Thursday, May 14, 2015

Is this a sign that the Sharptons and Jacksons are winning the war?

On Mother's Day last Sunday in Kentucky, a young 25 year-old-man stole a pickup truck and in the process of trying to escape - rammed three different police vehicles and and caused one of them to burst into flames. 

The police on the scene were forced to shoot the doer, who was wounded but not killed.  In a press conference shortly thereafter - the Nelson County Sheriff said of the Bardstown shooting: "I'm just glad that he is white. "We do not want trouble."

I'm just glad that he is white!!!!!!   Think about that -- how many city and county law enforcement agencies are now in the defensive position of worrying about national outcry and riots in the street if they should perform their duties correctly and shoot, arrest, or other wise subdue an violent criminal of the wrong color.....  

 Scary thought -- not just for us whom the law enforcement officers have sworn to protect and to serve --- but for the LEO's themselves operating under these restrained rules of engagement.. 

 Kinda like our troops over in Sandland - held back by this administration in the face of heated battle! 

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