Thursday, May 7, 2015

We pause - as we wait for the other shoeSSSSSS to drop.....

I had every intent today to address the racist States Attorney in Baltimore and her compounding of legal mistake upon legal mistake...  But them durn shoes just keep on dropping --- two more today .... so I'll hold off until tomorrow morning and see if the Payless Store entire inventory of prosecutorial errors is done dumped!

Speaking lof Payless Shoes -- there is no truth to the rumor that during the Baltimore rioting/looting/burning spree last week, although every pair of sneakers in the local Payless shop were stolen, not one pair of workboots were touched!

Meanwhile - I'll just leave you today with this thought about the Clinton Global Initiative and it's good charity work around the world -- as reflected in it's own ugly records......
This is worse that Obamanation's Hope & Change rhetoric!!
Or FDR's Theme song from the 30's,
"Brother, can you spare a dime!"

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