Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why is nobody shouting?? Why are no newscasters talking?

The workers in Seattle fought, picketed, paraded, and screamed for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage.  They just couldn't make it on the lower previous level. They were starving.... raise the minimum wage to $15 and they would be Okay!

So, in their total vacuum of wisdom, the city Fathers & Nannies, raised the minimum wage for all workers in Seattle to $15.00.  Small bid'nesses shut down or left in droves. Those that remained jacked up their prices for all customers, regardless of income. 

The world is a happy place now....right?   Wrong!!!

The workers soon discovered that the new higher wage moved them up in the income brackets and they lost their eligibility for food stamps, welfare, housing subsidies, et al..    "STOP STOP!" They cried, "Cut my hours back by one-third so I am only making as much as I was before",  they cried. 

So the obvious lesson for other city councils and politicians to follow --- these folks don't want to make more money - they want to work fewer hours for the same money they are making now.  Meanwhile, many teens and unskilled workers lost their jobs altogether.  Do you reckon anyone is listening?

Nope, neither do I!!!!    

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