Monday, March 9, 2015

Hmm, has that Banana Republic Dicatator wannabee in the Oval Office....

.... crossed a bridge too far? Has he finally pushed the GOP owned congress into such a fit of twisted shorts that they are finally discovering that they have cajones and not yet been neutered?

Forty-seven GOP Senators have signed a written open letter to the leaders of Iran pointing out that Obamanation has NO unilateral authority to make a deal with them that will stand past his last day in office - or his first review by the Senate. Everybody agrees that the function of foreign policy falls within the prevail of the Commander in Chief, but the Commander in Chief fails to understand that according to the Constitution of the US, any such International Treaty is subject to the the Advice and CONSENT of the US Senate....

Stay tuned!   Video on the late news!!

BTW, wonder where the newly discovered fully junk equipped GOP Congress was when they just reached over and grabbed their collective ankles and let Pelosi, Reed and friends play 'Drop the Soap' with the illegal alien amnesty in the DHS funding bill?    

Hopefully, who ever found the testosterone spray for the Old Boy's Cloak room has a whole case of it in supply!! 

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