Monday, February 23, 2015

I confess, like tens of millions of other Americans last night -

I din't watch the academy award members' annual self flagellation show! And like those other millions who din't watch - I wasn't surprised the box office hit of the year...... was shut out.  After all, it was about American Military Heroes, not gays running around in their whitey-tighties ....  

Noticed the headlines this morning were more concerned with the Emcee (ess?) comments about the awards not being color coordinated in accordance with the national ethnic make-up.   Hmm...  We are comprised of .95% American Indians and .17%  Native Hawaiian,,,,  how does one give a way 9/10th of an academy award to an Native American or 1/5th of one to a Native Hawaiian?

Hey, to be fair --- know what I mean?

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