Sunday, May 10, 2015

Two Mississippi cops shot last night.... Here is a hint folks...............

Don't hold your breath waiting for the protests, marches and rioting over the shooting death of the two police officers in Mississippi last night.. Ain't gonna happen!

As I understand it, an experienced (White) cop and a rookie (Black) cop make a routine traffic stop and were both shot dead by the occupants of the car - two (Black) felons and a brother.  Not many details out just yet...

mississippi liquori tate benjamin keen

 I'm sure Racebaiters Sharpton and Jackson will be on the first planes to Hattiesburg MS to protest the shooting of the Black rookie cop!   Just kidding folks.  They'll probably call him an 'Oreo' and praise the shooters!  And the community organizer currently occupying the Oval Orifice along with his wife Moochelle Antoinette (if she's back from her $58K skiing weekend) will probably call out for more restraint from the police -- to end such killings.

Or as the Mayor of Baltimore would say --- 'Let them shooters have some room to destroy - they was probably upset that the cops stopped 'em,'

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