Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Succotash for the eyes, ears and mind....

I consider myself to be an ordinary feller -- I like buttered lima beans, I like buttered fresh or frozen corn, I like onions, garlic, red bell peppers, zucchini (well maybe not as much as the other veggies) and I like a variety of spices....

But put them all together in a skillet or pot, saute them for about ten minutes and you create succotash -- and I do not like succotash!! No identifiable ingredients.  To me succotash is the gourmet equivalent of sweeping the refrigerator shelves out, stewing the findings, and serving - luke warm ==
Sum total of a 24/7 news debate!!

And that, Partners, is about what the 24/7 cable news shows are serving up this last year or so.....SUCCOTASH!  No identifiable content -- just a mish-mash of phony articulated views - and no conclusions... a whole lot of shouting over each other with nothing being said!   Heck they don't even put any fresh ground pepper on it.. Just that black dust they get off the pepper factory floor!

No sir - I do not like succotash -- on my plate or in my face!!!

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