Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moochelle Antoinette's school lunches add protien

Y'all will be happy to hear that our Child Nutritionist and Chief Whiner in the White House has stepped up  improved added protein juicy bugs to the school lunches of our kids in elementary schools across the fruited plains.

Here is a picture of some sorry ass broccoli, handled by the carefully gloved fingers of school cafeteria kitchen assistants (no way I'd call them cooks). The question you gotta ask yerself, "If I was handling that broccoli by hand and placing it on trays for the 

little tykes to consume -- would I (should I) see those ginormous juicy bugs crawling around in there?"

No wonder Moochelle feels ostracized at times....   hope she has no bugs in her Lobster Bisque and Waygu Beef Sammiches in the White House Residence..... or in the school lunch room in that fancy private school where her daughters dine daily!

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