...   Only two questions asked, basically:
 - Did he do the killing?
- Did he know it was wrong when he did it?

Verdict - yes & yes - It took two years to bring it to trial and only two and a half hours (including dinner) for the jury of ten women and two men to reach their verdict.

Routh's defense team fortunately didn't try the now famous Twinkie Defense but sure tried to present a case of not guilty by way of Cannabis Psychosis or something.  

So Mr Routh goes to jail with three hots and a cot the rest of his life, free health care, mental and physical -- and won't be around to shoot folks who are trying to help him.   A sad but final, and I think,, fair ending to a tragic case of murder ....

Rest In Peace Chris Kyle - you served your country well, you family well, and left this earth for a better place with a glittering reputation. 

Update: Best quote of the day - "If Routh thinks he has PTSD today, wait till he gets put into the Texas Correctional System and the Bubba's in his cell block discover he's the guy that shot a true Texas Hero!!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Succotash for the eyes, ears and mind....

I consider myself to be an ordinary feller -- I like buttered lima beans, I like buttered fresh or frozen corn, I like onions, garlic, red bell peppers, zucchini (well maybe not as much as the other veggies) and I like a variety of spices....

But put them all together in a skillet or pot, saute them for about ten minutes and you create succotash -- and I do not like succotash!! No identifiable ingredients.  To me succotash is the gourmet equivalent of sweeping the refrigerator shelves out, stewing the findings, and serving - luke warm ==
Sum total of a 24/7 news debate!!

And that, Partners, is about what the 24/7 cable news shows are serving up this last year or so.....SUCCOTASH!  No identifiable content -- just a mish-mash of phony articulated views - and no conclusions... a whole lot of shouting over each other with nothing being said!   Heck they don't even put any fresh ground pepper on it.. Just that black dust they get off the pepper factory floor!

No sir - I do not like succotash -- on my plate or in my face!!!

A few words about nothing -- I reckon.....

This morning I noticed with little interest that a new wordism entering our lexicon. The phrase is "Dating Partner" -- and replaces the century old, Boyfriend, Girlfriend description of ones paramour of the day. (see also: latest hookup)
Dating partners!

The more I got to thinking about it (shows how slow my morning has been) the more sense it made to me -- I've often thought it ridiculous when a 35 year-old woman introduces her date as her boyfriend ..... or the opposite - when a forty year-old man introduces his arm candy as his 'girl friend'. 
Not girlfriend - boyfriend!

Historically, and according to Wikipedia (the end all be all of all things) boys and girls are youngsters in their adolescence - not middle aged folks.  So when my 30 year old divorced niece and mother of two - introduces her new beau (showing my age here) as her boyfriend, I kinda cringe.... 

So, in my new worldly way of acceptance of some things modern - this new term rides nicely on my palette....   "my dating partner" -- could mean  a lot of things physical and emotional in the relationship -- but still an accurate description! 

So out with the old boyfriend - girlfriend titles and in with the new dating partners ---  who says I can't keep up with this younger generation?

Take a minute to read a short letter written by Obamanation, hisself a mere nine years ago, when W was paying for a war...

Let's see now, that would be when the total national debt was $10 Trillion bucks -- too high, but within control of our annual budgets...

Now nine years later, he has overseen it's increase to $18 Trillion and will probably leave an anchor tugging $20,000,000,000,000 TRILLION dollars of debt on the Oval Office desk, along side the taxpayer tabs for those fabulous 8 years of super vacays for him and Moochelle Antoinette!!   

By God, he said he was going to fundamentally turn his country around - and he has - from world power green to Greecian Formula grayish red ink ...........

Monday, February 23, 2015

I confess, like tens of millions of other Americans last night -

I din't watch the academy award members' annual self flagellation show! And like those other millions who din't watch - I wasn't surprised the box office hit of the year...... was shut out.  After all, it was about American Military Heroes, not gays running around in their whitey-tighties ....  

Noticed the headlines this morning were more concerned with the Emcee (ess?) comments about the awards not being color coordinated in accordance with the national ethnic make-up.   Hmm...  We are comprised of .95% American Indians and .17%  Native Hawaiian,,,,  how does one give a way 9/10th of an academy award to an Native American or 1/5th of one to a Native Hawaiian?

Hey, to be fair --- know what I mean?

Whee Doggies !!! Rudy Giuliani hits the tender spot!!

