Friday, October 31, 2014

Election Day is just four days away (for the 10% of the voters that din't vote early already!!!!)

So here we are, last day of October -- Halloween -- it's looking more like a tsunami then a surfing wave sweeping through the portals of Washington DC next Tuesday.  I wasn't sure myself until this morning when all of the left leaning pundits and news organizations started calling it a "Hold your nose and vote" election because even if the voters don't like Republicans they are going to vote that way anyway!

Excuse me? If you don't like either candidate on a ballot, you sit on your hands, you don't hold your nose and pull a lever for the bad guys!  Where do these so called professional talking heads get their scripts from? Debbie Wasser-shitz and the DNC? Give me a break.  

Mary Landrieu, re-elected three times in her do nothing career in the Senate, now about to lose -  decides that Southern voters are biased against wimmen and Blacks? And stupid me, I din't even know Obamanation was on the ballot next Tuesday.  Gimme a break!   

And the moderator's geographical assassination attempt on Scott Brown in his debate with Obama's lapdancer, Jeanne Shaheen, in an weak attempt to paint him as a carpet bagger fell equally short!  For everybody but the Huffington Post, of course. 

And of course, we have the creme dela creme -- our own Texas Senate race where at the twelfth hour, Wendy Davis, the queen of infanticide has decided break the news to all of the Black voters of Texas that the Republican candidate for gob'nor hates them and doesn't want their votes. So she paid to have this radio ad played on the Black radio stations for the last three weeks.  Give me a break!

Happy Halloween all -- as a parting gift - I want to share this video -- a preview of leading political Dims in their Halloween get ups!!


And just for fun, on this Halloween Friday.....

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dated today 30 October 2014 -- this Project Veritas video is so ugly you'll want to lock and load!!!!

No vote fraud, say the Dimmocrats!!   Bet me - sez Mr O'Keefe of Project Vertitas!!!

Anybody out there have any doubts that NONE OF THESE LAWBREAKERS WILL BE PROSECUTED????

Obamanation is a man of his word!!

And all that time he was playing golf, you thought he was recreating instead of researching military tactics!!   Oh you of little faith............

I am not an expert interrogater - nor did I ever play one one TV........BUT--

One doesn't need to be an Ace Detective or a Psychoanalyst Prober to detect the hesitant LIE in this 50 second clip where our beloved Attorney General was asked a simple question -- and then stuttered and floundered trying to remember FOX reporter Jim Rosen's name.........   a name he has been living with almost daily since he labeled him a co-conspirator in a DOJ investigation. 

Here, watch for yourself....

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I should be ashamed, but I'm madder'n hell instead....

A tale of two youths
The soldier on the left in this picture is young Benjamin Netanyahu, who enlisted upon graduation from high school into the elite Israeli Special Forces arm of the IDF. He was involved in many cross border incursions and was shot in the shoulder in the rescue of hijacked Sabena Flight 571. He is currently Prime Minister of the island of Democracy in a sea of enemies called Israel. 

The person on the right spent his high school years in a Choom Gang smoking pot and whatever. Through unseen hands and affirmative action, he spent the next 8 years in schools of one kind or another. He is currently the leader (from behind) of the free world as POTUS.

The headlines today (you've already read them) report that the Choom Chump's administration publicly called PM Netanyahu "chickenshit"!  Our only ally in the Middle East - and he is identified as chickenshit!!!!!!!!!

Up in the title of this post, I said I was mad, not ashamed...  But I'm not mad at Choom Boy......  I'm mad at the 63 million voters who thought he would be the best man in the nation to lead us....   I'm mad at the lame stream media that refused to vet him when he ran in 2008 and again in 2012. We still know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about him - his financial supporters and mentors...

That's why I'm mad!  And you should be too!
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And the stories of this White House Ebola Clusterf**k just keep getting bigger... Obamanation decides that doctors and nurses don't need quarantining.... however our unprotected, untrained military troops do need 21 days of quarantine. So what does he order--??
He orders them quarantined at our base in Italy -- not in one of our 57 states.  Guess what the Italian population (and gob'mint) reaction has been to this bone-headed act?    Duh!!!

If you can't answer that last question -- go here.............. or here!

Be sure to take your castor oil, vitamins, and exercise everyday!!!!

Obamacare ripples have become tsunamis, that's why!

