Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Feds ignore the 10th Amendment yet again!!! Duh....

Once again, the power bullies of Washington DC have decided to flex their muscles!  All of a sudden they have discovered that there are large neon signs surrounding Times Square in New York City!!

OH NO! The Highway Beautification act doesn't allow large signs near the highways! Take them down or we will with hold $900 Million federal highway dollars!
New Years Eve
on Times Square
Tax dollars paid by the good folks of New York by the way, not created in Washington!

New York City with out Times Square would be like London with out Piccadilly Circus!  Or Las Vegas with out the strip!!      

The question might also be asked -- when did 7th Avenue, passing through Times Square become a HIGHWAY?

For more -- click here.     Oh the pain!

I am reminded of the old expression about folks chasing mice when there are elephants running amok!  Them DC bureaucRATS really ought to put their efforts where they are needed!

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