Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Yeah, we'll [in on your steenking badges!"

You gotta follow the bouncing ball on this one.....

I read in USA Today (you know, that daily Liberals/Airport denizen's daily headline and coloring book newspaper) that police departments local and state, across the nation are affirmatively recruiting and hiring immigrant workers to fill open law enforcement officer positions.    

Now here is where it gets herky-jerky - so, like USA Today, who would capsulize WWII in 3 paragraphs because the attention span of their readers is similar to a middle aged man walking on a Florida beach during spring break amid the nubile young students - could be summarized like thus:

1. There are currently about 90 million able bodied Americans not working.
2. The official unemployment rate hovers around 6% but we know it is closer to twice that number. 
3. These police departments are hiring not just legal immigrants with Green Cards but that new bunch of illegal immigrants to whom Obamanation just issued Work Permits (without background checks) are also qualified to "Protect And to Serve" in the uniform of a local or state police department.
4. Soon five million more of them will be issued these same work permits, Social Security Numbers, and again, no background checks.

Now I ask you, if you had any nefarious plans, be they drugs, sex slavery, smuggling, bribery, rape, murder Inc. or international terrorism -- where would you place your worker bees? In a Starbucks restaurant discussing race ---- or in an Idaho State Police Car with a shield on their chests and a gun on their hips?

Is this a great country or what? I wonder what the odds are that I would be successful if I went to Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe or Indonesia illegally and asked for a cop's badge and authority.....!

Stupid question - I agree -- but read the article and it will take you to a whole new level of stupid!! 

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