A new survey by the Medical Group Management Association reports that 214,524 out of a total number of 893,851 active professional physicians are refusing to participate in any plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA -- aka Obamacare)

Look at that number again.... it is mindboggling. One out of every four doctors, 25% of active doctors are refusing Obamacare patients.....   turning them away!

Why:? Here are a couple of the most obvious reasons....  Obamacare plans only pay 60¢ on the dollar of usual fees.... compared to 80¢ on the dollar paid by Medicare.  Adding insult to injury - they are telling the doctors to make it up in volume..... this advice - to doctors that are already overwhelmed with patients. 

And then there is the real DEAL KILLER! HHS requires that insurers cover customers for an additional 90 days after they have stopped paying their premiums: the insurer covers the first 30 - but, it's up to the doctor to recoup payment for the last 60 days. This is the number one reason providers are opting to not participate in the exchange plans. Currently, about a million people have failed to pay their premiums and had their plans canceled.

Bottom line, any doctor who gives up his soul to Obamacare not only risks the financial viability of his entire practice.  

For more and one source of this item, click here.  It's scary out there, folks. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Coming to a neighborhood near you....

While we (still, thank God) have the 1st Amendment to protect us here in the USA,  we need to be dutifully aware of the dangers of losing our right of free speech. Day by day,,, that right gets chipped away at, under the guise of Hate Speech, Bullying, bad humor or whatever.... 

It has reached the point in Great Britain and Canada -- that offending Muslims verbally, jokingly, carelessly, or in light humor is a criminal offense..  We may raise our eyebrows now --- but watch it, Brothers and Sisters, it's coming to a neighborhood, school room, public meeting or airport near you...!!!

Read the experience of a 75 year old Brit.... and take notice!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Racism by Fiat? In these United States?

Two states:  Washington ; Michigan..
Two identical laws: "Zero Tolerance for any weapons on school property"

Pocket knife
Two Cases: 
- Black female student in Michigan forgot a small folding pocket knife (that her grandfather gave her) was in her purse at a high school football game. It was discovered and she was expelled.... Zero Tolerance!

- Sikh male student in Washington State is allowed to wear an unfoldable dagger under his clothes every day to his elementary school. School District superintendent says that the Kirpan Dagger is 'fine with school officials as long as it is hidden?'

Say what....   Recently we've read about events where a five year old was expelled for biting a cookie into the rough shape of a gun..... an eight year old girl was expelled for point a crayola at another student and saying "Pew Pew"

Zero Tolerance, right?

Now, tell me again about the Sikh youth going to school every day with a Kirpan dagger under his shirt in a Zero Tolerance state.....   I think I missed the point!

I'm scratching my head over Lake Mead.....

The question I ask myself is..... no, wait a minute, let me share some facts first. 

The water level at Lake Mead on October 24 was 1082.4 (check picture chart) and is dropping rapidly toward that level that is level with or below the water intake pipes to the electricity generators in Hoover Dam.  Since the electricity produced by these generators is shared by California, Nevada and Arizona, there could be some serious black outs.  

And I ain't even talking about the water rationing that will be caused by such a drastic drop in water levels -- that's for another day's discussion. 

Okay - you ready for my question?  If Obamanation, through his Executive Orders and through the EPA regulatory peeing factory, have shut down the coal mines and thus -- the coal burning electricity generation plants across the country, to the delight of all the hippy-dippy tree huggers........  how happy are all them earth loving free spirits in those big Blue States and Cities going to be when they find themselves not only without air/conditioning and TV -- but sitting in the dark eating Army surplus MRE's by candlelight when the water runs too low to turn those huge generators? 

"How low's the water Mama?"
You reckon they'll be building monuments and burning incense in memory of The One, that feller that was gonna stop the oceans rising, and keep the temperatures down. Or are they going to be rioting in the streets, looting stores, and generally doing some 38 Caliber complaining? 

BTW, the engineers on Hoover Dam are already shutting off the water flow at night when the electricity grid demand diminishes... 'cause they have to provide drinking and flushing water to all those Global Warming zealots too!

Friday, October 24, 2014

You are gonna hear this again.............

 I take no embarrassment in placing it here for all of you good folks to note, and take heed!
'Pick up my bag and carry it
or I'll fire you off my SS detail!

