Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Pop Quiz.....

I realize that this is Sunday and that there should be no schoolin' going on -- but y'all have had several snow days this week, so thought I'd try this Pop-Quiz to see if you've been watching the news or out playing in the snow....

1. During his term in office, the Community Organizer currently occupying the Oval Office has attacked/or abetted in the downfall of which of the following Middle Eastern Governments?
a. Egypt (long time US Ally and peace signer with Israel)
b. Libya (non-terrorist supporting country since Reagan's missile attack years ago)
c. Syria (ISIS fighter and stable Middle East Country)
d. Iran (avowed enemy of USA and growing nuclear threat to Israel and the world)

2. During his term in office, the same Empty Suit has shown scorn, disdain, and lack of support for which long term Middle East Democracy and fifty year strong American Ally?
a. Israel
b. All of the above

3. During his term in office, the Chicagoland Metrosexual in the White House has been wooing, sucking up to, and otherwise conspiring to reduce sanctions and let them power up their Nuke cookers and delivery systems for which country?
a. Iran
b. All of the above

I could have added more, but then this would be an exam, not a pop-quiz. 

The answers are: (please grade your own paper)
#1. a,b, & c
#2. a, & b
#3. a, & b

I hope you scored well......

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