Monday, March 9, 2015

Gray Lady sinks to the level of whale caca....

Recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the march across the Bridge into Selma, Presidents Obama and Bush - and their wives joined in the March Not sure why Bubba Clinton (our first black president) sat it out... but anyway - here is the official photo of the march lead:
Michelle & BHO ------------ W Bush & Laura 
The New York Times however, (you remember that NYC rag? Used to be the paper of record instead of the Progressive's Pizzpot, back in the day? Here is a copy of the picture they chose to run on their front page... notice any difference?

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To be fair an balanced - they did mention former President Bush way down in the column  however, something about him standing to applaud Obamanation's speech er something. 
It would just be blatantly embarrassing if it wasn't such a damned shame!!! 

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