At a rally in in Boston for the Dim gob'nor candidate.... Hellary Clinton said:

“Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton said.

And the scary part is that she and other nanny state, big gob'mint progressives really believe that Government creates jobs...... not Free Enterprise!

If you ain't ascared yet, folks, you outta be!!

Let's be serious for a minute, on Friday:

First of all, take two short minutes and watch this video of ISIS terrorist/fighters opening the air dropped gifts from the USofA and intended for Kurds ......

Now then, if you have watched this maddening scene of gross incompetency by the US Gob't forces... you can even get more exasperated. Here is what a Pentagon official told a CNN reporter when asked about this SNAFU:

“I’m told by pentagon officials if ISIS indeed did get it and these things look authentic that it is not militarily significant in the whole scheme of things there. Partly in light of the fact that ISIS has already captured a tremendous amount of American-supplied weapons in Iraq”

In other words, this DOD dufus is describing this total failure by the military involved as to be of no great importance, because the ISIS already has so much of our military equipment, guns and food!

In the infamous acronym of Obamanations Campaign "Win The Future" == I can only say 'WTF"?????

Y'all have a nice day now, hear? Your gob'mint is in good hands.....

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Politicians have even managed to sully voting in this country....

When I was a lad, I was told that Voting was a privilege, that it was a Right, and moreover - it was a Responsibility of every caring, eligible United States citizen!   Well, paraphrasing an old cigarette advertisement.....  "We've come a long way, Baby!"   And unfortunately, it's all down hill..

Too many examples to list -- but let's look at Colorado.  With a governor's races that is too tight to call, even at this late date - twixt incumbent gun banning Dimmie Hickenlooper and Republican Bob Beauprez , and with.

Too tight to call US Senate race twixt GOP's Cory Gardner and the Dims Mark Udall (with the famous daddy),  we now find out that do to a quiet change in Colorado's election process,

Not only will a BALLOT be sent to every registered voter in the state at their last known address, encouraging them to X in the boxes, sign it and mail it back,  but anybody who has never bothered to register can still walk up and on the same day register AND vote!

Talk about greasing the skids for vote fraud...   I could count the ways --- but there are too many!  As an example, you are the manager of a multi-family dwelling - you receive all these BALLOTS for folks who no longer reside there, but you have strong feelings about the election.  What do you do? Toss 'em, return 'em, or X in the right boxes sign a name and return them??  I'd guess Door #3!!

3.6 million ballots have been mailed out to registered voters in that state - even if they haven't shown any interest in voting or the election......    How much clearer can you spell Voter Fraud Mudslide?

Oh, and just in case you wonder how the voting is going in Illinois -- besides the electronic voting machines that are weirdly and non-understandably converting Republican votes into Democrat votes = Stilton Jarlsberg kinda tells it like it is......

What could possible go wrong????

And yet the DC Dim's will look a TV camera right in it's red eye and declare "We don't need no stinking photo ID's --- there is no voter fraud in this country!!

Stop the presses!! Homeland Security Makes Kansas City Raid!!!!

We can all rest easier tonight, Partners...    Tuesday, agents of the Department of Homeland Security raided Honig's Birdies Panties shop and confiscated some dangerous and scary products. To wit: two dozen pair of Lucky Royals Boyshorts!!

Apparently the line connecting the K and the C infringes upon the KC Royals copyright er something.

Badges were flashed, guns fortunately were not drawn, my reports do not share how many Homeland Security Agents were involved....

Wanted -- by Homeland Security!!
As I recall, the Department of Homeland Security was created by legislative sausage machine running wild in DC right after 9/11.   They now have an annual budget in the neighborhood of $38,000.000.000 (yep - that is $38 BILLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS) which seems a little high until one appreciates the dangerous and protective services they provide.....    as in groping kids and old ladies in wheelchairs at airports and pantie raids in Kansas City.   

Sleep well, my friends....  and never question why Homeland Security is more concerned about ladies panties than about the thousands of illegal felons (rape, kidnapping, drug trafficing and even homicides) being released throughout the country!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How about a short political math chat.....

I haven't counted them, but I am told that there are about 310,000,000 (million) Americans today. I am also told that there are exactly 3007 Counties in the Fifty States (no Barack -- not 57, put your pencil down)..

