Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I know I am getting old when.....

..I know I am getting old when I am the last man on the planet to find out that the number  "5318008" is the most risque number a youngster can key into his calculator or iPhone....   Why? Because when you turn it upside down -- it reads:

To confirm that I am getting old - I find out today there is app that parents can buy which will censor the iPhones for those little darlin's.... as in:


The one ray of sunshine that I see in all this is that it appears that kids are still kids -- where we used to guffaw and fall on the floor laughing over sharing such book titles as "The Yellow Stream by I.P.Daily" ..... apparently four generations later - only the technology has changed - not the juvenile humor!!!

(psst - don't tell anyone but I actually found this astounding news in The Business Insider!!!

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