Sunday, February 22, 2015

News of the weird? Nope! Ways of New York? Yep!!

If you should decide to open a restaurant in New York - you can expect to be inspected by State Health inspectors at least once a year ----
If you should decide to open a tanning salon in New York, you can expect to be inspected at least once ever two years --

But....BUT..... if you open an abortion clinic - killing unborn or half born babies all day every day - and endangering the very lifes of their mothers --- Not to worry -- there is no required regular state health inspection -- during the period 2000 and 2012 - five of twenty-five abortion clinics had one inspection and eight others had NONE!

Let's see, next door in Philly, in Kermit Gosnell's BloodBaths and Beyond. uninspected in 17 years --
X - severed little hands and feet in freezers - Check
X - toilets clogged with fetal remains - Check
X - dead babies in buckets, waste cans, trash bags - Check

United States of America -- Exemplar to the free world, first among nations - Check!

Have a nice day...... and eat at pizzerias - or tanning salons, but not clinics - Check!

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