Sunday, August 2, 2015

About those 'health services' that Planned Parenthood provides....

Before I say a word - this caveat: I am not pro-abortion nor anti-abortion for any religious, personal, or social reasons.  I am however, against partial birth baby murders and and abortions in the third trimester when the fetus has become a baby and can feel pain, even if not 'born' yet. 

Having said that -- I have to ask why our cowardly politicians address a nation wide abortion mill like Planned Parenthood as a provider of women's health services ....... instead of the abortion mill that it is. They take $500 million of our tax dollars and kill/abort thousands of babies each year. And predominately babies of color.  Nobody sees anything, nobody sez anything!

Call your local Planned Parenthood office and try to schedule a Mammogram for example... after much hesitation - you'll find they don't even own a machine....   back to their basic mission - and it ain't women's health services.  Kermit Gosnell on steroids - with our tax dollars. 

Listen to what (purported) Republican Senator said: “The problem is, in my state and many others, Planned Parenthood is the primary provider of women’s health services in certain parts of my state,” said Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who said she is likely to vote against the bill. “So I don’t know how you would ensure that all of the patients of Planned Parenthood could be absorbed by alternative care providers.”

Why couldn't she stand on the floor of the Senate and say it out loud: 'I don't know where all the women of Maine would go for abortions if Planned Parenthood wasn't there!'   More to the point - where in the Constitution or Federal Laws does it say that the Federal Gob'mint MUST support a privately owned national abortion mill?

Right now you are probably ready to fall back on that phony feminist argument, 'A woman has a right to do whatever she medically wants to do with her own body."   I suggest you think of this --

Every man and woman in the world has a different DNA - that's how we are different from each other....  the DNA of a fetus is DIFFERENT THAN THAT OF THE MOTHER OR THE FATHER! Doesn't that lead you to fresh thinking about this 'mother's own body parts' theory? 

Depending on how fast you read, a half dozen babies were aborted in the USA while you read this short column - over a hundred per hour.  And you ain't gonna believe the World Wide numbers - looks like the national debt!

Click here for the US Abortion Clock.....

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