Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A man and his words.....

With all the hyperbole these last couple of weeks, I think the true highpoint was when Obamanation suddenly realized and felt the need to share the fact that he had been 'shooting skeet' regularly and often up at Camp David and elsewhere. 

Bam, instant flashback....  election campaign in 2004, Kerry vs George 'W'...... John Heinz-Kerry strides into a bait & tackle shop in Western Pennsylvania (you know, the hub of them Bible thumping gun lovers) and sez in a voice loud enough to be picked up by all the recording cameras... "Howdy, kin a guy get hisself a huntin' license in here?" (or words to that effect) 

Every American in the country with an IQ higher than International Fall's annual winter temperature knew what inane posturing this was. Hell if John Heinz-Kerry ever did really want a huntin' license.... he'd have the chauffeur or downstairs butler go get him one. 

Flash forward,  Barack Hussein Obama, well known hunter and gun nut, brags about his prowess with a shotgun.   Lord, give me a break!  Hope n' Change nails it......

Mr Metrosexual meets his inner self, Dirty Barry!!
I heard this morning that a lady Congressette challenged him to a skeet shooting contest on national television....  What are the odds that he'll invite her over to the Rose Garden for a couple beers and a few rounds with some clay pigeons.....?

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