Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just in case you are keeping score............

I won't exaggerate, or obfuscate the basic facts:

1. How many of the fourteen DEA agents investigated for participating in the drug and prostitution parties hosted by the drug cartel in Columbia were fired or punished?   
A. None - they are all still on the books and they and their supervisors received bonus ranging from $1,500 to $32.000!!!

2. What punishment did Lois Lerner at IRS get for targeting conservative groups for special tax attention persecution?
A. None - retirement with full pay and allowances and perks. 

3. How many folks in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms were fired or prosecuted for providing weapons to the drug cartels (see #1 above as well) that led to several killings - including Agent Brian Terry?
A. None - nor will there be.

Extra Credit final question:
1. Who and how many were fired at the US Environmental Protection Agency (their pun, not mine) as a result of their recent poisoning the water of three western states?
A. Nobody - not the lowest level supervisor or the Senate approved department chief. 

Rhetorical question:  All of these gob'mint employees were treated so royally and gloves off because of current Civil Service Personnel Policies. They are untouchable.......... what is your opinion of the role that public service unions play in our nation ........ is it for the benefit of the taxpayers, or the ruling class?

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