Monday, March 23, 2015

Post Election StressTribulation?

Is that what I am suffering at the moment? PEST?

As I watch all eyes on Hellary's National Anointment Campaign - I am having election flashbacks to 2008.  She was the inevitable Dim candidate..... no question!  Personally, I thought she was the most dangerous person in the Nation. All other candidates were of no account. She was the worst possible thing that could happen to this country.

But then the meaningless phrase "Hope & Change" was inserted into the race, by the best race card player in American history. And instead of the dangerous Hellary - we got (thanks to the 200% ineptness by Johnny Mac) that empty suit, with no background, no childhood records, no college records, a tabula rosa to the US electorate and MSM ....... Barack Hussein Obama -- what harm could a junior senator with no experience and whose only apparent strength was his ability to read from his teleprompter.     Hah!

Hah! I repeat -- he has done what he promised to do and 'fundementally transformed the structure' of this nation. We are borderline socialist, borderline bankrupt, and dissed by both our old allies and our enemies alike!

Now, once again in 2015, we find the very unlikable, very attention getting Hellary at the top of the heap - and worry about what she might do to this nation ...  but wait:  Look over her shoulder - you'll see the hand waving and jumping up and down of former Gob'nor O'Malley of the People's Republic of Maryland jumping into the ring - he's the guy that ran out of things to tax so started taxing the good citizens of that state for rain!

Look further, and you'll see Fauxahontas Warren from Massachusetts (this week) who wants to fundamentally change the way the free enterprise system works in this country and take us down those last few steps to full blown socialism and federal control of the economy.

So, although I may admit to suffering from PEST.... watch carefully and before you say that Hellary is the worst of all worlds -- keep your eyes on the pea under those walnut shells.....         just sayin'!

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Pecozbill said...

+ Destroyed our national sovereignty
+ Destroyed healthcare
+ Destroyed the sanctity of marriage
+ Turned race relations back 100 years
+ Attacked the Police and Praised Criminals
+ Quadrupled the number of people on food stamps
+ Restarted the Cold War
+ Destroyed our Allies and Supported our Enemies
+ Turned our Military into a gay bath house
+ Reverted the middle east back into the middle ages
+ Turned the IRS and NSA into the KGB
+ Doubled the national debt