Thursday, July 12, 2012

One more time - on that 'Fast & Furious' thing....

Anybody like you who takes the time to read this little blog, and keeps up with the other blogs available on the Internet is very familiar with the lies, deceit and lawbreaking involved in the Justice Department's 'Fast & Furious' program. So I'm not going to repeat it all here...

But Ann Coulter's column today is about as succinct and on point as I have seen on the topic. So I thought I would link you to the one page print site for you to check on. Hopefully when your cuzzin Fred or pencil necked brother-in-law or ditzy full grown niece looks at you and wants to know why everybody is making such a fuss over those awful guns.... you will either print and hand them a copy of her column, or e-mail it them.

Probably won't change their closed little minds, but what the hell, it's worth a chance. Miracles happen!

Thanks Annie!

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