Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Word of the day: BIFURCATION

   I humbly offer 'bifurcation' as the word of the day. I don't believe I have ever run across a word with as many 'different' meanings   and uses.  

Background: The other day, in an interview with PGA Commissioner, Tim Finchem, the topic was a recent ruling by the USGA & R&A to ban 'anchored' putters in a couple of years. His response was that the PGA hadn't decided on compliance or bifurcation.  

The last time I read or heard that word was back in my real estate broker days, and it had to do with rechanneling waterways, riparian rights and all that land rights falderal

Being a curious dunce, and with the world at my finger tips, I Googled, naturally, and good God Gertie, if 'bifurcation' ain't got more entirely separate meanings than those that yer wife's glances have.   Whee doggies...  

It can relate to the physical, the legal, the imagined, the personal etc...  Click here to take a gander at the synonyms fer yerself.   There ain't gonna be a Pop Quiz, so you can take a pass if you are of a mind.

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