If all states and all counties were equal, and of course they are not, that would indicate that there were 103, 092 citizens per county. If we assume that 40% of them are Republican - and that only ten percent are otherwise qualified (natural born citizen, over 35 and all that) in round numbers, we'd be looking at a presidential draft pool 4,000 per county or about 12 Million eligible candidates.  

The obvious question is then - why can't the Republicans find a hotter'n hell candidate out of a pool of 12 million candidates to jump up on a white horse and lead the party (and the country) to victory. 

I see that you have all put your pencils down -- because this is one of those riddles with no answers!

I might point out that one of the reasons no successful Independent wins.... is simply because the two parties have the deck stacked against him/her. A candidate has to collect a humongous number of signatures to get on the ballot in all fifty states..... from 2,000 in Montana to 160,000 in California.  Only the occasional deep pocketed millionaire like Ross Perot or maybe Mike Bloomberg can afford to tilt at that windmill.  

It ain't fair, and it ain't in the Constitution --- but like a wise man said -- 'Life Ain't Fair'.Especially with the two IN parties, Dims and GOP, holding all the chips. 

So once again, we'll have the usual suspects from both parties lining up starting next year. I won't name them - you know who they are...... Uber liberals on the Dim's Debating team and 5 RINO's and 5 Conservatives on the GOP's. 

Then the game of hide the chalk begins..... the Dim Candidates will lean waaaay Left to get their party's nomination - and once achieved - come running back to the middle to get the moderate votes from both parties and the Independents....     and our low information voter will believe them. 

The Republican candidates will do the same - run to the Right, and then return to RINO land for the general election campaign. 

American voters (and I have not sympathy for them) are suffering from total angst and buyer's remorse over the current occupant of the Oval Office....   but I doubt seriously if they've learned anything and won't repeat the same mistakes in 2016 .  Assuming we still have a Nation to govern!

I for one,  think that it would be interesting as hell to see the Democrats field a truthful liberal, progressive who spoke straight with the people and a Republican conservative running openly on the right...
and let the voters decide what they want for their children....  

Wouldn't that be refreshing?

But, alas - it won't happen! Or as they used to say in the Far East - Nebber Happen, GI!!

Let's all applaud the Italians......

OH, those Italians a nice bunch...
Because there are no mosques in Venice , the Venetian Government has allowed Muslims to pray in the streets.
So far, 543 have drowned.
Allahu Akbar!!!

(Thanks and a Tip O' the Stetson to my vet pal Al in the Peoples Republic of Maryland)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How did I miss this warning Poster last January 1st?

Kind get's you to wondering if you even wanna hang around for 2015..... don't it?

(My apologies, I understand that this list pic din't appear yesterday!! my bad)))

(Thanks and a Tip O' the Stetson to my Vet Pal Jim in Florida)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Not to worry -- our Community Organizer has it together!

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, political, humor, conservative, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, ebola, nurses, hug, kiss, cdc

There is absolutely NO truth that after swapping spit with the nurses, they went out to play golf and eat cheeseburgers, neglecting their jobs, responsibilities and patients!   At least Obamanation din't mention it in his brief comments!

I am aghast.........AGHAST - I tell you!!!

Yesterday, Saturday, the Supreme Court of the United States of America actually let stand, a Texas Voter ID law!

Despite the protestations of the Dims, the race baiters and of course the three liberal wimmen in black dresses, Ginzberg, Sotomayor (the wise latina) and Kagan ---  the majority rejected an emergency request to stay a Federal Appeals Court's ruling to allow the law to stand when early voting begins tomorrow (Monday)

By way of background, the justice department shopped around and found Federal
District Judge Nelva Gozales Ramos (an Obamanation appointee) who found our Texas law an 'unconstitutional burden' on the voters.

With seven forms of acceptable approved ID's --- it only took the 5th Court of Appeals five days to overturn her ruling....   that's like a lightning strike in usual court plodding pleadings...

Just imagine, it now takes the same amount of identification to vote in Texas, as it takes to cash a check, board a plane....  or.... enter a federal court house!!!   

Imagine that!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This would be funny if it wasn't true --- and representative of our Federal Gob'mint!

