Saturday, September 26, 2015

When does the damage end????

There are many who feel that when Obamanation leaves office in January, 2017, the danger is over and the bleeding stops.   No way!  The damage that he (and the Congress that let him) has inflicted on this country will be felt for years.'

While he has used our tax dollars to give away Obamaphones, SNAP recruiting, and other welfare programs - the rest of the world has been catching up and passing us on defense spending....   So when he leaves office - we'll not only be behind China and Russia in the Arms race -- with our commitment to entitlement programs.. we'll play hell catching up.   But he won't care, he'll have his retirement pay, book royalties, speaking fees and armed guards and step & fetchits for the rest of his life!  

Check out these numbers:

China Develops Deadly New High-Tech Weapon… Obama’s Air Force Is Asking This 5-Word Question

When Gen. Herbert Carlisle, head of the Air Force’s Air Combat Command, learned that China had unveiled a deadly new high-tech air missile, the PL-15, one question immediately came to mind.
“How do we counter that?” he asked while speaking in front of the Center For Strategies In International Studies on Sept. 18.
The PL-15 reportedly features an upgraded radar seeker and rocket motor, the combination of which permits it to hit targets from 60 miles or more.
This happens to be the same range that our own jets can fire their missiles, meaning that the Chinese have essentially caught up with our technology.
In fact, they may have even outpaced us.
“We are interested in a wide variety of operational characteristics like payload, guidance system, warhead type, portability, guidance, resistance to countermeasures, reliability/maintainability, speed, range, etc., which are different based on the weapons system and the other capabilities it employed with,” Air Combat Command spokesperson Maj. Michael Meridith explained to The Daily Beast.
The underlying but unconfirmed premise was that the PL-15 outranks us in other areas.
For instance, China’s J-11 fighter jets can carry up to 12 PL-15 missiles, whereas our equivalent F-22 jets can only carry six similarly sized missiles. Furthermore, we only have 195 F-22 fighter jets, whereas China has at least 300 J-11s.
The root of the problem traces back to President Barack Obama, a man more concerned with redistributing wealth than with funding our military with the money it needs to remain able to overcome foreign threats.
Obama does not seem to understand that preparing for war is an unfortunate necessity in the real world.
But why would he care or try to understand, when he himself never served in the military and, apparently, looks down on those who have.

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