Saturday, January 3, 2015

Obamanation - "Plug Puller in Chief"?

Fortunately I am old enough to remember when the President of the United States was a Commander in Chief..... not a 'Plug Puller in Chief'.  Of course anybody over the age of seven can make that statement. 

Obamanation spent his first two years in office (when he owned both Houses of Congress) pulling the plug on the health insurance and health care system across the nation. Assuring us everyday that we could keep our doctors and our health plans if we wanted to -- and didn't even wink as he lied into the cameras. 

He spent the next two years pulling the plug on the Constitution of the United States by becoming a law unto himself with his Executive Orders...and recess appointments. 

He just concluded two years of pulling the plug on Border Security, any semblance of control on illegal aliens sweeping across the land - indeed, he provided the transportation for them, 

And now, he has personally decided that it is time to pull the plug on GITMO! Releasing a half dozen enemy combatants here, trading five other high level detainees for an Army deserter.  Now again this week, while wading in the surf and playing golf on his million tax payer financed vacation in Hawaii, his minions are releasing, without cause, even more.  Soon GITMO will be a prison without prisoners... they'll all be back on the battlefields of Sandland!

 I hesitate to even ponder what plugs he will reach for in his (hopefully) last two years. I fear it may be the very existence of state and local police forces---  replaced by a national police force controlled by the POTUS through the very hungry and eager Department of Homeland Security.

Some Americans will just cross their fingers and hope for the best.... others will ......................?

(Update: Here's a link to the latest freed bird, er terrorist,  er Nuclear terrorist!)

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