Thursday, May 14, 2015

Harriet Tubman, America's sweetheart?

A funny think happened on the way to the Internet today --- I saw an article commenting that some organization that I have never heard of/from/about, called "Women on 20s Campaign" has had a contest or something - and their voters decided that they want to replace Andrew Jackson on the Twenty Dollar Bill with.....    Harriet Tubman.  

Now then, I've got nothing against Harriet, bless her heart, she was a heroine of the underground railroad saving slaves back in the 19th Century.  Her memory should be honored -- and I'm sure that the NAACP, BLACK PANTHERS, and WOMEN ON 20'S, Emily's List, could honor her. 

To get her full background, I Googled her by name and lo and behold....... unraveling before my amazed eyes were a half dozen headlines:
"American wants Harriet Tubman on $20 bill" (USA Today)
"Harriet Tubman Wins Unofficial Contest to be on $20 Bill"  (NPR)
{{{regarding that first headline, I don't recall receiving a ballot, do you? If not, how can USA Today conclude that "America wants ......?"

Fortunately there were a few other related headlines arguing such insanity. Last I heard, the pictures on the various denominations of paper money in this country are all former Presidents of the United States!  As in POTUS's...!  

May have been asleep that day in American History, but don't recall Ms Tubman ever serving in the Oval Office. I'll have to check that out. 

I am certain that as soon as a woman becomes POTUS, when she leaves office.. and dies.... a great movement will spring forth to remember her by placing her face on an American paper money bill of some denomination.  As thus it should be....

No doubt this crowd will start stomping their feet, holding their breath and blaming those rascally Republicans for not carrying the Tubman Banner -- after all, their accusations of the GOP war on wimmen has failed, fizzled and frustrated them... so with this topic they probably hope to be able to think up some chants that the GOP hates not only wimmens, but Black wimmens in particular....

Good luck with that y'all.... we'll send Condi Rice to the debate!

BTW, I note that Bill Clinton has already been reserved a place of honor on a piece of American Currency. 

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