Saturday, August 1, 2015

Posted for those who sling mud at Trump for telling the truth! (that other politicians won't)

Jesus Deniz-Mendoza
This is the man (18 year-old) arrested for allegedly killing a middle-aged couple and shooting their 20 year-old daughter when they stopped to help him by the side of the road. 

No, let me be more specific, they passed him stranded by the side of the road and came back to offer aide. In return, he robbed and shot both of the parents in the back and killed them. He shot their daughter twice in the back as she was running away, but she survived. 

Why am I starting off Saturday morning with such a brutal event, you ask? Because although Jesus may have pulled the trigger - Senators McCain & Kennedy loaded the gun with their insane, uncaring Immigration Reform Act of 2007. Senator Turban Durbin of Illinois kicked in some of the cost of the ammo with his Dreamers Act (this evil doer was admitted two years ago when he was sixteen).

Did I mention that Jesus Mendoza was out on bond after a recent burglary arrest in Wyoming? Why wasn't he deported? Here is ICE's official response:

This individual does not have any criminal convictions, and, as a permanent resident, is not currently removable. Thus, an ICE detainer cannot be placed on the individual at this time. However, ICE is closely monitoring this case and coordinating with local authorities. If he is convicted for a criminal offense that allows him to be removed from the country, after the completion of sentence, ICE intends to take him into custody and pursue his removal from the United States.

Like somebody said: "Swell, now ..... after he's been convicted of a double murder and attempted murder, and robbery and car theft, and served his life term in jail,  then ICE will consider deporting him."  Let's hear it for ICE! This will all occur around the year 2055. I'll miss the headlines.

I note with interest that every headline I found on this news story includes the phrase "Legal immigrant"!!  Think about that partners.... headline space is short- why use so much of it with 'legal immigrant'?  You don't reckon it's an attempt to make sure that us troubled citizens don't think ill of Obamanation and his current 'let 'em all' in policy with regards to illegal immigrants, do you?  Nah, the MSM wouldn't be that crass. 

And maybe to make sure they don't reinforce Donald Trump's comments?, Nah....

On the other hand -- you may not even hear of this multiple murder at all....after all, it was just a Brown on White crime--- it's not like some White dude shot and killed a black or a brown couple--- that's a hate crime, don'tcha know!!

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Rest in Peace, Mom & Dad

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