Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why is it that somehow, I don't feel that the world is a safer place this morning?

I recall when General Eisenhower led the greatest invading armada in the history fo the world on the the shores of Normandy to whip the Nazis.  
They did!

I remember when President Truman sent in the Marines to contain the North Koreans.
They did.

I recall recently when President George H W Bush (#41) sent in a humongous force led by General Powell to destroy Saddam Hussein's Republican Army in a matter of hours.
They did.

Now in February, 2015, I see that the Community Leader currently occupying the Oval Office has the Department of State officially sending out hundreds of Twitters, Tweets or whatever to those ISIS terrorist assassins advising them:
"Think again - Turn away"

They won't!   
What in tarnation has happened to this country? Have we traded in our National Cajone's for grade school Twitter Brigades. 

Beam me up Scotty, I think that Doctor Spock has gone to a better, wiser place! 

Doctor Spock - "Without followers, evil cannot spread!" 

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ptn said...

This is a good one Bill