Monday, March 23, 2015

Just some random Monday morning thoughts after a really weird news week;;;

- Obamanation spent political karma (and American tax dollars) in a failed attempt to unseat the Prime Minister of a sovereign foreign nation ... Israel.

- Bibi Netanyahu won his fourth (unprecedented) term as PM of Israel in a sweep despite that first thought. His campaign revolved around the dangers inherent in any secret  'Executive' atomic agreement between Obama and the Iranian leadership. 

- On Friday, the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Orifice and his witless envoy -  Ms Heinze's boy-toy - John Kerry, assured us that the agreement was going swimmingly in his own Chamberlainesque way. They have the situation under control!

- The very next day, on Saturday, Iran's Supreme leader Ali Khamanei, demonstrating the closeness of the two parties, went public with the diplomatic statement, "DEATH TO AMERICA!" Not always seen as a great sign. 

- And finally, in a smaller pond, Starbucks CEO Schultz ended the long and successful (three days?) global campaign of that overpriced coffee mugging house with a whimper - not a shout!  Apparently his baristas and their caffeine addled consumers would rather discuss foam toppings then faux headlines. 
Best line of the week, "I ordered a cup of regular coffee black, and the barista told me that it is no longer called 'black', it is now called 'creamless'. 
Before this campaign, how many Americans knew that Starbucks management team is totally Vanilla or that Starbucks has NO presence in Ferguson MO. or Selma AL ???
Was this campaign educational or what?

Oh Well - here we are in another week..... have fun, Partners!

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