Sunday, May 10, 2015

A word about that trouble maker - Pam Geller....

Before her fifteen minutes are over -- or until she is murdered by some fake Jihadist wannabe and makes the headlines again -- I have a question. Maybe not for you -- but certainly for O'Reilly, Rivera and others who knock her and her style......

 If Black folks hadn't gotten in the Dim's occupying force's face by 'occupying' lunch counters in the South -- would they still be eating at the back door?

If Rosa Parks hadn't refused to move, would Blacks still be at the back of the bus?

If King and crowd hadn't marched on Selma - would the Civil Rights Bill ever have been written - much less, passed?

For that matter, if the patriots in Boston hadn't had their little Tea Party, would we now be kneeling to Queen Elizabeth?

A million (thousand?) examples of how confrontation has changed history... not anecdotal examples- but empirical evidence that it is often the only cure to governmental and societal diseases -- and yet some say --

Pam Geller was (is) wrong for being confrontational with Islamic Terrorists... and protecting the 1st Amendment rights we all enjoy.  

What surprises me is that some conservatives are saying it. I am not surprised that the Dims are saying it, they lost control of their personal fiefdoms and Jim Crow South because of King... they are obviously not fans of confrontational politics....   

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