Monday, May 11, 2015

How typical,........ "It's all about ME!!"

1st Lady (is that a title) Michelle Antoinette Obamanation gave the commencement address at formerly (?) Black University Tuskegee in Alabama this last Saturday. 

Did she use the occasion to lift their goals? To encourage their trip into the real world after four years of liberal mush? To goad them into working hard and making positive changes in their lives, and in their nation's?

Here is the answer sheet...... NO - NO - NO and NO!!!

Instead, in typical liberal fashion - her speech was all about her. Poor little Black gal..... received every break this country can offer -- plus a few extra by marrying correctly - lives the life that others can only dream of, and yet...

People pick on her all the time -- they doubt her motivations, they doubt her loyalties, and they sure doubt her tax dollar vacation spending skills....

Poor Michelle.....   Oh well, stick to the Wagyu beef and let the peasants eat cake if they have no bread.... er uh, money!

How's this for a motivational commencement speech?
"At the school's commencement address, the first lady listed scenarios in which African-Americans feel they encounter systemic discrimination, such as nagging worries that you're going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason."

I reckon she and her Community Organizer are feeling the pinch of only having two years left to bring this country to it's knees by total racial chaos and strife...... c'nest-ce pas?

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