Saturday, January 3, 2015

This jern't ain't "Snails R Us"

"“Snails from Sonoma Fresh Cheese, Cuisinart of Snails and Black Truffle”

The price fix for this ugly gourmet plate at THE MOST EXPENSIVE restaurant in Hawaii (maybe in the Nation) ..... $295.00 per person! The community organizer currently occupying the Oval Office, and his bride, Moochelle Antoinette dined there this week with a tab for two (including wine) of about a grand, you know a "Grover Cleveland", as in $1,000 tax dollars....

Yeppers, Obamanation and his other half are certainly proving their pure position against the One Percent!  Heck, even all the one percenters can't afford the $500,000 membership fee in this joint. BO & Moe didn't pay the $500K of course, after all, he is the POTUS over all the land, isn't he. 

I wonder how all his Joe Sixpack supporters, living on their welfare benefits or $600 salary would fit into this life style?

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