Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Every day I feel like we are falling through the looking glass....

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole - everything was reversed.....

Today Boenless Boehner pushed through a no-strings DHS funding bill to pay for all of Obamanation's amnesty expense including thousands of dollars per illegal from the gob'mint in Earned Income Tax Credit retroactively -- even though they've never payed income tax!

The final vote was 255 Yea's 165 Nays with all of the Nays being from Boehner's Republican members -- remember? They own the His year - they elected him as their Speaker?

Every one of the Dimmo's voted for this bill --- and why not? It was like the rainbowed Unicorn came gamboling down their aisle.  And it did, but it wore Boehners face mask....

Hard to believe? --- here's the rest of the story!!!

Story #2 - Israel's Prime Minister came to speak to a joint session of our congress -- spoke passionately but clearly regarding the diminished future for the Middle East with an Atomic Weaponized War..  
So how does our POTUS treat this leader of our greatest ally in the Middle East (and btw- the only Democracy in the neighborhood) -- with distain, public distrust and like you'd treat a crazy uncle who doesn't know what he's saying..

I for one was convinced with the one phrase: "For America, it is a matter of national security --- for Israel, it is a matter of national survival!"  

Sleep well, my friends, look under the bed and be careful because it gets “Curiouser and curiouser.” 

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