Monday, January 5, 2015

Neither a picture nor a thousand words are worth snot!!

Hope & Change
Well now, Obamanation and Moochelle Antoinette are back from their 17 day, multi-million tax dollar paid vacay to Hawaii... So is the BO man gonna go to work with his staff and this new Republican Congress to get us off to a flying start on recovery in 2015???   In a pigs eye!

He is headed out on an three city, three speech tour to convince the great unwashed public that he truly is the personification of Hope & Change just like he promised in front of those faux Greek columns back in 2008. 

On Wednesday - he'll be be Detroit (the union ruined city of the rustbelt) to take personal and total credit for saving the auto industry - and probably failing to mention the $16,000,000,000  (BILLION) tax dollars flushed down the GM & Chrysler toilets saving the union retirement funds. 

On Thursday - he will crank up ole' Air Force One again (at $231,000 per hour) and jet down to Phoenix to applaud hisself  for saving the housing market with Home Affordable Modification Program..... forgetting to mention how the program sent millions of homeowners underwater!!

He'll finish his trifecta of imperfecta on Friday in Tennessee where he is expected to propose policies that will help college students jump start and increase the $1.300,000,000, 000 (TRILLION)  in student loans they have already accumulated... 

All this of course, in preparation for his State of the Union Speech next week, where Sheila Jackson and a hundred more empty headed taxpayer supported sycophants will tug on his coat-tails hoping for a smile, a wink or please God, even an air kiss from their messiah.  

If it's cold in DC this coming weekend, I'll be interested to see if he can't find some reason to pop down to Florida for an important meeting and a tee time. 

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