Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A few words about nothing -- I reckon.....

This morning I noticed with little interest that a new wordism entering our lexicon. The phrase is "Dating Partner" -- and replaces the century old, Boyfriend, Girlfriend description of ones paramour of the day. (see also: latest hookup)
Dating partners!

The more I got to thinking about it (shows how slow my morning has been) the more sense it made to me -- I've often thought it ridiculous when a 35 year-old woman introduces her date as her boyfriend ..... or the opposite - when a forty year-old man introduces his arm candy as his 'girl friend'. 
Not girlfriend - boyfriend!

Historically, and according to Wikipedia (the end all be all of all things) boys and girls are youngsters in their adolescence - not middle aged folks.  So when my 30 year old divorced niece and mother of two - introduces her new beau (showing my age here) as her boyfriend, I kinda cringe.... 

So, in my new worldly way of acceptance of some things modern - this new term rides nicely on my palette....   "my dating partner" -- could mean  a lot of things physical and emotional in the relationship -- but still an accurate description! 

So out with the old boyfriend - girlfriend titles and in with the new dating partners ---  who says I can't keep up with this younger generation?

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