By now, every person in the Nation is aware that at a public meeting last week, Mayor Rudy Giuliani swung a political Reflex Hammer and hit every liberal knee in America!!   You could see knees jerking from DC to SF, from Miami to Seattle..

The clicking echoed across the land!! What caused this spasm of knee jerks...  why just the mild suggestion that perhaps, as a result of his upbringing overseas, our POTUS might not have the same mindset as a kid raised in America, a love quite so deep as a home grown kid. 

What Rudy did not say, was that he doubted the Community Organizers patriotism (although he coulda') , that this Bill Ayers prodigy was programmed badly (although he coulda'), that learning at the knee of those who learned from Saul Alinksy is dangerous in a POTUS (which he coulda') .....

Nope - Rudy said simply that Barack's early life caused him to miss the American youth experience - and that in turn - might cause him to have less deep and abiding love for our country and its extraordinary history than most American lads have....

Oh the shame of such a statement -- !!  Oh the shock and awe-- !!

Oh,  a pox on all their phony baloney liberal knee jerking editors, talking heads and nose sniffers ---  All they can do in their collective shock is accuse Rudy of doubting Obamantion's patriotism --- and HE NEVER MENTIONED SUCH!! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

News of the weird? Nope! Ways of New York? Yep!!

If you should decide to open a restaurant in New York - you can expect to be inspected by State Health inspectors at least once a year ----
If you should decide to open a tanning salon in New York, you can expect to be inspected at least once ever two years --

But....BUT..... if you open an abortion clinic - killing unborn or half born babies all day every day - and endangering the very lifes of their mothers --- Not to worry -- there is no required regular state health inspection -- during the period 2000 and 2012 - five of twenty-five abortion clinics had one inspection and eight others had NONE!

Let's see, next door in Philly, in Kermit Gosnell's BloodBaths and Beyond. uninspected in 17 years --
X - severed little hands and feet in freezers - Check
X - toilets clogged with fetal remains - Check
X - dead babies in buckets, waste cans, trash bags - Check

United States of America -- Exemplar to the free world, first among nations - Check!

Have a nice day...... and eat at pizzerias - or tanning salons, but not clinics - Check!

Nothing breeds success like..................

During the same general era of cable news casting -- several outlets opened their doors -- all vying for the same 24/7 newscast audiences.... insomniacs and hotel room occupants looking for a nap. 

How well I remember during my convention days - slipping off to my room during the afternoon meetings, turning on CNN at a low volume as they repeated the same stories over and over in their monotones --- best sleep aid since Bourbon!

But now- all these years later, I see the humongous difference in audience numbers, age groups, profits, and suchlike and feel that I am qualified to be an expert on how to succeed in Broadcast Journalism shows....

To be a winner, like Rupert Murdoch's Fox news - the key is to hire some forward thinking guy like Roger Ailes - give him a blank check and full support with one marching --- go out and be the best..

And then have Mr Ailes go out and hire attractive, long legged blond anchors with short skirts, big smiles, law degrees and IQ's in the high numbers...   Pair them with handsome young men in suits and ties - similar smiles and positive attitudes - mix them all up, on couches, high stools, and glass tables.....
Sounds easy - no not really -- because the one other factor you need is for your opposition channels to....

Go out and recruit, hire and dour, dark haired lesbians who comb their hair like the boys, wear pants suits, sneer when they talk, wear Tampons for jewelry (when they wear any jewelry or makeup at all) and make teenager type snide 'tea bagger' inside jokes. Oh and for the males, hire loud mouthed, self centered interrupters who spit when they get excited and get shivers up their legs when their absolute favs give a speech. 

Okay Gang, that's our lesson for today... I think I'll shop for that Fox stock today - it has a future.....

Have a nice weekend and stay warm!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A blond walks into the State Department Briefing room.....

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A passing thought on a White House gone awry---

We've all heard about this week's extremism summit -- you know, the one where folks from sixty countries were invited and our POTUS opined that Islam is not extreme - and that what is needed is a Jihadist Job Corps to keep those little rascals out of mischief!   

Yeah that one,  the one that was closed by remarks from that astute observer of human nature, Susan Rice, who said that "mothers are the key to spotting the warning signs of extremism" 

And was opened by that other font of towering intellectualism -- Bite-Me Biden -- fired off this double barreled shotgun from the dais..."importance of inclusion of immigrants in helping prevent radicalization: --- & "a sense of belonging will bring them into the fold" er, some such.......

