Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Best win of yesterday's election.....

There will be a plethora of post-election punditry, hand wringing, and fist bumps across the fruited plains today --   

But my pick as the win of all wins.... is that Congressional Seat win by Mia Love, daughter of Haitian Immigrants, Mormon, in a mixed marriage, and mother of three in the State of Utah!!!

Oh, did I mention that she has an "R" after her name?  Yep, those racist, misogynist, anti immigration evil Republicans, who gave her a big boost with a prime time speech at the 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa -- and much support during this campaign. 

 And First runner up for best win ---- Tim Scott (R), successful US Senate candidate in South Carolina!  Who squeaked by his Dem opponent by 24 points!! And in doing so, this Republican Senator became the first Black Senator from the South since reconstruction!!    And another 'R'! 

Yep, them racist, lily white Republicans did it again!

Congrats to both successful candidates!!  And to the Republican Party!! 

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