Friday, October 2, 2015

The 'I's have it !!!!

Looking like Chuck Schumer on slow news day - the Community Leader currently occupying the Oval Orifice couldn't rush to the microphones fast enough yesterday after the Oregon college shootings.  

No, his purpose was not to define the shooter, the school or to lend comfort to the families --- his sole two purposes were to again rant about eliminating the rights granted us (US) under the Second Amendment and to propel hisself into the top of the picture -- who else but this narcissistic empty suit would refer to himself 28 times in a 12 minute national speech about an terrible event in one of our Fifty Seven states?

No one but this guy:

By the way, this is no record for him -- In a speech in India, he referred to hisself 118 times in a 33-minute speech and in the US-Africa summit, he referred to hisself no less than 97 times...  Doesn't leave much time for the topic at hand, does it?

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