Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Proud of Texas justice and Texas Juries

Once again I am plumb proud of of Texas justice and of it's juries ...  no dragged
With thanks for your service!!
out weeks of soul searching and psycho = babble at the trial of Eddie Routh this week in Stephenville Tx ...   Only two questions asked, basically:
 - Did he do the killing?
- Did he know it was wrong when he did it?

Verdict - yes & yes - It took two years to bring it to trial and only two and a half hours (including dinner) for the jury of ten women and two men to reach their verdict.

Routh's defense team fortunately didn't try the now famous Twinkie Defense but sure tried to present a case of not guilty by way of Cannabis Psychosis or something.  

So Mr Routh goes to jail with three hots and a cot the rest of his life, free health care, mental and physical -- and won't be around to shoot folks who are trying to help him.   A sad but final, and I think,, fair ending to a tragic case of murder ....

Rest In Peace Chris Kyle - you served your country well, you family well, and left this earth for a better place with a glittering reputation. 

Update: Best quote of the day - "If Routh thinks he has PTSD today, wait till he gets put into the Texas Correctional System and the Bubba's in his cell block discover he's the guy that shot a true Texas Hero!!"

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