What you may not have heard about this tax payer funded circle jerk of jerks is this simple fact -- Russian FSB (former known as KGB) Director Aleksander V Bortnikov was invited and attended this summit --- but our own FBI Director James Comey was NOT...... how interesting and telling is this?

Opponents of San Diego State University Gal's golf team beware......

Keep your eyes closed -- the these young ladies will scare the Birdies out of yer pants and put you square in the Bogie zone!!   Don't watch their warm up routine!!!!

Shoulda, coulda, woulda ......

Hot damn!! If I was half smart - the morning after Mayor Rudy Giuliani's comments the other evening, I would have called my stock clerk and told him to find me some soy bean futures and Buy! Buy! Buy! 

Why? You ask...  Because unbeknown to many folks, the ink used for printing newspapers contains a large amount of soybean oils.....   Thus, ergo, and hence -- with the knee jerk, lap dog, liberal press going into a full press run overtime  - spilling ink all over the pages in an effort to besmirch Giuliani's reputation, they are using billions of gallons of those self same soybean oils this week!

I have never seen such an outburst of orchestrated rhetorical fury as has come from the NY Times, Washington Post, and LA Times... not to mention all the fish wrapping newspapers in the flyover land betwixt them.  

God knows what they'd do if Rudy has said the Obamanation cheated at golf too!!

They've gone back forty years to find anything, ANYTHING, that the formerly admired Federal Prosecutor has ever uttered that might be interpreted as racial.  Not political mind you, that's too close to home,  but purely racial. 

The venom level is exceeding that amount we once saw in a great movie called 'Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf"...... on an alcohol enhanced Friday night screaming match.......     shame on them all.

Why just not comment intelligently, if they can, on his suppositions and accusations?

I reckon the truth hurts!

Friday, February 20, 2015

But seriously folks......... this is Friday morning and we must be

Seems like an ideal time to honor some of our Combat Veterans and Cold Warriors that have looked after and protected us for so long.................    
Giving the term "Stolen Valor" a new meaning every day!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still looking for an honest man in Washington.....

I dunno if there is any truth to it, but I understand this old feller was only six years old when he was sent into the District of Columbia in search of an honest man -- and told not to return till he finds one.... That trek started in 410 BCE!!

No wonder he started out as simply "Diogenes" and ended up as "Diogenes the Cynic"!!

Got over Hump Day yesterday --- G'mornin' Thursday....

And I got to thinking about this Scott Walker college bru-ha-ha that the Washington Post is trying to turn from a minor fact into a pile of their usual MSManure!  (Keep in mind that this is the same newspaper that not only failed to vet a certain Community Organizer now occupying the Oval Office's college records six years ago - but hasn't asked to see them yet!!

Anyway I got to thinking about this college degree that the drop out doctor, Screaming Howard Deeenie, seems so focused on. I could present the usual litany of successful Presidents sans degrees, Truman, Lincoln, Washington - but that's been done!   

Nope Partners, my question for myself and you today, in this second month of the 15th year of the Second Millennium.... is do we think that a college degree is necessary to be a leader of the free world?  Not just an Ivy League degree from the Elitist North East --- but any college degree. 

I've give this serious thought and have come to one conclusion --- HELL NO!! Give me a man, or a woman, with an innate skill at leadership, a common sense IQ of 150, and enough self confidence to surround him/herself with the very best minds, experience and leaders available and let'er rip! 

Shoot, a POTUS with a $500 PC and access to GOOGLE has more information instantly at hand than did all the presidents in our history with a thousand lackies......

Our problem in this 21st Century is that we demand ...... let me rephrase that - politics demand - that the POTUS be all things to all people all the time! Nutso! There aren't enough hours in the day -- we don't need a fundraising, cheer leading, backpacking, Air Force One passenger, Boy Scout greeting fellow in the White House.. We don't need to see/hear him on TV 24/7 ---  We need a thoughtful person who will sit down at Cabinet meetings on a weekly basis - reach a consensus on the priority of things -- delegate responsibilities, and then get out of the way --- evaluating results as they come in. Make changes in people and programs as called for - and sit down with members of both Houses of Congress to see how it's going..   

Our current POTUS (using the title - but not necessarily agreeing with the man's deserving of that job title) has spent more time on the golf course than in the daily security/financial/state of the Union meetings..  Between vacays to Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, India, and all manner of places = he hasn't had time to mind the store-- (not to mention constant fund raising, campaigning 24/7). Thus, ergo and hence, non-elected hirelings the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder and innumerable unnamed Czars have been running the day to day operation of this nation....

