Thursday, January 31, 2013

Misleading headlines.... or pot stirrers??

The last couple of days, on several conservative news blog sites, headlines have been unfairly blaring:  

"Students read Pledge of Allegiance -- in Arabic?"

Or similar styles to attract attention or inflame the readers... I'm not sure which.  I went to the linked site, NBC 9 News in Colorado, and found the whole story quite innocent and very 21st Century. 

Bottom line, the Pledge is read every Monday morning in this Rocky Mountain High School. A language club asked to be allowed to recite it in other languages, Arabic, French, Spanish and others.  The words remain the same, the pledge is to the American flag and the USA... nothing sinister intended or accidental.

Frankly, I think folks ought to report this for what it is, a recognition of diversity in the school community -- and save their concerns for more important causes.  Hey, at least the kids are allowed to recite and hear the Pledge to the Flag.. that never happens in a lot of schools nowadays, under the guise of PC or some other lame excuse!

What do you think?

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