Friday, June 12, 2015

Good news at last....

The Supreme Court of the State of Iowa has just ruled that.........   a citizen has the right to be drunk on their own front porch. 

"It's my porch - and I'll get drunk if I want to!" 
Apparently a young lady had a fight with her boyfriend - called police -- who came to break it up. They smelled alcohol on her breath, tested her and she blew a 0.267%!! Three times the legal limit for DWI!

So they cited her for drunk and disorderly in a public place.. she was convicted and appealed. Now, two years later - - she gets her justice...  The court ruled:
"declaring the front steps of a private residence not a public place if the homeowner hasn't invited the general public to be there."

Good on them --- the line between the Bill of Rights and the gob'mint forces has become dimmer and dimmer -- maybe this will leave a brighter line!!!

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