The Washington Free Beacon reports on $39,643,352 tax dollars that the National Institute of Health (NIH) could have spent on Ebola Vaccine research --- but was spent instead on "obese lesbians, origami condoms, texting drunks, and dozens of other projects that could have been scrapped in favor of developing an Ebola vaccine"

Million$ on 'why fat girls can't get dates", "how to get elders to join choirs" "why gay men get syphilis in Peru"..   and on it goes...

Here, read the article for yourself, but put down your coffee mug and pick up your barf bag first!

Ask yourself this question before you vote next week......

I can't add to that bit of wisdom!!

(Thanx and a tip O' the Stetson to my ole Vet pal Russ from Utah for sharing this with me)

Hot Damn!! "America's to blame!" and I love it......

The Global edition of Chinese Business News headlines today that:

"Venezuela blames U.S for global oil price slump"

Presidente Nicolas Maduro is not a happy camper apparently -- they and all the OPEC nations plus Mad Vlads Russian Bear oil companies were enjoying the flow of billions of bucks for their $100+ per barrel of oil.....   now us pesky Americans have increased production multifold through shale oil extraction and is driving the price down!!!!..

Woe Woe Woe --So now those countries without oil in their backyard will not have to pay the blackmail prices of the last few years....  Germany, Japan, Mexico and more, will enjoy the benefits that flow with reasonable prices ---   

Not to mention Americans at the gas pumps across the nation! 

El Presidente` is also miffed that OPEC refuses to cut supplies in an effort to raise prices back to their previous levels  - and called for a special meeting of the players to stabilize raise international oil prices. 

Good luck with that fellow!   

Who knows, with a change in the personnel in our White House and Senate, we might even get gob'mint backing for increasing production even more!  How about that Keystone Oil pipe line flowing down to the Gulf, maybe?  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fed chair speaks - Public comments...

This morning, in a prepared speech,  the Fed Chair Yellen commented that she thought that wealth distribution in in this country is unfair..  too much at the top -- too little at the bottom.  Naturally, being a lock step Dim, she fails to mention why there are so many at the bottom of the income ladder...    but saying it better than I, was commenter - Gungy, who in the best comment I've seen this week, said:

"The top 5% controls 2 thirds of all assets? So what. Why do libs always focus on the top percentage while avoiding the major causes of the bottom 5,6,10,20%??? Take one person who sticks in school, rolls up their sleeves and works their butt off who pursues a career path, gets skilled, accomplishments along the way, works the long hours, studies in the books long after the sun sets and ends up blazes trails. ===> NOW --- take another person who drops out of high school and decides to take the easy path in life. Knows nothing, has no skills, can barely speak proper English and can't write worth a damn. Skates through their 20's and now sits back and screams how life is so unfair and the rich need to pair (sic) their fair share. To that person, I say 

Happy Friday Morning.......

Well, Well, what a week this has been!  ISIS terrorism grows, Ebola terror grows, WH & CDC incompetence shows....     What a wonderful world we live in....   I tried to come up with a cheerful Friday Morning metaphor for the week, and believe I found it....  our message to the people this week is:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Thursday morning open question......

Little Al in his secure sanitary studio!

Jesse in his natural environment in Dallas
behind the (sanitized) microphones
Last week, when Ebola Patient Duncan died in Dallas, Race Baiter in Charge, Jesse Jackson flew to the scene... or at least to the cameras near the scene to claim that racial discrimination in the health care provided caused Mr Duncan's death...   (he of course said it longer and louder than I just did)

This week, MSNBC's Chief Race Hustler, Al Sharpton started denigrating (can I use that word here?) all Americans who would find any imperfection with the way the Administration, the CDC or the Towel Attendant in the US Senate Restrooms, have been handling this whole Ebola clusterfark.

Here is my Thursday morning question:   Has anybody out there spotted either Jackson or Sharpton at JFK boarding an international flight to Liberia to visit their people, and try to determine how they could help..... with their money, with fund raisers, with publicity, with positive thinking?

No?..... my my, I am surprised!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best political joke from a non-candidate of the week!

The Yin - Yang of 2016....

YIN?  -  YANG?

The crazy, insane, unpatriotic, roller-coaster, incompetent, uncaring, self-serving, irresponsible (did I miss anything) leadership these last six years in the Oval office.. the heads of many federal agencies, and the Senate Majority leader......  has got to make one wonder???????????

