Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More on those pesky amendments called the Bill of Rights...

A few days ago, I reflected on the current attacks on the 1st Amendment by the current administration. Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Assembly - all being attacked and eroded with the help of feel good, warm titled laws like 'The Patriot Act'.

We've seen the Second Amendment under a new sustained attack at all levels, from mayors like Billionaire Bloomberg (with his own private armed protection squad) to the rest of the usual suspects on the federal level.

That the Tenth Amendment has been totally obviated since the beginning of the 20th Century goes without saying. Obamacare is only the latest example, not the first. But that's another story ---  go flush your federally mandated 1 gallon toilet and get back to me.

Let's talk about the Fifth Amendment, you know - that one that guarantees every citizen the right to due process before being deprived of Life, Liberty or Property.  I'm going to post a brief news clip (without comment) that is almost a year old - filmed March 2012.  If you can watch this clip and then think about what you've read and heard in the news in the last year -- and not get thoroughly P.O.'d .........  take your pulse, you've died and don't realize it!!

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