Monday, February 23, 2015

Whee Doggies !!! Rudy Giuliani hits the tender spot!!

By now, every person in the Nation is aware that at a public meeting last week, Mayor Rudy Giuliani swung a political Reflex Hammer and hit every liberal knee in America!!   You could see knees jerking from DC to SF, from Miami to Seattle..

The clicking echoed across the land!! What caused this spasm of knee jerks...  why just the mild suggestion that perhaps, as a result of his upbringing overseas, our POTUS might not have the same mindset as a kid raised in America, a love quite so deep as a home grown kid. 

What Rudy did not say, was that he doubted the Community Organizers patriotism (although he coulda') , that this Bill Ayers prodigy was programmed badly (although he coulda'), that learning at the knee of those who learned from Saul Alinksy is dangerous in a POTUS (which he coulda') .....

Nope - Rudy said simply that Barack's early life caused him to miss the American youth experience - and that in turn - might cause him to have less deep and abiding love for our country and its extraordinary history than most American lads have....

Oh the shame of such a statement -- !!  Oh the shock and awe-- !!

Oh,  a pox on all their phony baloney liberal knee jerking editors, talking heads and nose sniffers ---  All they can do in their collective shock is accuse Rudy of doubting Obamantion's patriotism --- and HE NEVER MENTIONED SUCH!! 

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