Will the 120 million voters in 2016 sort their way through the Yin-Yang world we are living with and pull the Yin lever...... or push the Yang lever in that next federal election.

If the GOP settles on another moderate, Romney (who is looking pretty damned good in my hindsight mirror), Jeb Bush, Huckleberry, or Christi ==  will the conservative Republican voters get off the hands they were sitting on in 2012 and get out and vote.... or will they suck their thumbs and whine. And let the Dims bring in somebody to polish Obamanation's abominations for another eight years? 

Obviously, yours truly hopes that the Republican Country Club Set can reach an accord with the Republican Conservative Tea Party set....   but more than that, I hope that if no compromise candidate is reached -- ALL REPUBLICANS will go to the polls and attempt to preserve this Nation for our grand children!!

The Dims have their 47 million locked in voters that receive gob'mint benefits -- the GOP has about the same number of die hard entrepreneurial, hard working, patriotic voters to support the Republican candidate --- so the question becomes........ what do those other 26 million voters do -- Yin or Yang?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It only gets worse folks...

I read the other day that our Community Organizer that currently occupies the White House gave a speech the other night disparaging those evil millionaire Republicans...   He diin't want us to realize that he gave the speech at a $32.000 (yep Thirty-Two Thousand American Dollars)  per plate dinner being hosted by a Hollywoody Billionaire...  

But it gets worse folks,
Pay up, Sucka's!!!!

Today I read that Hellary, her ownself, on Monday night at a UNLV foundation fund raiser raised her voice in protest and opined that we need to do more to ensure that our youngsters can earn college degrees without being buried in debt!!   

Oh, did I mention that her speaking fee was $225,000 (yes, Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand American Dollars for a forty minute speech) at a fund raiser which grossed only $235,000. Any of you in debt college grads want to figure out what the UNLV Foundation's net profit was?

By the way - I am told that the UNLV's student tuition's are being raised by 20%!!!!   

Nuff said?

Monday, October 13, 2014

This is hysterical .....

I hate to just copy and paste a post without comment -- but Stilton's latest cartoon needs no intro from moi!!!!  Please take the time to read the copy --- it's hard hitting but hilarious!!

obama, obama jokes, michelle, cartoon, humor, policital, conservative, redbook, photoshop, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg

Per our previously stated goal of sharing good news on Fridays, Hope n' Change is delighted to point out that our first lady has never looked younger, more vibrant, or more beautiful than she does right now...unless you accidentally see her in person. But what are the odds of that?

No, like millions of other Americans standing in grocery store checkout lines clutching their EBT cards, you'll be seeing Michelle grinning at you from the cover of Redbook magazine - even if you can't initially guess who the hell that cute 25-year old is (Halle Berry's sister, maybe...?)

The before and after pictures above were taken within days of one another, rather underscoring the miraculous transformation. The first was at an event where Michelle was speaking to sick youngsters at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (see? We're reporting good news!) and thoughtfully she did something severe and unexplainable with her hair to give it sort of a chemo-chic look to help fit in with the sick kids. And that was a very, very nice thing to do.

And in fairness, she might have been feeling a little haggard because, in her remarks, she said "it can be hard" living with the president - a sentiment with which we wholeheartedly agree!

In her subsequent Redbook picture, the first lady has grown a remarkably full head ofremarkably straight hair in a remarkably short time, her chin has narrowed to a point, she's shed about 40 pounds, and her smiling face is as unlined as a mirror from which her husband, in his younger and less serious days, had vigorously snorted cocaine. 

But besides looking glamorous, the first lady also has a very, very important cover story called "Help Our Female Veterans! How we can ALL give back!" in which she talks to five female veterans who've had trouble finding stateside employment...much like about 63 million otherpeople.

But why are the vets having such a problem? "She's been trained to be a leader," Michelle says of one of the vets, "And this country's not giving her that opportunity."

That's right - it's not a problem with the economy, or the negative impact of the president's policies on hiring. The problem is this stinking country - a country which, so short a time ago, Michelle decided to be proud of for the first time in her adult life. And now...we have all let her down.

So Damn It, America - let's do the right thing on this Good News Friday! Let's spread Mrs. Obama's positive, inspirational message and start hiring female veterans like mad!

Or at least teach them how to use Photoshop. Obviously there's a lot of work to be had in that area.