Monday, October 5, 2015

A few questions for a new Monday and a new October.....

1. I note that Saudi Arabia has barred/banned/locked the gates on any Syrian refugees into their country. Apparently they don't want to be attacked from within.  But, I also note - they are offering to pay for the construction of 200 mosques in GERMANY - which the Saudi's will maintain and staff. Two hundred opportunities to indoctrinate and train muslim immigrants in Germany - how handy.

2, Last week, on Obamanation's orders, a Doctors Without Borders Hospital was bombed in Afghanistan. Killing 19 and wounding many more! The lame stream media is sure keeping quiet about it. Wonder how much press would be involved if  Bush 43 had ordered that bombing?

3. The Empty Suit in the Oval Office and his long faced partner, Ms Heinze's boy-toy, have assured us that the Iranians are trustworthy..  Today I read that 8 members of the Iranian WOMEN'S soccer team are men! Not gays, mind you, but fleet footed pre-op transsexuals ? Where is Johnny Carson and his TV program, "Who Do You Trust?" when we need him?

4. Finally, I note that the Lame Stream Media, including the Los Angeles Times, CNN and others, have somehow managed to photoshop the Oregon school shooter from a Brit of mixed racial parentage.... into a white, racist killer. Check out these pics.... the one on the left is a selfie by Mercer (the shooter) the washed out white kid on the right is the crazed white mass murderer as presented by CNN!

You gonna believe CNN or your lying eyes?

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