Thursday, July 12, 2012

Question: Is Sarah Palin our 21st Century Reagan?

Lloyd Marcus (pictured left) asks that question in a great column in blog today. Keep in mind, he is speaking of Reagan the unabashed American Cheerleader, not the POTUS....

Rather than cutting and pasting parts of it here and adding my two cents worth - I'm just gonna link y'all to it.
(besides, American Thinker gets plumb upset if you cut and paste any of their stuff - know what I mean?)

Marcus has 'lived the life' and knows of what he speaks. He calls himself an 'Unhyphenated American'! Wouldn't it be great if the hundred million Americans that insist on their hyphenated status could do the same -- and become Americans.....

Click here to go to his column - and come back and add your comments!!!

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