Saturday, May 16, 2015


I feel like that feller that slept for forty years..... when I went to school, the motto of this great land was .."E Pluribus Unum" (out of many ... one) but it seems like somewhere along the way, folks have changed that with their chants for diversity...

I first noticed it when Mayor Dinkums of NYC used to admire the beauty of a gorgeous mosaic...... instead of an American Melting Pot.  When every American had to be hyphenated to point out his/her ancestors heritage. Not theirs..... their ancestors..   If one is born in Peoria or Boston or Dallas to American citizen parents.... how can one be an African-American, or a Asian-American or even an Irish-American....... when actually Native Born American is more fitting. Regardless of how high your cheekbones are - ask Fauxahontas Warren, US Senator.

So, we find that every major police force in the USA has to lower/change it's entrance qualifying exams to assure diversity by adding black folks.

The US Military services must lower their physical standards tests to assure a fair number of the female gender in their ranks. 

Colleges and Universities, supported with tax payer dollars are forced to grant special scholarships to minority groups to ensure diversity on campus. And then to make sure that they are happy, these same colleges must provide Safe-Spaces where never is heard a discouraging word... or a two sided debate for that matter. 

Am I happy that I can find a good Italian Restaurante which has preserved that style of cooking.... you betcha!  And Chinese, and Vietnamese, Greek and Japanese.  But I would hate to see a benchmark set forth proclaiming exactly how many of each there shall be in each community. 

Immigrants, refugees, and others used to come to this country, work hard, learn the language and the laws and join the Pluribus in the melting pot. Now they arrive with their hands out and a mouthful of gimmee's and absolutely no interest in becoming a part of the Pluribus.  And each group has their devious self appointed leaders encourage such attitudes....  

For an unrelated point - let me share one horrific scene I observed yesterday on several Internet Sites....  Department of Homeland Security buses jammed with Somalian illegal immigrants driving away from the Mexican border to redistribution points across the USA.  As I recall, there are some pretty hard case haters of American/Christians in that country ---- who are now being given limo service into the country/city-side to disappear. 

One DHS bus driver's only comment (with a chagrined look) was "All they have to do is mouth the magic words, 'I need asylum.' and that's it.  It's on the bus and off we go - no questions asked. "

If you doubt me friends Google "DHS, BUS, IMMIGRANTS"  or any related words and see what rolls down your screen...  

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