Friday, March 6, 2015

Your fair share?

As of late, every time I hear the term "Your fair share", it's not coming from United Fund Charities -- it's dripping of the smirking lips of some progressive, socialist politician telling me why I should be happy to pay more federal taxes. 

I had that put into perspective this morning when I opened the Drudge Report and saw the linking headline -- "ILLEGALS RECIEVING AMNESTY WILL SHARE $1.7 BILLION TAX DOLLARS'..

That just kinds of flashes by the eyes, unnoticed in this day of trillions and such like...   but I got to thinking about it..

$1,700,000,000 American tax dollars would be about FIVE BUCKS for every man, woman and diaper pooping baby in this country -- you know of any American born diaper pooping baby with a Half a Sawbuck in his diaper? Nope, neither to I. So, it seems that there only about eighty million Americans that pay Federal income taxes at all. 

So I reckon that my fair share of handing over my hard earned money to these river wading, fence jumping law breaking criminals is TWENTY BUCKS.  Kinda like handling an armed house burglar a bonus for choosing your house instead of the neighbor's house with the Hope & Change sign in the yard ain't it!

Have you given your Fair Share?  Look at this way, if all the tax payers were to lay their $20 fair share down in one dollar bills and you hesitated - you'd have to walk 161,000 miles to get to the end of the line to lay down your twenty George Washingtons!   Get's you to thinking, doesn't it!!

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