Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just a little free wheeling thoughts for a slow Hump Day!!

Now that Bibi Netanyahu has reminded us all what world class leaders look and sound like -- and gone home -- my thoughts wander --
Newest castle in DC -- DHS

Seems like I read the other day that the new DHS Hqs in Washington, now planned for the (understandable) site of St Elizabeth's Hospital (where the WWII loose lips folks were locked up) ..... and running ten years late -- billion$ of cost over-runs on top of billion$ budgeted --- I have to wonder..

It is "billed as critical for national security and the revitalization of Southeast Washington" .... and again I got to wonder..? Why are we spending Billions of our tax dollars to revitalize Southeast Washington DC?"
Which then begs the question-- why are we building it in Washington DC at all. Already the center of gravity for money and power in the Nation -- why aren't these Departments being farmed out across the fruited prairies, plains and purple mountains.  
This is, after all, the 21 Century. Folks work from their home PC's, they communicate on their cell and smart phones. Where is it written that every new department building must be build in the District?  One dirty bomb could wipe out the entire gob'mint. 
Imagine a nation with the Supreme Court in Philly, the cradle of our Nation. The DHS Hqs safely ensconced in Dallas; the Dept of Education in St Louis, the Department of Energy in Fargo North Dakota --- you get the picture. 
There are more millionaires in DC, the cost of living, driving in congestion, dining out and construction is totally out of reality with the rest of the country. Folks live in that Chrystal palace and lose their American-ness -- their contact...

Think on it.......................

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