Thursday, July 30, 2015

Things to think about this weekend in that hammock with a cold beer!

Several questions have arisen this week that give me pause for thought:

The Planned Butcherhood Parenthood brouhaha!! When all the smoke blows away, whether you favor killing fetuses and babies or not - the question remains: Where in the Constitution of these United States does it state that Planned Parenthood is entitled to $540,000,000 of our hard earned tax dollars... for any purpose?

The continuing Climate Change hissy fits!!  The Dims, once again this week, used valuable legislative time and CSPAN camera time in their short three day work week, to pose the question; "What's the GOP Climate Plan"?  This stupid question assumes that: A. Climate Change is happening, and; B. These changes are bad and caused by mankind. 

My instant answer to both of these topics is simple - 

1. There is nothing in the Constitution (nor in Federal Law) that guarantees Planned Butcher Parenthood ANY PERMANENT ANNUAL PAYMENT OF OUR TAX DOLLARS.

2. There is no 'settled science' establishing either the fact of climate change (except as it has changed over the millenniums ) or that man has any role in the planet's climate or that it is within man's control to change any planet climate of the long run!

But these are just my humble opinions -- what do you think?

A final thought on both of these topics... at my age, I think of things in view of the prospects of my Grandkids...   and in this instance I am hit twice. If the fetus part merchants at Planned Parenthood had their way - I wouldn't have any Grandkids to worry about.  And secondly, if all my grandkids are aborted - I don't reckon I need worry about climate change for the next generation, do I?

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