Saturday, March 7, 2015

Quiet Friday night news dump you didn't hear!

 A couple of years ago when Scott Walker was trying to bring budgeting under control in Wisconsin, the Capitol Dome was run amok by thugs, hirelings, union stooges and more in riotous fashion.

After several serious losses emptied their pocketbooks as well as their hearts, last evening the Wisconsin State Assembly publicly but quietly, passed a Right to Work Bill 62-35 (party lines of course, the Dims know who their masters are).

Just as significant - at the time of the Bill's passage, making Wisconsin the 25th State with Right to Work laws enacted --- only SEVEN quiet protesters were present to observe this major change to union law in that state.

Governor Walker will sign the Bill on Monday morning......

Hmmm, some of America's greatest heroes of the 19th Century were the Town Tamers of the Old West.... apparently the Heroes of the 21 Century are going to be the State and the Union Tamers......... ?

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