Saturday, May 16, 2015

Land of the Free? Mebbe not so much anymore!

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While we are all aware that laws were written to prevent the easy transfer and\ laundering of drug money. All deposits and transfers over $10K must be reported.  A law that few of us are aware of is a second law passed in 2000, which allows the IRS to seize money when they believe (but don't know) that somebody is committing structuring violations.    that is -- making a series of deposits below the trigger level of ten thousand dollars just to avoid notice.

Thus it was that the IRS swooped in last year and seized $107,702 belonging to a guy in North Carolina who operates a small restaurant and convenience store. 

Apparently, it never occurred to one of those IRS (never had a job or met a payroll) agents that in 2014, you can't run a small cash/retail operation without making regular cash deposits... regardless of their amount.

It's been almost a year now and the IRS admits it's mistake - but the money has not yet been returned, and the IRS has indicated that it will neither pay the owner's legal fees, nor pass on the interest that the money has earned this year to the owner. That 2000 Federal law does provide for both to happen.

Here is a link to the story -- Damned shame -- this is not the America I was brought up in --- it is apparently, the Amerika of my grandkid's generation.

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