Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tyranny of the minorities .......

As I recall from my world history lessons..... ancient Greece fell because it became a pure democracy..... that is to say - a tyranny of the majority. (Sounds like California with their petitioned elections on weird propositions, doesn't it?)

In any event, in a pure democracy - the majority discovers real quick that if they stick together as a group, they can demand and get what ever they want. The nation's wealth, gob'mint handouts, short hours, long pay... you get the picture. 

Well here in the good ole' USA, we are still (barely) a Democratic Republic. So there are some limitations to the power of the majority. But what we have evolved into is a nation that is being dragged around by the tyranny of the minorities.  Think I'm wrong?

Think about this, Gays, lesbians and Trannies, make up about 1.9% of our population. But to look at news headlines, parades, protests, court cases and legislation in the fifty states plus congress... one would swear that there millions more of them out there. The entire nation waits this week with baited breath to see what the Supreme Court of the land is going to say about gay marriage. 

Americans of African descent comprise only 12.9% of the population, but every school, public housing, university, police department or other hiring agency has to either drop their testing standards to make it easier for this minority or give them affirmative action points to move them up the educational and management ladders. Again, the daily roar is long and loud - much louder than the 12.9% that it should be. 

Again, only 2.4% of Americans identify themselves as atheist... yet every public place, park, meeting must yield to their loud protests regarding any mention of God, the Ten Commandments, or other religious icons. If you lump in agnostics or those who simply choose not to think that there is a supreme deity, the number grows closer to 30% --- but we don't hear much from that other 24%.  They just quietly live their lives and let others live theirs.     

Finally - let's look at Americans of Hispanic heritage -- about 16% and rising fast. Protests, illegal entry into the country, flag burning, Che Tee shirts -- La Raza party -- all fighting for headlines and importance beyond their true place.  And all insisting on special treatment and perks. And getting them!

On the other hand, about 5% of our citizens are Asians.... a group discriminated against because they put on their man pants, go to work, push their children into good educational opportunities, and succeed at far greater rates than do these other minority groups or even main stream, melting pot Americans. There are elite schools in this free nation that actually limits the number of Asian-Americans they allow in their hallowed halls. I hear no Asian screams across the land. 

Tomorrow, when you watch the news on TV, read the paper, or surf through the blogs........  mentally total up the amount of space given to these minority groups in all the noise of that news --- I think you'll be shocked to find out that  America is currently living in a 'Tyranny of the minorities'......    

Let me leave you with this thought for Flag Day....... Since the McCain-Kennedy Immigration Act was passed - the numbers of Middle East and African Muslims entering this country has turned from a trickle to a river. With their militant ways, money, and organizations and Mosques across the land -- they will be tomorrows vocal minority - insisting on Sharia law, their own crime and punishment system, special privileges for their members, and...      Oh OH --- they already are, aren't they!!!                 


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