You get my drift?

I honestly believe that there are 10 million Americans who could do a better job for this country, with more efficiency, and better results --- than these Harvard/Yalies that we seem to hire every four years... 

Scott Walker, as far as I know - Hell yes!!
Sarah Palin, as far as I know - Hell yes!!
PecozBill, as far as I know - Hell yes!!

Folks who can identify problems, gain consensus, outline the solutions and pat someone on the back and say ----"Make it happen!!" And then follow up to make sure it does....

How about you - you ready to fill that empty suit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office --- I'd bet we'd never catch you with your shoes and feet propped up on it!!!                    

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Will new CEO at McDonalds see the light???

A burger joint is a burger joint -- but MickeyD's always attracted attention and customers because they had the absolute greatest french-fries of any fast food joint in the land...

Then along came the Vegans --- "Stop using animal fats', they cried. 
Then along came the gob'mint - "Stop using saturated fats' they demanded.

So, McDonalds surrendered to the Vegans (who wouldn't come to the Golden Arches on a bet anyhow -- at least not when their fellow Vegans could see 'em!)

And, McDonalds surrendered to the the FDA and their pencil necked, nanny state crowd -  they switched to vegetable oils and other tasteless unsaturated fats...  

Now, they are left with the same tasteless frozen burgers as all the rest of the chains, and french fries as tasteless as sticks of cardboard...   Their CEO was just fired because Profits dropped by 30%!!  

Now the Fed's have said - "Oh never mind, we've been wrong for forty years" and the Vegans keep blathering, but who cares?

Do you reckon the new CEO will bring back the FAT!! And the customers, and tell the 3% of the population who are true vegans to go stick a broccoli stick up their nose.... probably not -- but he'd be a hero if he did!!!

Two Different leaders - two different ideas on leadership!!

Who is nutzier..... Bostonian teenagers or MSNBC talking heads...

Strange juxtaposition of headlines this morning --- "Boston Mayor tells citizens to quit snow jumping off their roofs and windows" (see video)

And at the same time MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes sez "“The single most important thing we face globally is the fact that we are heating the planet to a level that is never before been tried, while also trying to have human civilization.” 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I had a very well written column brought to my attention today.......

... I decided not to just steal parts of it, or cut and paste some of it.... Instead I though I'd just link y'all to the whole column!  I don't do that often but 'coincidentally' this list is too good to miss or not pass on --- 
Y'all might want to think about doing the same!! It's a little lengthy - but it sure ain't no slog..........!

The Minority Report

John Boehner's version of Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde..

Wouldn't it be wonderful if John Boehner would not turn off this Mr Hyde persona when the camera lights go out ..... and return to his Milquetoast Dr Jeckyll "looking for love in all the wrong places", true self!!!

Well Well, it's only 8 am on the morning after President's Day and I sit here all smiles...

Two biggest breaking stories on the Internet are:

1. A Federal Judge in Texas has granted an injunction barring Obamanation's executive action on amnesty for 5 million illegals - until the case can be heard in court!!  Release by newly elected Texas Gob'nor Greg Abbott in a Tweet - the Tweet that shall henceforth be known as the Tweet Heard across the Nation!!!

2. In retribution for beheading 21 Egyptian Coptics, Egypt's new president (you know, the general that replaced the Muslim Brotherhood's puppet) slammed a whole passel of airstrikes into Libyan targets and shot them boys up good!  

 So, a Jordanian Pilot gets burned alive - and King Abdullah responds with airpower and firepower. Egyptian citizens get beheaded and General al-Sisi piles on!

Wonder what it would take to get the spineless community organizer currently playing golf in California while Moochelle Antoinette skis in Aspen, to pull up his man pants and join in the fray????

Monday, February 16, 2015

One man's perspective on history and a 1000 years vs 4!!!

'Dude -- that was a thousand years ago!!!"

Finally!! A State Supreme Court Justice that understands the Law and the Constitution!!

In an interview on Fox News Sunday - the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, in one minute and eight seconds, gave a laser beam of clarity to the role of courts in this country and where we have gone wrong....   It's certainly worth a minute of your time - and I won't waste your time by repeating it here.... just go to this link!!

Courts provide opinions and individual case law - they don't "make law"!!!