Friday, June 12, 2015

Color me clueless --

Just when I begin to think that I understand the workings of the minds of those elected folks we send to Washington ====

A Bill is set forth which would grant Obamanation carte blanche, fast track authority to proceed with the secret trade bill his minions have been working on for six years --- and here is where I get confused --- the Republicans are for it, and his own Dem's are against granting him such authority.

I understand he deigned to go down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capital Building to twist arms and that his former water carrier, Nancy Pelosi told him to hit the road and take his trade agreement with him. 

I even heard that for the first time, he just happened to drop in on the annual congressional baseball game - with beer for the winners.  What a nice feller, I wasn't sure he knew who or what congressmen are. 

Breaking news --- The Bill was defeated in the House by the House Democratic resounding opposition...  whoops... as Henry Cuellar (D) TX said about Obamantion's last minute visit and cheerleading; “I wish there had been much better outreach,”

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